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“The Road to Hell is Paved with Jewish Intentions”—Rae West
“Be Jew Aware: Your Life May Depend On It”—Rae West

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Jewish elephant in the room Blogrolls, & Ilana Mercer Jan Lamprecht in Africa had some years' experience of Ilana Mercer, a typical Jew propagandist. He hasn't yet provided a concise account of all that happened. (It's amusing to note Mercer has one online photo in white makeover style. Mercer reminds me of Arthur Kemp on white attractiveness—Koreans have 'new face' operations; blacks, even the supposed activists, get unkinked 'good hair' and use face whiteners.)
      'Blogrolls' are often posted in Wordpress sites, often without checking their contents. If Amren appears (see below), be aware this is just one locust of a huge swarm of anti-white, Jew propagandist sites. (Note on 'blogrolls': the word in British English comes from 'bogrolls', on the same principle as a roll of paper labelled 'sociology degrees: take one'.) - Rerev 15 Aug 2018.
• Notes on Websites which are not Jew-aware.
The biggest division among all political parties of all types is those which recognise Jews as an issue, and those which don't. If they don't—and there are endless misleading sites and groups funded by Jews—then whatever they say, they are not facing the facts of the modern world. And note that precisely the same division is present in individuals: taking some old examples, Hans Eysenck, a German psychologist who worked in England, was entirely ignorant of Jewish characteristics; so was George Kennan, an irredeemably dim American 'diplomat' who had no doubts or questions about the 'Cold War'. In earlier generations in Britain, the same division existed in printed books: H G Wells, Bertrand Russell, and even J M Keynes hadn't the slightest insight into Jewish issues; few published books did have any such insight. My own book and media reviews are highly critical of books, films and TV which suppress Jewish issues; my last such review at the time I write was of a supposed history book on the BBC, by Asa Briggs, published by Oxford University Press, omitting anything on the propagandist rôle of the BBC. Here, we look at websites: there are far too many to list individually. We might compare Internet with Germany before the First World War, when the Jews, hiding as Sozialdemokrats, published over 4,000 periodicals. (Quoted from 'Belgian' Jew Ralph Miliband). This of course gave a dull, imitative sameness, faithfully duplicated in these Internet sites: generally, it's clear which memes are being pushed by the backroom Jews at any one time.
    The sites I list here are specimens I simply happened to have seen recently, or remembered from the past. New ones can be expected to be started, and old ones retired, all the time. I like to hope some of them will improve.
    I don't know of a term better than 'joff' for these groups—this is yet another aspect of the blanket suppression on truths about so-called 'Jews'. Back to Top of This Page ]

Added 3 May 2018 AlJazeera.com seems to be an Arabic and Moslem site, including parts of Africa, Indonesia, and the Middle East. It looks at first sight refreshing, compared with the junk US/ UK/ Canadian/ Australian Anglophonic media. It's rated by Alexa in the world's top few thousand sites. Founded 1996, 'JSC, is a state-funded broadcaster in Doha, Qatar'. Rather saddeningly, it's just another Jewish propaganda site, largely staffed by dusky types who presumably really believe in their violent junk Jew-based quasi-religion. An irritant is their avoidance of analysis of the realities of US, UK and other governments, which are talked about ignoring 'Jew' corruption. For example, they treat Balfour (and Sykes -George-Picot) without noting Jew puppets are NOT the same as the British: they discuss 'British' policy, the then 'British Empire', when Jews have been secretly influential in Britain since Cromwell's time. Much of the evil of European empires was in fact Jewish, such as the opium wars. To heal the world it's necessary to identify Jews, and, presumably, remove them. AlJazeera is essentially a Jew-Muslim site. Once you understand this, it's easy enough to disassemble the assumptions. For example, I see a piece on banlieus in France, described of course as poor and deprived, despite the vast subsidies and vast unelected immigration imposed on the real French by Jews. I was amused to see George Galloway, the supposed Scot, probably a crypto-Jew, mentioning his siring of children in Indonesia, presumably saying romantic things like "Me want fucky fucky, me have much English moneys". Anyway, just another Jew view; don't expect anything useful on Palestine, or Iran/ Iraq/ Syria... (or of course Qatar). Nuclear naive. N Back to Top of This Page ]

Buchanan.org is a disappointing site; almost its only critical point is the Second World War; Buchanan seems to have little interest in previous history. Nothing much on US war crimes and adventurism. And of course nothing much on Jews—the 9/11 link for instance seems unknown to Buchanan. He is also nuclear naive, happy to repeat whatever stuff he's been fed. Sad. Here's my review (may take time to load—it's part of a big file) of P J Buchanan's Churchill, Hitler, Unnecessary War Back to Top of This Page ]

Buzzfeed.com is a site I had never looked at; but in a video by Milo Yiannopoulos he says “young people (about 14?) fvcking hate buzzfeed”, so I looked. Just more junk Jewish media. According to Alexa this is one of the highest-readership websites in the USA. However, searching just two issues ('nuclear weapons' and 'Jews') this site is clearly rubbish, part of fear porn plus Jew lies. Here's my video, still on Youtube unless they pounced: Jew Shock: Discover Jews - Your Life May Depend On It from which you can find why 'Jews' must be discussed. But don't waste time on Buzzfeed. You might like another video, on youtube Lords of the Nukes on the fake of nuclear weapons by Jews, which is about 3½ Hours long. But you might find it worthwhile to change your worldview (and laugh at US/North Korea posturing).

The Conservative Woman ConservativeWoman.co.uk is a British site, aimed at a similar reader/viewer/listenership as such things as Woman's Hour, which (as far as I know) is still on BBC radio. This website perpetuates all the attitudinal and vocabulary positions enforced in particular since 1945, still the most important single ratchet of Jewish power. Here's a specimen absurd headline to one of their pieces (there aren't many): Mao and Stalin tested state plans to destruction. Why does Miliband think they will work this time round?—where the Jewish influence is omitted. (Both Miliband brothers think they are Jews, and are stated to be sons of Ralph Miliband, who helped mass murder in the USSR). When I say this is a 'British' site, this means Anglo-Jewish or some similar bit of crypsis.
      It's amusing to see some reason jostling with the anti-human fanaticism of 'Jews'. We see pieces on Brexit, though of course the Jewish nature of the 'European Union' is unrecorded. We see material on the gender pay gap, which is unpopular with middle-class women—and notably Jewish women getting hand-outs from the Jewish money-printing machine. I can see no mention of the Jewishness of Cameron, May, and the other simple fanatics. The site remains worthless, when it isn't damaging, but clearly has increasing struggles when engaging with reality-minus-Jews. Back to Top of This Page ]

The Daily Bell is another Jew-concealing site specialising—if it can be called that—in the usual Jewish drivel. The reason I mention it here is because it is the first site known to me addressing the nuclear issue, which at some point Jew liars will have to face. It's a fairly mediocre nuclear exit strategy piece, admitting nuclear bombs were a fraud, but putting all the responsibility onto non-Jews. So I suppose this gives it some interest. In fact I wrote an entire shortish piece on it. Most of the material was taken from, and omitted from, this website. Back to Top of This Page ]

Be Jew Aware...

Thanks, Jews! Youtube
Did you know that there is a group of people out there that does an incredible amount of good for us? ...
Foreign Policy . com Is a Jewish ('American') site, which if Alexa is to be believed is one of the most-visited sites in the USA, though still far behind TV. It deals of course with the USA, pretending to consider the American nation. In fact, it's of course Jews first—with the stupid US goyim providing real goods and tax money and dim muscle. The site appears to be part of the 'Slate Group': Wiki says an 'online publishing entity established in June 2008 by Graham Holdings Company'. The Slate Group says its 'mission is to develop and manage a family of web-only magazines.' Chairman and Editor-in-Chief, Jacob Weisberg. Its site links to Corporation Services Company, which '... has the tools you need to enhance the value of your digital brands while combating the forces that would undermine your online brand reputation.' It seems to get viewers through its links with Jewish media crap: The Atlantic, New Yorker, Economist, Current History; and facebook, yahoo, wiki, reddit and other mass stuff.
      The claim is the usual advertising lies: ' ... fresh angles on stories in the news ... signature wit and irreverence ... provocative commentary ...' The truth is the yawn-inducing self-referring Jewish BS worldwide—photos of Jews, whatever topic is being pushed—lies about nukes, lies about war crimes, lies about 9/11, lies about Africa (Jewish involvement not mentioned), lies about Jewish puppets (e.g. Obama), lies about the Fed, lies about Jews pushing for migration into white countries, and mentions (without race identification) of Jews in France, Jews in Arabia, Jews in Canada, Jews in the USA, Jews in Ukraine, Jews in Germany, Jews in Russia, Jews in Britain, Jews in Australia, ad nauseam. Discussion of Jewish media topics: Hollywood, TV, 'stars', the pathetic rubbish of jewish 'culture', the tweaking of little bits of history to hide the big picture. Continued censorship of black crime, Jewish fraud, mass murders in the USSR, the Holohoax, the dismal lies of 'education'. Ugh. Or yuk.
      I just found another similar site, also with hardly credible Alexa ratings, westernjournalism.com. I searched their site with keyword 'Jews'; the first five entries were headlined 'Palestinian Arab Murders Two Israeli Jews in Tel Aviv After Prayer Service', 'Knife Jihad Against Jews Continues As Abba Tried to Unite Palestinian Factions in Struggle Against Israel', 'Rachel's Tomb in Bethlehem Stormed by Arabs After New String of Attacks On Israeli Jews', 'Islamic State Orders - Go Find Jews and Murder Them', and 'While Jews are Falsely Accused of Invading Muslim Holy Sites, THIS Just Happened to a Jewish Holy Site'. Not much coverage of Deir Yassin or the Holocaust fraud! Not much on Jews and AIPAC forcing Muslim immigration into white countries! Just the usual disgusting hypocrisy.
      An irritating site is irmep.org ('Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy', something to do with someone called Tom Woods). Lots of Israel-style light blue. It doesn't seem to mention the Federal Reserve (which permits the vast Jew money frauds), or the bias Jews have to raise government debt (because then they get interest in future). The site seems to want acknowledgement of Israeli 'nukes' but doesn't think inspection is likely—they muffle the question of whether nukes exist at all. It has some apparently anti-Jew pieces, like small segments of Jewish corruption, some of which may be useful; nothing like the full thing. On balance it's just another low-readership Jew fraud site in my opinion.
      And another US trash news site, toprightnews.com, with an impressive Alexa rating, though the bounce rate and daily page views tell another story. It's festooned with low-grade advertising; maybe Jewish money robbed from Americans is running thinner? It has the usual Jewish-pushed stories. Not really worth much comment. Maybe they'll put naked women in it soon?
      A joke site worth a glance is Chatham House (of the 'Chatham House rules') which poses as a think-tank. Just browse its pages of nothing. It's a monument of what money can buy: nonentities, people like Miliband, endless liars, third-rate commentators. I'll leave it to someone else to examine the entrails. Suffice it to say it has absolute zero information on Jews, and nothing on any other serious subject, including the entire field of the past. This of course is not a new thing; from the Jewish point of view such organisations are a wearying bore, padding to muffle truths, probably cheap at the price, expenses to be offloaded onto other fools. It's a distraction from anything serious. Their Youtube site gives a clearer idea of what they're about, despite their negligible viewership: the stuff is third-rate entirely one-sided propaganda.   Back to Top of This Page ]
      Jewish sites which ignore the past make another subcategory, which seems to be increasing numerically. They are not messianic (a traditional device to avoid awkward questions), but they (1) accept the 'holohoax' in the repetitive Jew fashion, (2) do not mention mass murder by Jews in the USSR. (Putin and Trump both seem to be this type).
AMEU - Americans for Middle East Understanding jadar Jew aware sites is Alexa's figure. I noticed its board includes Paul Findley. “The Link, published on a bi-monthly basis, [i.e. 6 times/year] is AMEU's primary education and information tool. More than 175 issues of The Link have followed since the first issue written by Humphrey Walz appeared in 1968.” Not much on 9/11. N. A similar thing, apparently a split-off group, is IMEU, Institute for Middle East Understanding. The 'concerned Americans' include Arabs (?) including lawyers, a brand marketer, and a venture capitalist, all obviously with Jew backing. Mondoweiss.net is another more or less fake outfit. It's amusing to see Quakers reported as banned—Quakers having been outed by Miles W Mathis as Jew-friendly, established by Cromwell. Incidentally, several of these groups were flagged by David Irving, adding fuel to suggestion by Miles Mathis that Irving is in fact a Jew tool.

Conspiracy theories? Freemasons are one of the prime suspects. And of course so are Jews. www.thefraternity.info is (or appears to be) an in-house site on freemasons. It says nothing I could find on Jews (or on their own very serious activities) but can be useful if trying to check on towns, people, groups.   Back to Top of This Page ]

The Freethinker was a newspaper established in Britain towards the end of the 19th century, a high Victorian publication, cheap, after a tax on newspapers had been abolished. It was described at the time as rationalistic, meaning that it opposed, by reasoned argument, the teachings of the Church of England, and of course also opposed Roman Catholicism as the main other British Christian faith. The other world religions—Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Confucianism and others—were largely ignored. However, what's important here is that Judaism was never criticised or analysed except in a highly superficial way, with an implication it was simply an older and more detailed variety of Old Testament studies. The remaining belief system of Judaic people, their outlook, practices, and history, was untouched. This was deliberate, and presumably a result of selective Jewish funding and backroom pressure. It was the sort of thing that enabled Richard Dawkins to quote with approval someone's ridiculous comment that religions are all the same, but with different holidays.
      The Freethinker now has a website which is anti-Church and now anti-Islam, but says nothing on Talmudic studies or the history and practices and legitimacy of Jews. Rather absurdly, it follows the current Jewish-promoted 'politically correct' beliefs without any sign of free thought—promoting anal sex, and mass immigration, and indifference to child abuse, and ritual slaughter of animals, for example. A true Joff site, since Jews are systematically kept off their radar.

      A new Wordpress site (since December 2015; center screen strip; ads; mostly links to Youtube) is www.TheRationalists.org, which seems to be mostly a vehicle for Sargon of Akkad's possibly Jewish (e.g. name seems to be Carl Benjamin; he reads out material on the holohoax as though it's serious) English-voiced comments, mostly on feminism, though I found at least one other writer, who looked to me like a victim of the US philosophy degree system. In my debatable opinion, 'feminism' in the USA is so obviously a Jew-funded joke that any attempt at heavy analysis is wasted, like being a literary critic given an illiterate scribble. Alexa's ranking is <250,000 in the USA, which says something for Youtube successes, and/or Jewish positioning of sites. But if you want to understand the onslaught on families and normality, this is not the site for enlightenment. The choice of name seems to suggest there's a Jewish effort to redefine the word 'rationalist', a verbal trick that has happened many times, with, for example, 'socialist'. Back to Top of This Page ]

The Christian Evidence Society (christianevidence.org) is a good example of a small, once fairly lively organisation, which has become enfeebled and pretty much worthless. It appears to have been founded by Rev Robert Taylor, author of The Diegesis (published 1829, I think, and still valuable). But the modern decayed organisation has nothing interesting on Jews.

Index Mundi dot com appears to be popular worldwide, with readership claimed around the world, only about 16% with the USA. It's a reference site, with a list of countries, and information about them, of a pub quiz factoid type, a mixture of fact, propaganda, and omissions. Worth pondering to see what's been missed out or hidden. It includes misinfo on numerous frauds, some rather old: for instance on AIDS and carbon dioxide. as 'positive disinformation'; of course there's also 'negative disinformation' on for example nuclear and war issues. Yawn. It takes the Jewish view on territory disputes: Tibet for example isn't even mentioned, but subsumed under 'China'. Israel has its own set of factoids. Much of this is taken from CIA references. Race issues as far as I could see are hidden: nothing on 'IQ' for example; I don't think there was much on hereditary problems, inbreeding, etc., nor on mass invasions as orchestrated by Jews and their puppets. Nor much on women, despite the Jewish use of women for political objects. For example, Saudi Arabia's entries had nothing on Sharia and women. As far as I could see, there's nothing useful on currencies and their control by Jews, though there are statements on things like 'narrow money' and gold holdings—there are no error estimates, which will amuse people with any grasp of the problems of identifying and measuring such things. There's no estimate of the proportion of GNP going to Jews and Jewish propaganda. Omissions include probable hazards: fluoride in water? Nerve-acting pesticides? Education: what's missing? I wonder if there's an alternative, real guide, by the Campaign for Real Truth?
      However, they probably correctly list which side of the road these countries drive on, and dialling codes.

I found the Henry Jackson Society (HJS) website via Youtube, having found a video 'Douglas Murray OWNS anti White racists on immigration'. Murray's knowledge of empires and colonies was unimpressive; I wouldn't be surprised if the videoed event was staged, judging by Murray's intense but manufactured-seeming hate for Assad. Anyway, on searching, Murray turns out to be 'Associate Director' of 'The Henry Jackson Society', a 'British-based think-tank'. Their list of Council Members may be worth pondering. Clicking on a few of their main site 'TOPICS' (from which Jews, Israel, immigration, genetics, banking etc are omitted—though there's some mention of abuses by Palestinians!) we soon find they know nothing of 9/11, or nuclear weapons, and pretend that Nuremberg was a genuine trial. They seem linked to the BBC—Murray apparently has been on Question Time, which of course still has the Jew Dimbleby as 'talent'. It strikes me as possible that Murray is part of the long-standing 'Scots Israelite' group, like Cameron, now with an ever-more elderly/retired entourage of fellow-travellers. My most likely interpretation is that the HJS is controlled opposition, for people concerned with the Jew-promoted invasion of Europe, perhaps including the USA and ANZ. Plenty of anti-Islamic material, therefore, but simultaneously nothing about Jewish-promoted invasion or its Jewish money-making schemes. I can't see anything useful here in the site, unless you seek new micro-agenda inventions, such as mercenaries, 'poverty eradication' fakes, 'infectious diseases', or regional information on (for example) North Korea, Australia, European countries, Japan—what new garbage are Jews planning?
    They provide a handy list of their 'Projects', with a presentation mimicking academic sites; though these days it's hard to distinguish:
    The Centre for the Response to Radicalisation and Terrorism (CRT) ... providing top-quality, in-depth research coupled with the execution and implementation [sic] of targeted, tangible and impactful activities to combat the very real threat radical Islam poses to our society. Also: The Russia Studies Centre ('... promoting human rights and political liberty in the Russian Federation....'), Student Rights (' ... set up in June 2009 as a reaction to increasing political extremism and marginalisation of vulnerable students on campus.- - possibly a reference to 'Jews'). Centre for the New Middle East ('... fresh thinking, analytical research and policy solutions required to make geopolitical progress ... Established following ... "Arab Spring," ...). Strategic Analysis ('leverages the unique specialist capabilities of the ... Research Division to provide our clients with decision-ready, commercially relevant research, analysis and consulting services.' Sounds as though they provide businesses with info from spying organisations. The whole thing sounds like the activity attributed to Soros. Probably Hungary has a special place in the HJS hate list.
    Douglas Murray '... previously founded the Centre for Social Cohesion, a think tank studying extremism and terrorism in the UK' I assume this is just another Jewish-funded quasi-think tank. The poor chap apparently writes for the Spectator and Standpoint (no, I haven't heard of it either) and the Sunday Times and Wall Street Journal. I note that Alan Mendoza is the 'Executive Director', presumably the highest appointee of the money suppliers. Anyone familiar with the Marrano idea might explore his activities. Back to Top of This Page ]

• US anti-immigration, anti-illegals sites A high-hit rate site is Numbers USA . com but it is Jew-naive, and seems dominated by the laughable pastiches of religious men that flourish in the USA. Nothing whatever on the continuing pressures for immigration, and who they're from. Another site, the forum Americans for Legal Immigration PAC looks and reads like a Jewish front. With such a title, that would certainly be expected. Back to Top of This Page ]

online 'news' source Hungarian Spectrum claims to have 'daily analyses of news from Hungary'—political, economic, and cultural. It says its 'primary pundit' is Eva Balogh, who is says taught East European history at Yale. Presumably she's related to the 'Jewish' Balogh, described by jokers as a brilliant economist, who did so much to help Harold Wilson are the 'Jew' controlled 'Labour' Party. Others on the website include Kim L Scheppele, Charles Gati, Randolph L. Braham ('director of the Rosenthal Institute for Holocaust Studies at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York'); and someone called Janos Kornai, at some so-called university in Hungary. Encomia appropriate to fake 'Jew' scholarship.
      Hungary has a tragic fairly recent history, including two world wars, the horrors of the Jew Kun, the export of both science and social science fraudsters to the USA, and the force of the 'Jewish' EU against their population. They have a huge burden of gipsies, too. I wish them luck; maybe they're get it.

Journeyman Pictures seems to be Australian-based, and/or something to do with John Pilger, yet another supposedly crusading journalist who never mentions Jewish paper money, Jewish frauds, Jewish lies. If you understand that, you know all you need to know. A typical empty piece is on China's empty cities; nothing on financing, debt, and so on—or the relation with Jewish paper money in the USA. Just more lightweight material. Another piece was called 'Happy Nazis', a typical 'Jew' propaganda piece with the usual rubbish. When Pilger does a summing-up piece of the balance sheet of say Vietnam, or Iraq—dollars vs lives—I'll believe he's serious. As far as an be easily seen, it's part of SBS, the so-called Special Broadcasting Service, described as a 'hybrid-funded Australian public broadcasting radio, online, and television network', 'Australia's multicultural and multilingual broadcaster.' Guess who.
    UNZ.com jadar Jew aware sites according to Alexa. I looked at this again, following up a remark by RamZPaul that he'd added his videos there. It's just a collection of discredited types conforming to something like the 'alt-right' label. An earlier note of mine: General somewhat Jew-aware news site, with separate named contributors; including Steve Sailer, Philip Giraldi, Patrick Cockburn, John Pilger. But the general quality is feeble and propagandist and of little value. Hosted in USA, since 2013. Very high Alexa position in USA—and China, Canada, France, UK. China flag may attract Chinese readers? I have no idea what UNZ means!—I found UNZ means Ron Unz, 'Editor-in-chief and Publisher'. I was right about the quality, and moved the site here as it has nothing on serious Jew damage. It has a reference site, unz.org, which I haven't bothered with. USA CHINA Back to Top of This Page ]

LipstickAlley.com Lipstick Alley is a forum aimed at US black women. It has a brownish near-city center slummy logo. This site's world ranking is something like #10,000. From Sept 2000. Economic status and ownership uncertain; but credibly stated to be Jewish. It's fascinating to see media control, and the way different groups are treated: it's nothing theoretical, but purely based on feedback. For example, black on white violence is not mentioned, but the obvious Jew anti-white psyops of the Trayvon Martin type are treated with reverence. Jew ownership of housing (so blacks pay for life), Jew wars, 9/11, Jew slavery, Jews in Africa and all the rest of it are censored. Conversely, approved piffle (without comment, I see Jennifer Boyle, Heidi Russo, Tamara Tattles listed by Alexa as keywords) and films, media crap etc can be obtained from other Jew groups. Nappy hair, big asses, celebrities, race issues must be based on feedback from interest—i.e. numbers of clicks and comments.
    English speakers might do well to examine this (and similar) sites, since there's no formal language barrier as there is when studying Jewish media control in (say) Germany, France, and Spain. Back to Top of This Page ]

London Forum hosts several speakers, on occasional weekends. I carefully watched Ken O'Keefe Zionism is Doomed (Youtube; about an hour). It's an example of something which many people are becoming aware of, namely trying to assess the real views of speakers. I wasn't very happy with it on various counts.
    (1) The story of his disarming one or two armed Israelis; true? Were they really scared kids, cowards?
    (2) He describes himself, or allows himself to be described, as a 'veteran of the Gulf War'; creditable?
    (3) He didn't even know the talk's title, and in fact provided no mechanism for the fall of 'Zionism', beyond hoping that Justice would follow truth;
    (4) He described a Gaza man being shot 'in front of his 8 kids', and a boy being shot, in effect as as about the limit of horror. He must know many populations have been bombed, burnt, damaged, wrecked, raped, ruined, exterminated, far beyond that;
    (5) He is gullible about 'nukes', and in fact says nothing useful about them;
    (6) He seems holohoax unaware, and uses the slang term 'Nazis'; he doesn't even seem aware the Khazar idea vitiates the idea of 'Israel';
    (7) He generously says he can understand why people would not forgive. But he forgave (unspecified) things done to him;
    (8) He seemed unable to follow genetic possibilities, stating that he thinks Americans and Jews are alike in being 'supremacist', expecting to win without much effort;
    (9) He says nothing much about paper money: what happened to a few trillion paper dollars, for example? What about several hundred BILLION to be paid by Germany? (5th June 2014). Doesn't sound like an immediate collapse to me. Rough estimates are completely missing, usually a sign of little insight.
He attributes all this purely to media brainwashing. His talk struck me as specially prepared, probably written, to appeal to Christian conditioning so far as it's superficially understood. Maybe the Catholic idea that mentally below normal people are innocent has been converted into the handy idea that Jewish crimes ought to be forgotten and forgiven?
    Later London Forum seems to have improved a lot. They have interesting Youtubes: here for example is an architect, Peter Phillips, talking on the housing crisis in Britain and London: invaders being sudsidised for rent and housing as well as other expenses, illegal buildings being left unprosecuted, and foreign ownership of housing stock. The topic is vast, but the Jewish money behind it is more or less faced. Preceded by Jez Turner on the systematic denial of invasion into Britain, though he doesn't mention the Jewish roots are not mentioned by the media. Turner has also been stated to be a covert police agent. Back to Top of This Page ]

Mozilla (Nov 2017 ish) is reported to have received a wad of paper money from 'philanthropist' Soros, as part of the Jewish 'fake news' project, possibly started by the absurd crone Hillary [sic] Clinton. Mozilla has or had an image as an independent browser; whether this was in fact true is hard to assess. Their 'Information Trust Initiative'—note the carefully-chosen approval words!—seems to be planned with another pre-emptive browser called brave.com to mop up people unhappy with Mozilla; its published list of experts or 'experts' has a high proportion of obvious Jews, and is clearly phoney. The principal problem with Mozilla is simply that they don't publish what their brower or extension might be intended to do. It would be amusing to get starred warnings Holohoax fraud, US war fraud, CIA, or whatever, but it's inconceivable that sh!t like Soros would fund that. Search engines and large sites (Youtube, Facebook, twitter...) have already been somewhat purged, and have 'sandboxes' making some topics hard to find. (Here's a Youtube of mine, Jew Shock: Discover Jews - Your Life May Depend on it (50 mins) as an example -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xtwit5lLVRc —see if you can find it. Presumably Mozilla would try to ban it.)
    My own experience suggests Jews want bans on [1] Soviet Union and Ukraine - any truths about these are banned [2] Hitler and any consideration, including the idea that the NSDAP was Jewish-controlled [3] Other Jewish war crimes, eg Kissinger and Vietnam, Palestine and Haganah etc [4] Consideration of Jewish race characteristics, e.g. Talmud causing fanaticism, tribal cohesion in telling lies, positioning puppets, influences on Christianity etc. [5] Anything related to Jew policies, in the past and now, such as fake crime figures of black on white violence, money-making from medical phonies, legal bias, Holohoax memorials etc etc [*Note] Jews will not draw attention to anything unfavourable to Jews, so in practice mixing details together gives some immunity. Back to Top of This Page ]

Mumsnet from (I think) 2000 has become staggeringly popular, judging by Alexa.com's figures, at least in England, where mum = mom. The general chat is specifically English and reflects social conditions and all the rest. It is essentially middle class. No problems with that; however, it is festooned with adverts, badly-thought out campaigns, recommendations for vaccination, fashion tips, uncritical repetitions of 'news', make-up—generally aimed at unintellectual 'educated' women. Material on the reasons for immigration, money frauds, politicians who lie, and the Jewish involvement of all this, is censored; typically the spammers say they assume everyone favours so-called refugees in unlimited numbers to be 'welcomed', and is shocked by anyone not virtue signalling and claiming to not be racist. Except for Jews, of course. If you're happy for a ridiculous tribal group to misinform about for example child abuse, the low IQs of blacks, laws made up to attack you, and continued mass dishonesty about historical events including recent wars, then use mumsnet. I suppose it's up to the readers if they want to be informed about the modern world and how it developed.
    This short piece is an attempt to awaken the more zombie-like of mums re education. Here's a sort of debate on Look-Say teaching in which I tried to explore the idea the worthless scheme was intended to damage education. Note the incomprehension of these mostly well-meaning women.
    To re-emphasise: The immigration invasion of Europe and the USA, the attacks on Christianity, the advertising agencies and their pushing of mixed race families, the ever-increasing taxation, the wars for Jews, the advocacy of child sex, the censorship of Jewish money are examples of analogous topics which ought to be understood, but which mumsnet censors. They don't mind discussion of 'swinging' and promiscuous sex—usually a jew marker. I'd advise normal mothers to be cautious with this site, and in advising their children: Jews hate whites and love to see them stuck with mixed-race offspring, maybe with incurable sickle-cell anaemia, or backward mentally, or violent.Back to Top of This Page ]

educationviews.org is a fascinating model of a completely Jew-naive 'education' site, worth a bit of study by propaganda researchers, but otherwise worthless. The appearance, typography, advertising, friendly biographical material ('Amanda Spielman chosen as new Ofsted chief - by British Broadcasting Corporation'), blandness ('When an army deploys in a foreign country, there are clear advantages if the soldiers are able to speak the local language'), Holocaustianity ('Too few teachers - particularly history teachers - are being trained to teach the Holocaust in England'), various commercial links (what is 'Lindamood-Learning Process' for example?) fit together into a unified whole of Internet dross.
    An absolute gem of garbage! Supposed to be about #200,000 of US websites, though this figure shows Alexa inflation. Worth studying to see the way Jewish current projects are written up, for example 'LGBT' . There's even a photo of the ape Netanyahu. They layout uses links from the front page, quite a sensible idea, though there are badly-worded tabs, probably to make the site gluey and trackless. Predominately US viewership, and clearly aimed at the victim of US mal-education, but other viewers come from mixed sources: Romania and India.
    May be a clone/ mimic/ hasbarat copy of a more popular site, EducationNews.org which is however roughly equally bad. Possibly this latter is aimed at nonwhites in the US, including invaders, and whites; with the former aimed at so-called 'Jews'.
    A marooned site is www.cre.org, the so-called 'Campaign for Real Education'. The first thing on their site is upraised mixed race hands, a fairly sure sign of Jew influence—there are no such symbols in Jewish promo material. One of their deep concerns is that a lot of pupils have no idea what 'D-Day' means. Their official answer is: 'Only 28 per cent knew that D-Day was the beginning of the Allied liberation of occupied Europe'. Nothing that I could find on the disaster of 'look, say'. Nothing for that matter on racial differences in learning. Somewhere, they dated the decline from the 18th century!. They are coy about their funding, as is usual. Oh, well. Back to Top of This Page ]

MediaBiasFactCheck is amusing in the sense that it pretends to take (e.g.) NASA seriously—it's a pretty pure set of propaganda lies. I found it by way of trying to find NewObserverOnline,which runs stories on invasion and illegal immigration into Europe and the USA, mostly—all stories which are carefully researched and truthful. The site here (note the Jew-style simple English confusion of 'bias' with 'biassed', the Jewish-framed assumptions such as 'left' means Jewish and 'America' coincides with Jewish interests, and of course the irrelevant bits about Israel, provides indirect interest: if you're trying to research science frauds, or Jew money frauds, or medical frauds, you can be certain in an ugly way that the official sites listed here are junk propaganda. Here are a few to show the principle: Air & Space Magazine/ American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)/ American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)/ American Geophysical Union (AGU)/ American Institute of Physics (AIP)/ American Journal of Archaeology/ American Physical Society (APS)/ American Psychoanalytic Association (APsaA)/ American Scientist Back to Top of This Page ]

niggermania.net or niggermania.com seems to be a black-aware site, dating from 2003, but it has a Jew-managed feel. Nothing on Jewish policy to flood white countries with blacks, on on Jews doing this. Forum topics include Israel knows how to deal with niggers, Niggers mobs beating on Jews in New York, Feds Sue New Black Panthers Alleging Voter Intimidation, 'White Israelite', 'can there be peace on earth with the Caucasian still on it??' There's reliance on official statistics on education, and legal niceties, which are characteristic of Jewish attitudes, plus of course censorship of Jews and slaves, Jews fomenting wars, etc.
      shitskin.com is or was a probably genuine site, but it may have been forced off Internet. ChimpOut.com may also have been genuine, and targeted for that reason. Back to Top of This Page ]

Nobel Prizes and Pulitzer Prizes have had a longish run now, and their obvious whitewashing function is by now very clear. Nobel Peace Prizes have been awarded since 1901 (see nobelprize.org to: Obama (real name Barry Soetero?), Martin Luther King Jr (plagiarist, liar etc), Henry Kissinger (Jew mass murderer), Woodrow Wilson (after vowing to keep the US out of WW1), ICAN on nuclear weapons (check it out; and check Rotblat and Pugwash), the EU (Jewish-run occupation), Mandela, Elie Wiesel the notorious fraud, 'Mother Teresa'. There must be websites investigating this parade of ghastliness. There must be people burrowing into science awards; Bernard Katz being one. Such people can lay false trails for years; possibly centuries. Pulitzer Prizes belong heere too, essentially awards by Jews for their supporters. Back to Top of This Page ]

pastebin.com seems to have a long history, dating back to the start of Internet, originally for chunks of computer programs, which usually have to be in plain text, avoiding formatting and other special characters. I only heard of it recently. Although it claims to still be used as an Information technology site (though I could find nothing in depth on Windows 10) and is listed in the top few thousand of USA sites by Alexa, in fact it has political material, and private material (I think for example of a laptop stolen from David Irving). It claims to have some material on the 'KKK', listing some information as having > 1 million downloads. However—surprise!—nothing detectable on Jewish frauds and lies. Just another joff site. The hidden material, uploaded into private folders, must be the dominant material, which I'd guess is (and maybe ought to be) readable by some officials. Back to Top of This Page ]

PatriotsInformationHotline or Patriots Information hotline is a US site supposedly giving information for the US border area. I site-grabbed much of it; the word 'Jew' is mentioned about 4 times. There's a reference to Pamela Geller (and the 'Muslim Brotherhood'). The purpose of the site may be to lure people in, by live phone or other contact method. There are personal accounts of Mexicans and others, though the detail is pale and watered-down. If there are men with rifles thinking of going to the border, I'd advise caution. This site may be a trap. The political and propaganda part of Jews in the USA is not mentioned. Back to Top of This Page ]

Pewdiepie has emerged as the leading Youtube channel personality, apparently genuinely. I think he's Swedish, male, white, late 20s?, called Felix Kjellberg, living in Britain, with a young Italian woman. It's amusing to watch jealous Jewish commentators mispronounce his name (should sound like 'Shellberg') deliberately; they must know how to say it, but Pewdiepie may have made more money than they will in their lifetimes. His videos are/were based on screen captures of video games, a large if shallow source of comedic possibilities. His videos mostly are put together from small segments; I estimate TV sitcoms have 10 seconds between jokes; Pewdiepie's interval is more like 2 seconds—typical US-style lightweight stuff: funny voices, songs which all the audience will have been exposed to, joke subtitles, some US-style comedy cruelty, a bit of cross-dressing, a running joke with a cardboard cutout, out-of-focus close-ups, block lettering filling the screen. He's Swedish; now... what is it about Sweden? Is there anything that might be said? Anyway, Kjellberg is too naive, ignorant, or cautious to say it. He claims to do his videos mostly from one room, but, since he worked with a Disney company, this need not be taken seriously. His only relevance here is a mass-promoted 'fake news' meme, on 'fascism'. It's amusing to see J K Rowling, not known for her knowledge of Italian politics, weigh in with light comments. At the time I type these words, it's unclear whether Kjellberg will say anything positive; he seems to be making contrite facial expressions and pseudo-apologies. Will he man up? I doubt it, hence his inclusion here. But you never know. *Nervous cough*. Very likely he's just another Jew, in contact with the Bonnier jew supremacists.

Philosophy of Metrics (POM for short; started 1 Jan 2014, currently paid to 1 Jan 2018. One-man site, all apparently by Canadian J C Collins. High-ranking site with well-worked out financial contributions system). '... the methodology of understanding the world through logical patterns and esoteric processes. ...' with hints at investment strategies, economics as neologisms and other things presumably intended to sound technically competent, and to appeal to searchers for ways forward. I'm not a subscriber, but could find nothing suggesting insight into Jews—bit of a defect when dealing with large-scale finance. Back to Top of This Page ]

Pienmashfilms seems to be a videomaking outfit, specialising in interviews with child abuse victims and, if possible, with abusers. Probably the name is some pun on child sex. The perpetrators include, or suggest, royalty and Catholics. Maybe the BBC. But the vast contributions of Jews to such activities go unremarked. Most people for example have no idea that sex with tiny children is approved by Jews and by Islam: they don't link paedophile 'activists' in the 1970s with today. Back to Top of This Page ]

Pitkin Guide Books Not a online site. These are picture books for the naive; and, of course, Jew-naive. Pitkin has been at the forefront of heritage publishing for over seventy years. The founder, Mr Pitkin, was a post-war entrepreneur devoted to publishing highly illustrated souvenir guidebooks that commemorated special people and events in British history. One of the earliest souvenirs was for Princess Elizabeth's wedding day in 1947, and subsequent publications documented other memorable royal occasions. ... cathedrals, stately homes, museums, An interesting corner of Jew censorship in Britain. Aimed at the 'Antiques Roadshow' type of person. To prevent people knowing their own history. Back to Top of This Page ]

Popular Mechanics is well-known now as a Jewish puppet, from its publication of obviously false material on 9/11. I noticed in mid-2015 they're promoting the Jewish fraud of 'thorium power' although this of course is not exactly mechanics, or popular. Probably FirstClassSkeptic has identified how this happened: Old Popular Science and Mechanix Illustrated used to show how to build some really neat things. But what happened was, some folks build them things and hurt themselves, and then got some attorney to sue the magazine, and they won big. As a result, these magazine stopped printing articles like that. Back to Top of This Page ]

Another Angry Voice or AAV is a recently-started blog by someone proud of his academic economics. Perhaps it's needless to say that the site has no consideration of paper money as a monopoly awarded to the Federal reserve, nothing about interest on that fake debt, and nothing on the predictions that can be made of profit-maximising behaviour by Jews under those circumstances. This is a British site, and an interesting uncomprehending comment looked at an American, who called Milton Friedman a 'Jewish Communist'. The Briton had absolutely no idea of the connection between Jews, paper money as a Jewish monopoly, 'Communism', and 'Capitalism'. Back to Top of This Page ]

politicalvelcraft.org (until 3 Dec 2014, listed on my JADAR pages) is possibly a type of site on the increase. As awareness of Jews increases, there will be separation pressures on the various Jewish fraud interest groups. 'Political Velcraft' looks to me a defensive action by the 'nuke fraud' 'industries', aiming to distance them from (for example) Jewish financial frauds. The evidence is simply that Jews are criticised in a historical way, but only in part; their agents and fellow-travellers are less criticised. Maybe they want to oust Jews, and take over themselves, not in every aspect, but just their own. It might work: after all, Jews did the same thing the other way round—why not roll them back? And why not keep the frauds going? Back to Top of This Page ]

slashdot.org showed up on my AWStats. It seems entirely typical of a managed 'news' site. I hadn't heard of it; apparently it started life as a forum for posts by 'nerds', usually software types with a bit of simple hardware. There are grabbed versions on archive.org showing (I think) change to increased money and increased ordinariness; I think probably the general expansion of Internet was interpreted by the low-level money types as expansion of this site. As with James Randi's 'educational' propaganda site, there is no discernible mention of Jews anywhere. Just another constantly moderated bunch of nothing definitive. Back to Top of This Page ]

snopes.com is supposed to be a general conspiracy and alternative site, I think... I just found a self-description as an urban legend and rumor research and fact checking site. I noticed it in Miles Mathis's article on Charlottesville. It has nothing on nuclear frauds, science frauds generally, or Jews, my usual simple touchstones. I couldn't find anything serious for example on 'North Korean nukes'. But it does have a page ('Inboxer Rebellion'—suggesting some sophistication) listing scams aimed at the coupon-clipper classes. My best guess is the target group is Americans exposed to the Jewish 'education' system, i.e. vast numbers of Americans, the type who click on teaser images and who think film/TV information is a sign of knowledge. I have not checked their Biblical material, which I'd expect to find, and guess it would be 'Judeo-Christian'. But it does seem to have genuine warnings of scams. Is it possible companies might have to pay to have scams mentioned? Back to Top of This Page ]

socialtechnologies.com.au is an Australian site, of Frank Kemp Salter, in the mould of supposedly serious social research. A new piece on Germany begins: ABSTRACT: Based on social science research, the presentation documents the likely costs and benefits of the large influx of immigrants into Germany and other European countries, that accelerated in 2015. The prospective costs far outweigh the benefits projected by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her supporters. ... Of course, Merkel and other Jews know exactly what they're doing, but poor Salter is unable to grasp that simple fact. He can't understand Jews want government debt, because they control money and get paid for debt. He has no idea about Jews in history, despite his claims to study population genetics. Back to Top of This Page ]

TheRebel.is seems based in Iceland ('Registration of .is domains is open to all persons and companies without any special restriction') but it seems to be run by third-rate journalists from Australia and Canada. Hard to review as its software, at the time of writing, is partly defective. At first sight it looks a serious site, with names of serious critics of Jews, but the mixture with jokes and non-serious people, Jew apologists, and irreleventsia and misinformation show it's a fake. I advise people not to use this obscure little site and not to register, unless they are a lot happier than me. Back to Top of This Page ]

spiked-online.com or Spiked or Sp!ked seems to be aiming at shallow-minded people who can read, but have no special skills; they certainly take advantage of the deliberate mal-education of Britons. Presumably the name comes from written articles stuck on a spike—amusingly outdated. It's rubbish, in the same mould as Private Eye and the 'New Statesman', with colour pictures and graphics and what they would call blokeish or laddish slang. Or perhaps Chomsky and Zinn and such Jewish types are a closer match. The nominal editor is not, at least apparently, a Jew. They have some trouble finding writers; they even use the jew Frank Furedi, who is or was a Professor of Sociology at Canterbury, whose presumably Jewish wife helps or helped run abortion centres. It's obviously part of the Jewish wriggling to get effective monopolies in online media. The comments so far as I've bothered are all Jewish supremacists and other liars. As a study, here's an example of a new mythology being manufactured by Jews and their puppets, such as Sp!ked. An article and comments from TheOccidentalObserver on How the Muslims got a "holocaust" of their own (July 20, 2015. By Francis Carr Begbie. Comments nicknamed)
        ... the Srebernica massacre is paying dividends for Europe's ruling elites two decades later. For in the cultural war, new ways of demonising Whites have to be continually rolled out. ... British Muslims [sic] need to have a "holocaust" of their own, and this one fits the bill perfectly. Despite the unlikelihood of most British/ Pakistani Muslims being able to find Bosnia on a map, it will help them burnish their victimhood credentials. Of course there are no shortage of massacres of Muslims in the world but they are usually carried out by other Muslims or Israelis and therefore not fit for purpose. This one was carried out by Whites and is much more useful.
        To ram this message home, live BBC programmes [the BBC's 'controller of television' is the ugly Jew Daniel Cohen. I just noticed a BBC link: To forget the horrors of World War 2, people enjoyed big bands, with a photo of 'Duke Ellington'. Jews will never stop lying] have been broadcasting local commemorative events across Britain with special emphasis on towns with large Islamic populations such as Oldham, Burnley, Blackburn Northampton and Rochdale which, curiously enough, are also among the towns plagued by the worst cases of Muslim child sex abuse rings. With a Downing Street reception [the 'Prime Minister' David Cameron thinks he's a Jew], Royal visit, church services in the Scottish and Welsh capitals, nobody could accuse the government of not doing enough to mark the occasion. Celebrity supporters include prominent [Romanian Jewish] Speaker of House of Commons John Bercow, and actor Simon Callow. Baroness Doreen Lawrence, mother of the martyred Stephen, [heavily promoted by Jews] lent her name. Even Angelina Jolie [ageing actress in the Jewish 'entertainment' 'industry'] has been roped in.
        It is also a big payday for the booming international genocide industry with conferences at the University of London and in Washington at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. In London the Wiener Library for the Study of Genocide and Holocaust will be the venue for the "multi-faith" launch of new charity, Remembering Srebrenica which will be spending £1 million of taxpayers' money sending hundreds of British kids to Bosnia every year to remember the occasion. The charity is off to a good start with the BBC devoting a prime time television documentary to its activities. For Dr Alexander Korb, [thinks he's a Jew] director of the University of Leicester's Stanley Burton Centre for Holocaust and Genocide Studies, Srebrenica had a special resonance. "What seems to be like a distant shadow of the horrors of the Holocaust, happened just 20 years ago on our doorstep, in the middle of Europe, during the Bosnian wars." Even while the Bosnian war was going on there were those who were not slow to see the strategic advantage. Zbigniew Brzezinski [thinks he's a Jew] used it to invoke the holocaust and said never again.

news liesDon't be duped by these lies. Do not donate or buy.
In the Guardian, [The 'Guardian' is funded by a Jewish trust fund; it runs all BBC job adverts] David Aaronovich [thinks he's a Jew] used Srebrenica to justify the war on Iraq. [... etc ...]
        Much effort has gone into shackling the two "holocausts" together. Groups such as the American Jewish Committee and Jewish Council for Public Affairs have led the pursuit of alleged (Serbian) war criminals. Bosnia is one of the few places that host Jewish-Muslim multi-faith conferences. [Note: material on the strange relationships between Jews, including Khazars, and Islam—essentially Judaism with a different tribe, plus conversion, presumably poached from Christianity. Jews have a tradition of co-operating with Muslims against whites: here's a review of a book on Islam and Europe (long file warning!)]
    It has all been helpfully spelled out in the Jewish Chronicle by prominent neocon and leader writer for [Jewish-owned] The Times Oliver Kamm [thinks he's Jewish]. In a 2012 article he wrote: Jews have a particular interest in helping to ensure that the human costs of what followed are accurately recounted. The facts of the genocidal assault on Bosnia's Muslims are so horrific that a cottage industry of denial has since grown up. You will find websites claiming that the number of victims of the Srebrenica massacre has been exaggerated, and that those who died were killed in combat. This material is not just the equivalent of Holocaust denial, but the same fraudulent argument. It should be recognised and named for what it is: genocide denial.
    Plus a lot more; I congratulate Begbie on trawling through repulsive Jewish media garbage. Begbie's conclusions:
So in conclusion, Srebrenica is useful for our hostile elites for three quite different reasons:
1. Srebrenica is used to reinforce the moral touchstone of Nazis murdering Jews in World War II—the ultimate holocaust. To be effective, propaganda must be constantly repeated. Srebrenica thus offers a golden opportunity to once again put the Jewish holocaust in the forefront of public consciousness and to promote the idea of Jews as the ultimate victims (after all, 8000 pales in comparison to 6,000,000). [Begbie shies away from explicitly saying the 'Holocaust' is a Jewish fraud, rigged up by Jews in the USSR, Britain, and USA].
2. Srebrenica is used to promote the ideal of a multicultural Europe that includes Muslims. Europe must do all it can to protect Muslim communities within its borders. The most revealing quote about the Balkans conflict came from General Wesley Clark, Supreme Allied Commander Europe, [apparently he thinks he's a Jew] from 1997 to 2000. "In the modern Europe there is no room for homogenous nation states. It was an idea from the 1800s and we are going to carry [multiculturalism] through...and we are going to create multi-ethnic states." It is highly unlikely that there would be accusations of genocide if the victims in Srebrenica were Christians.
3. Srebrenica is useful for rationalizing Western intervention in civil wars around the world. This ideology of making the world safe for democracy and human rights is tailor-made for neocons bent on intervening in wars against governments they don't like—always exempting Israel with its horrific record of violence and oppression of the Palestinians.
Comment from Curmudgeon:
The Croat/Serb couple had to leave because their neighbour, a Muslim, told them he would kill them if they didn't leave. It was they who told me about what had "really happened" in Srebrenica. As in the article, the UN was in the area. ... Muslims were attacking Serb and Croat areas in the region, during the night.
        Their story added that Srebrenica became a paramilitary staging ground AFTER the UN came to the area, and the UN was complicit in allowing the armed Muslim groups into the area. They also claimed that the Serbs had gone to the UN on a number of occasions after attacks, and warned them to stop the attacks, or they would take matters into their own hands. When the attacks continued, they told the UN that they were going into Srebrenica. On arrival, they determine, in a deliberate manner, who was part of the planning and staging the attacks, and separated them from the civilians. It was the separated group that was executed. They had no specific numbers of people killed, but did say it was much fewer than a thousand. While they did not support the action with any enthusiasm, they did say they understood why it was taken, as people were being killed indiscriminately while they slept.
Comment from Brandon:
Islamists belonging to the so-called 'Al-Qaida' where flown in after 1992. At that time your 'sovereign' Yugoslavia was already well dead, as war broke out in 1991 in Slovenia and Croatia. I have no sympathy for your people 1984. Serbs are another living proof that a goyim fighting "their" wars for a century remains only a goyim and will eventually be dealt with as such.
Comment from Rehmat:
Al-Qaeda is as much creation of Judo-Christian US and Israel as the so-called ISIS. The truth is there is no Islamic army or terrorist group called Al-Qaeda. And any informed intelligence officer knows this. But, there is propaganda campaign to make the public believe in the presence of an identified entity representing the 'devil' only in order to drive TV watchers to accept a unified international leadership for a war against terrorism. The country behind this propaganda is the US..." Former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook.
Comment from tadzio308:
When will the government sponsor school visits to the horrors of the Gulags, the Lubyanka and the Holodomor, all atrocities birthed by Jewish dominated Communism? Indeed should not school children be carted to Deir Yassin to learn about Israelis' inhumanity to Goyim, that is, people like themselves? Or visits to the torture chamber/concentration camp called Gaza for a real time experience of Genocide?
Comment from Tom Sunic:
What happened in the summer of 1995 was a very minor, predictable follow-up on hushed-up mega crimes committed by the Yugoslav communist partisans in the wake of 1945—with tacit approval of the Western Allies i.e. the Brits. During the Yugoslav wars (1991-1995) most Serbian, Bosnian, Croat military commanders (other than scores of credulous rightwing Croat expats and US-European volunteers ) were former officers of the communist "Yugoslav National Army", well aware of gigantic crimes against Croat, Serb, Bosnian civilians in the wake of WWII. ...
Comment from rever leo:
Spiked used to have a Natalie Rothschild on the staff. She kept an eye on her "North London Irish" staffers. They are good aggressive journos but never cross the red lines which would kill their BBC or Fleet St dreams.
They ['Sp!ked'] seem to be grooming someone called or renamed Mick Hume, presumably a 'good aggressive journo' who never says anything. They even publicise his 'new book', on free speech. No prizes for guessing the contents.
Back to Top of This Page ]

StewartSynopsis.com is an interesting 1M or so Alexa Global rank site, taken from other sources, aimed at black readers. Although it has material on pre-Jew religions, notably in Egypt and Africa, it is naive about more modern Jew influence, for example on slavery, and on militarism. (For example, Trump permits an Africa military command, allowed to act in complete secrecy). And naive on e.g. AIDS, genetics, and Jew lies, finance and cruelty. Sites like this are quite rare, since Internet remains fairly rare in Africa.

truthseeker.co.uk Alexa-listed as about 125,000 in the world. It's a mixed bag, a news format blog which lists articles (but not replies and comments), for my taste an attempt to shore up Jews with a pretence of criticism in which the main struts of Jewish power, never to be questioned, are indeed not questioned. These include: nuclear weapons, Jewish money power from the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve, Jewish crimes—notably Stalin's mass murders, the 'Holodomor', and provoking of the Second World War, Jewish profits from weapons and wars (as for example in the Vietnam War and 'Cold War'), Jewish control of media, news, union, teaching, and think-tank funding, and of course the never-questioned evil Nazis, evil Hitler, wonderful Churchill etc. I'm unsure how devoted they are to the 'Holocaust' fraud; I'd guess it's on their phase-it-out (provided the money flow isn't stopped) list. Another absentee topic is mention of innocenticide in Korea and Vietnam. Mustn't touch that. Even The Occidental Observer (TheOccidentalObserver) will not discuss white soldier violence and innocenticide; my comments including such topics are excluded.
    Their list of columnists, which includes pseudonyms and may or may not be confirmed by the people themselves, is at the time of writing (in full; descriptions highly abbreviated): Charley Reese, Israel Shamir ('an outspoken critic of Israel and Zionism'), Christopher Bollyn, John Pilger ('many years of experience in the world of politics and international conflict'), Uri Avnery, Gilad Atzmon, Rixon Stewart, John Kaminski, Xymphora, Kurt Nimmo, Riverbend ('in occupied Baghdad'), Dahr Jamail ('often has free access to areas and situations avoided by Western journalists'), Rigorous Intuition (=Jeff Wells), Wayne Madsen ('Washington insider'), Greg Szymanski, Paul Joseph Watson, T Stokes ('was an investigator into the paranormal and the occult and former member of British Intelligence'), Mike Whitney, Craig Murray, Smoking Mirrors (=Les Visible and maybe Profiles in Evil), Mike James ('former freelance journalist'), Kevin Boyle, Vigilant Citizen ('explains the hidden occult symbolism behind much of modern culture'), Mike Adams, Kevin MacDonald Ph.D. (of TheOccidentalObserver.net), Paul Craig Roberts ('an economist'), Dr Lasha Darkmoon (=Pandora Pushkin), Nick Kollerstrom (author of ... 'Terror on the Tube: Behind the Veil of 7/7, an Investigation', Jim Stone ('Rebel of Oz'), and Robert Fisk ('Correspondent for the Independent'), Jeff C.
    There's a piece requoted from a newspaper, by John Pilger, on journalists, which is interesting as pretending the journalists were ever honest or useful in recent-ish times. Incidentally, he never seems to mention the BBC, despite the rich compost from that organisation ever since its foundation. Maybe journalism schools are meeting some resistance, even from the simpletons? Who knows. Without being 100% certain, I'd suggest anyone reading 'truthseeker' be on guard, of course notably with the interests dear to the fanatics who think they are Jews. The fact that Fisk is included is enough to discredit the site.
    [Another fake site, which spammed my site, is the oddly-named shoah org uk, supposedly about the 'Palestinian Holocaust', and listing a Communist Party in its blogroll, and quotes extensively from the Jewish junk media, seems to be intended mainly to stir up nuclear fears, I'd guess among people who think they are 'Jews'. The purpose of 'Shoah.' is to advocate for the Human Rights of the Palestinians. is their claim]. Back to Top of This Page ]

ukcolumn.org is a disappointing site. Connected to Brian Gerrish, who is reported to have been the first person trying to expose 'Common Purpose', it resembles some 9/11 groups that avoid the Jewish issue. It seems to think the EU is the source and has a "New Battle of Britain Group", suggesting lack of insight into the Second World War. Probably the idea is to avoid exposing Jewish money behind the EU: without that influence the EU might be a valuable outfit. Watch for example for anti-German material. Back to Top of This Page ]

vdare.com is not good on generalised Jew corruption: It does not know anything about 9/11, the Holocaust fake, the Fed, Jews in Africa, US armed forces and war crimes. But it has some material on what passes in the USA as politics: Jewish corruption e.g. David Gelbaum funding Sierra Club only if immigration not mentioned. In other words, pretending to be environmentally concerned, while promoting uncontrolled immigration into the USA. And no doubt Europe. Back to Top of This Page ]

veteranstodaynetwork.com The 'Veterans Network Newsletter'. Supposedly a newsletter for US 'veterans'. This is another routinised falsehood site; probably aimed to reinforce the lies US troops have been fed all their lives. Nothing on 'ZOG', on political and war crimes, on the forces behind wars and the US empire, or on mercenaries for Jew paper money; lots of fake information on 'nukes' and supposed enemies and all the rest of it. More and more of nothing. ... and yet, who knows. It links to veteransnewsnow.com which has some, but not full, info on Jews and the modern world.
Back to Top of This Page ]

War history online a sad site, which Alexa says is popular, for American 'heroes' paid by Jews to be war criminals. Quite funny its way. It's a reminder that decent people will need defence against psychopaths, apparently forever. Probably a lot of the readership is cynical American women, who see no way out of Jewish propagandist bullshit but to pretend their husbands are heroes, and maybe secretly hope, next time, they don't come back, parroting their propagandist garbage which they don't understand and their family can't fight. Back to Top of This Page ]

westernspring.co.uk seems similar to US sites, recommending whites move from major cities (total investment: vast trillions in money, and entire cultural traditions) to remote areas. In view of Jewish domination of currencies, and since such areas can easily be overwhelmed with penniless immigrants, at least while the system persists, this seems unwise. They do not try to analyse the link between the 'European Unity' and paper/e-money which overshadows it, despite the obvious fact that Europe needs debate and discussion, in view of the huge interests all Europe has in common. As an experiment I emailed them about the Dimbleby brothers of the 'BBC', some weeks after an explicit article in the Jewish press, but clearly they are unwilling to admit Jewish issues here. They do have a serious interest in genetics, however. Could be aiming for white-jewish alliance?
    Here are three recent (Aug 2015) examples of WesternSpring's firm policy of not mentioning Jewish issues. First, a piece on the exploitation of drowned Syrian children: WesternSpring says it's Germany's fault, because 'Germany' supposedly announced it would take any Syrian. It's an established anti-white policy to blame Germans, as of course most Europeans have been fed anti-German lies all their lives. Second, a comment on the Second World War; in response to a man whose family had several war deaths, including a Spitfire pilot, and regretted the 'brother wars', the reply was that they 'fought bravely'. That fighting with the most modern equipment, at a cost which bankrupted the country, doing what they were ordered, massacring women and children, with Germans outnumbered many times, counts as heroic fighting, is of course nonsense. Third, one of the most important issues is Jewish control of paper money systems and 'central banks' of most countries. In effect, Jews have their own free money, to be spent buying assets and on propaganda; everyone else works for it. WesternSpring's articles on wealth, money, business and the rest never mention this critically important component of the modern world.
    WesternSpring doesn't recognise the uniquely cryptic aggressiveness of Jews. Here's a typical comment by 'Max Musson': While there is much evidence of organised Jewry at play in the apparent 'conspiracy' against the British people, it would be wrong to ascribe a lion’s share of the blame to Jews. ... there are traitors amongst certain sections of indigenous British society who have willingly participated because it profits them to do so. As we can now see with increasing clarity, the involvement of the organised ethnic minorities extends to most groups who are sufficiently different from a racial or ethnic perspective and who therefore self-identify as 'separate' from the 'host' population ... In fact, Jews keep crypsis as much as possible. The aliens they import are a different type. Back to Top of This Page ]

Fakeologist (Not Jew aware; fatally weakened by avoiding Jew issues. Includes links e.g. to Jew-faked photo of Palestinians offered cake to demonstrate about 9/11. Slogan is Exposing media fakery one PsyOp at a time but it's a Jew evasion site; it has failed to keep any impetus, and obviously has no heart in it. Reminds me somewhat of westernspring. The best thing is the name. Back to Top of This Page ]

Zerohedge.com is listed as very popular, in the top 1000 or so sites of the USA. It's one of these sites pretending to give valuable hush-hush insider dealer information—to millions of people. I'm only aware of it because they linked to my nuke site adding on /cgi-sys/suspendedpage.cgi which is widely used to show a page has been suspended on EIG-hosted websites; 'Endurance International Group' owns Bluehost, Domainhost, Fatcow, Hostgator and many others. Probably it was intentional, because nukelies examines the links between nuclear frauds and Jews. Be warned zerohedge is almost certain to be another Jewish-controlled site: nothing at all important on for example the Federal Reserve. Back to Top of This Page ]

The British Democratic Party (website of Andrew Brons, who was an MEP for five years). This has of course material on the British system. However, it has nothing at all on the two-tier money system by which Jews selectively take completely unjustified interest on paper money, and finance their fellow cultists to buy assets and media. Brons makes pleasant but rather useless speeches, and despite years of teaching constitutional history has as far as I know never come up with useful suggestions on (for example) political parties. Back to Top of This Page ]

Review by Kevin MacDonald of A Troublesome Inheritance by Nicholas Wade. Wade's book is subtitled 'Genes, Race, and Human History' and (judging from the review) picks at the edges of the topic, but at no point mentions the deliberate lies of Jews, mostly in America. Wade appears to have been a New York Times hack. It's hard to see how such a book can be of much value; I sometimes point out that there seems to be no point in reading this or that book, if it evades details(s) of essential importance. Back to Top of This Page ]

A strange site, which seems to be partly aimed at the 'third world', particularly India, is quora.com (recommendations currently listed are: Adriana Heguy described as a Molecular Biologist, Ashton Kutcher, presumably a jewish Actor, Eva Kor described as a Holocaust Survivor, Clayton C. Anderson described as an Astronaut, and Hans Zimmer, 'Film Composer'). Extraordinary tissue of jewish garbage. Third world media must be dominated by Jews; after all, this applies in the 'west', and must be cheaper and easier to enforce in poor countries when their money is Jewish-dominated. One of their concerns must be possible intellectual developments in such countries. The omens aren't very favourable: China for example has no sign of dissent from Jewish frauds from the holohoax and NASA and 9/11 to nuclear and medical and financial issues. However it's possible there may be suppressed signs of life. Gilbert Ling, a very original biology researcher, was Chinese in origin. Local-language sites may for all I know show impressive evidence of creativity. Back to Top of This Page ]

Some Newspaper-style online sites
The Australian .co.au is a typical propagandist online site, apparently connected with the Institute of Public Affairs Australia ('The Voice for Freedom'), and the Zionist Federation of Australia. My attention was drawn to these sites by a comment on Jennifer Oriel (the surname presumably chosen to be English-sounding) and a laughable piece about Jews on censorship. Their current preoccupations are of course to force coloured invasion into white countries, to avoid coloured invasion of Israel, and to do what they can to avoid discussion of Jewish money power and its concomitant results. I do hope Australians start to awaken to the hostile realities of Jewish power. Back to Top of This Page ]

In the Daily Telegraph (regarded as a conservative British newspaper; like all the press it never reports e.g. US/UK genocide in the Third World). I found a report by a hack called Andrew Gilligan, trying to discuss electoral corruption in London's Tower Hamlets area, where several brands of Islam have brought electoral corruption, fraud and intimidation. Gilligan omits to mention that Jews have pushed for coloured immigration into Britain. They also lobbied for votes to be handed out, even to illegals. This of course is at present almost universal in the Jewish media. Back to Top of This Page ]

Executive Intelligence Review also known as larouchepub.com and EIR looks like yet another Jew-denial site. Unusual in including Jesuits and the British Royal family, and British 'intelligence', which looks like 2nd-tier misdirection, but I suppose makes a change. May be Chicago-based; seems to be registered with Levit & James, which sounds discouraging. Seems to be fairly popular, at least if Alexa is to be believed . Seems superficially serious e.g. 'impeach President Obama', 'shock waves from Italy', 'zero deficit budget', but as those sentences indicate, unradical. Links to a low quality propagandist 'science' site, www.21stcenturysciencetech.com. Back to Top of This Page ]
    I just mentioned Jesuits; "It's NOT the Jews, It's the Jesuits!" is a lie from tabublog.com which appears to be a Jewish-run site dedicated to redirected enquirers to Jesuits, to waste their time. Many very serious topics treated to Jewish lies.

news liesDon't be duped by these lies. Do not donate or buy.
The European Guardian is an interesting online source, claiming to be 'The Home of Europe's new Right'. It has a list of contributors and also seems to include writers not in their list; I noticed Kevin MacDonald, though his work may have been taken without explicit permission. It has a system of dividing contributions into 'Popular' and, presumably, serious, probably to encourage people to read their material. The title, adopting the Jewish-promoted artificial split between so-called 'left' and 'right', causes suspicions, and these are unfortunately confirmed: some of the contributions are from NBC, for example, some from the BBC, some from the Times ... probably some from the Manchester Guardian. This is just another Jewish-controlled thing, permitting minimal discussion of Jews, with no serious in-depth material. Plus the usual 'official memory' pieces on NASA, 9/11, the 'Holocaust', for example. And the usual 'exit strategy' pieces where Jews try to back-pedal, for example on race. Nothing serious. Probably set up as a source on Greece, Hungary, Syria etc to emit half-truths, based on Jewish policies. Incidentally it appears to be popular in Pakistan; very probably it has information on the Jewish attitude to pushing Muslim immigration, which they may have decided was a big mistake.
    I'd guess sites like this allow hack writers to appear on Internet, because readers of paper media have declined for years; as they disappear, there are online replacements, which may be taken seriously. Probably the writers are informed about hits to their pieces. Who knows how many junk sites will be generated? Back to Top of This Page ]

Journal-Neo 'New Eastern Outlook', office in Moscow. (Alexa Ranking in first 250,000 JADAR rating Jew aware sites). Four parts of Asia; Middle East; Caucasus; and Africa are listed in their drop-down menu. About 100 contributors (I noticed Gordon Duff). Many names look Russian and 'eastern'; there is no identification of Jews. Their 'business model' seems to be to divide some of the advertising revenue among the contributors. A novelty of Internet is the fact that clicks on contributors can be counted, and it's easy to imagine Youtube-style friends of contributors boosting totals.
    Most of the material is routine enough, for example a foreigner accusing Britain of being 'racist'. But there is some Jew realism, for example on ISIS forcing emigration, though I doubt they report on Africans claimed to by Syrians reliably. There is no comment on Jews and banks, as far as I could see; nothing for example on Rothschild, or on central banks. There is nothing much on arms and Africans, or arms and Muslims: if African invaders are armed by Jews and/or their puppets, maybe Africa will be repeated here.
    Their search engine doesn't seem to work. A novelty to me is commentary on Israel: maybe it's felt to be too much of a burden, financed at a ridiculous rate by Jewish paper money. Maybe Jewish 'elites' feel they no longer want to be burdened; perhaps Netanyahu will end behind bars, a raging ape of superstitious fanaticism.
    Fascinating to try to work out who funds/ edits this site. It has a Cyrillic alphabet logo. It is entirely nuke-naive; could the nuclear phonies be using this medium? There's a heartfelt piece on the BBC's terminal credibility crisis, and the US ditto (but without mentioning Sulzberger) and in-house material on the BBC planning a Russian rival for RT, no doubt under the turd 'Danny' Cohen. There's a piece on Arabs, but nothing on Jews and the Arab finances. There's Turkey and bombing. There's the usual fake science. There are political pieces which say nothing about the forces behind puppets such as Corbyn (new) and Obongo (not so new). I couldn't find anything giving a unified view of bases, paid for by Americans, used by Jews. Nothing on 9/11. Nothing new on the Second World War—the traditional lies against Germany. There's a piece on Soros...Back to Top of This Page ]

TomDispatch.com Founded Nov 2002. Technical contact given as The Nation Institute 116 E 16TH ST 8TH FL, New York, NY. Has info on US bases and general geopolitics; I found this via Jan Lamprecht's site. Alexa says this is #270,000 in the world JADAR rating Jew aware sites, mainly viewed in the USA. This says it was started by Tom Engelhardt. If I'm reading it correctly is started as a one-man site; but was taken over. However, it seems to be yet another essentially fake site, with many Jewish writers (including Chomsky; and including many who 'worked' on the Jewish 'mainstream' media), with no mention of Jewish money power, or Jewish detachments around the world. There must be writers behind the scenes. I'd suggest it's not reliable. The motive for publicising (e.g.) bases in Africa, if it's correct, is probably to covertly benefit Jews; note the emphasis on Russia, China, etc. N Back to Top of This Page ]

NewsNow dot co dot UK Newsnow (Alexa Ranking very high JADAR rating Jew aware sites). Claims to be automated and to have multiple inputs. Probably the censorship is assured by selection of sources: it is entirely un-Jew aware, and therefore useless for any serious purpose. In effect it has automated editing. They charge for filtered news and presumably can offer in principle stuff sharply edited from large numbers of sources. The sources presumably have to be paid; there are few clues as to how the money circulates. They have advertising, but of the classified type; I haven't checked, but would guess this is processed by other sites, preferably I'd imagine self-advertised to reduce costs and cut out agents.Back to Top of This Page ]

NSNBC 'NSNBC International' (Alexa Ranking in first 250,000 JADAR rating Jew aware sites). Looks similar to neo; they are both WordPress-style. 'Established 25 February 2013.' It has targeted adverts and presumably can't possibly have honest reporting as a result. Its four color logo suggests it may be something to do with msnbc. It advertises itself as free, but counts on subscribers to donate. It is entirely nuke-naive, recycling all the fatigued lies. It has little idea about false flags, though it does attribute some to (I think) Israel, but it says nothing about 9/11, Silverstein etc. It wonders how the US can stop ISIS! It is Holocaust-naive, or more likely perfectly aware of this huge fraud. I couldn't find much on BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) as fields for Goldman Sachs and/or military 'adventures', such as may be planned for Europe. Probably, by now, this junk is too obsolete to appeal to intelligent people. Most of its 'reports' have 0 comments; I suspect this will continue. Back to Top of This Page ]

Project Censored is ranked as quite popular by Alexa. I hadn't heard of it, until I explored a link from Miles W Mathis' site. Mathis seems to take it seriously, and I attribute this to his being a newcomer to revisionism. In fact it's obvious even with a casual browse that the site is a fake: it echoes all the official false flags (latest is an Orlando, Florida hoax), it says nothing on black violence, it has nothing on jewish paper and e-money, does not deal with war profits or war atrocities. There's a relatively new topic here somewhere: Jews print junk money and 'lend' it to governments, so jewish-run governments import huge numbers of low-IQ invaders, all 'paid' by borrowing from Jews. And in addition Jews with their junk money buy unpopular hotels, barracks etc and collect 'rent' which of course is from the Jew-run government. And they lend to the Red Cross, Salvation Army, Lutheran Church etc for their own junk 'residence' projects. Yawn. Back to Top of This Page ]

theroot.com. Readers may remember the discovery made by (I think) Marcus Garvey, that the 'American' NAACP was in fact a Jewish organisation. This 'news' source is, one has to assume, a Jewish front, too. No doubt with what they'd regard as monkeys trained by Jews. The site has a high Alexa ranking; whether anyone takes it seriously, I don't know. Here are some scraps: '... Nsenga Burton, Ph.D., is an editor-at-large for The Root. She is an accomplished scholar, filmmaker and activist. Her research interests and scholarship focus on the examination of popular culture -- specifically television, film and new media -- through the lens of race, class, gender and sexuality. She is currently an associate professor of communication and media studies at Goucher College in Baltimore..' And we have such articles as these, all part of the Jewish agenda: 'Obama Just Made Gun Control an Election Issue', something about the 'George Zimmerman Trial' (Jews pretending a half-Jew, half-Hispanic is white), more and more on legal cases involving blacks, someone trying to write something about black and white dolls, Roots, the black plagiarism fraud, which seem to have given its name to this 'news' source, failure to mention black riots, black rapes of whites, black fakes such as Martin Luther King, blacks paying rent to Jews all their lives, Jews and slave trades—not just one! etc. A nasty comment about Trump (it must be Jewish policy to oppose Trump, at present). I didn't find anything like 'Blocking the Palestinian Terror Wave', perhaps because blacks have at least some idea about Israel. Nor on Europe flooded with fake asylum seekers; probably this is considered out of their range. Their 9/11 coverage seems non-existent. Thee was nothing I could find on the biggest problem of blacks: black Africans simply have low intelligence. What can be done? What should be done? Is there some way to keep such a group happy? What would fit them?—tricky problems!
    I'd guess the meta-idea of this site is to tap into the black psyche, for example when violence is wanted, or some rentacrowd 'spontaneous' activity. It's amusing to see the rather sad adverts. And the equally sad, though for different reasons, obits of discarded blacks—Frances Cress Welsing being a good example. Possibly good for a laugh. I wish blacks would do better. But maybe there's a site somewhere. Back to Top of This Page ]

European Knights Project (EKP) also has a wordpress version, more or less discontinued since 2013. This entire 'project' seems discontinued.
    is a jointly-written site, with named contributors, like a newspaper, but not like the BBC or most 'mainstream' agency 'news'. This format is certain to become more popular (if Internet survives); people of similar outlook can email their material intermittently to small centralised web outlets probably using WordPress or a similar package on a single computer. It resembles the BNP website under Arthur Kemp. It advertises itself as 'Like the Daily Mail on Steroids' which won't mean much to people outside (or even inside) Britain, but suggests a popular lowbrow approach, though a feed current of 'celebrity' stories doesn't seem feasible. Despite the European name, it's worldwide, mostly aimed at white English-speaking people around the world, including South Africa, where of course help is needed, with Afrikaans material, for example on land, laws, and 'muti'. Contributors include a USS Liberty survivor, a US sniper, and injured US war 'vet'. There's some odd material: de Nugent, who says he was a marine ("once a Marine, always a Marine") seems a gung-ho type who has learned little about wars, and seems to have little idea about the true costs of wars and their finance; however, he at least found his father was something like a cowardly whore of Jews, though the discovery caused his father to disinherit him (he states). He seems to think debt and supplies of weapons will rise forever. He also wrote on UFOs and even crop circles, apparently unaware that their origin and design methods were exposed years ago. There are two BNP or ex-BNP people: one is Nick Griffin (some of his talks and speeches are on my website) who is aware of the Jewish money issue, and was warned or asked not to touch it. As far as I know, his pieces, disappointingly, still avoid that issue. Another BNP person is Steve Squire, who is or was reported to run a porn place in London. There's some material loosely connected with the British Empire: India, Indian mystics, Indo-European material.
    They say ... attack any of our writers without justification, expect the net to be saturated with stories attacking you. We've done this to abusive reporters from enormous mainstream newspapers who've literally begged, even sued us as a result of our actions... , and while the idea of journalists begging for respite for their lies is attractive, it's hard to believe it can be true. Maybe they could do this with the BBC.
    Their 'Combating Cultural Marxism' section has six topics, including Combating Islamism and Combating Zionism. Their 'History' section has good articles on recent centuries, and information on South Africa. What's in effect their mission statement is We seek to bring honourable men & women of all ethnicities together under the banner of Western 'culturalism', national patriotism, love for Western civilisation, the preservation of our unique cultures, Christian heritage & individual national sovereignties. It's difficult to judge this site: they seem to have learnt nothing much about the twentieth century: what about democracy, secret finance through central banks, the Church of England, the EU (which might be a good thing), educational decline, wars and war crimes? Is it Joff or on the J-dar screen? Or both? I'm unsure. Back to Top of This Page ]

Jewish elephant in the room bitchmedia (mentioned by 'Sargon of Akkad' for reasons best known to himself) is a very typical site, designed to appeal to untalented and unattractive women, as its main constituency. I doubt if it's very successful, as it's too obviously taking the line of covertly-funded hirelings. I couldn't find any mention of its money suppliers; click through ads for mature women's sex toys, alternative tampons, and 'top ranked' degrees (yes!) in women's studies don't seem able to support the number of staff they claim. The CVs are a saddening example of pseudo-qualifications combined with supposed interests which, purely by chance, need little knowledge or insight or skill, and assume a low intellectual input of Hollywood trash and magazines, and lightweight art. I doubt there are any white staff: Jews and tame nonwhites only. I see one biog note claims a woman is learning a 'traditional Zimbabwean thumb piano', which I happen to know is made of untuned metal parts—it's like saying oildrums make 'traditional music'. In a world with 40,000 black-on-white rapes in the USA, kidnapped white women used as prostitutes by Jews, Muslim- and Jew-promoted paedophilia; where much of the Third World defecates in fields and lives in acute poverty, these sites are not just stupid, but are positively disgusting. Back to Top of This Page ]

everydayfeminism.com is a supposedly feminist site of the Soros-funded type, with a wide range of queer 'writers'. Many people still haven't grasped that Jews use feminists to damage white families and white societies. Or at least try. The perversions and oddities necessitate a strange manufactured vocabulary, plus acronyms, resulting in a rather weird alphabet soup. They are uneasily aware of this—there are anti-white propagandist pieces, but interspersed with more normal-seeming stuff. Jewish material is of course omitted. It's an amusing example of women implicitly accepting an inferior position: these sites discuss clothes, babies, wolf-whistles, but not war, high finance or science.
    I found another joff 'feminist' site, http://thenewfem.com ('The New Femininity'). Strict censorship of Jewish issues. Lightweight chatter. ordinary. Dull.
    Another Jewish 'feminist' site, which I found via some chain of links from youtube, is http://feministing.com/ in yet another blog style website with cut-and-paste text (current cost c. 395 currency units). These sites always take up jewish-selected issues; on the date I looked I found '... decision last week to remove the Confederate Battle Flag from the state capitol, hate groups across the country are mobilizing in the racist symbol's defense. The [Jewish] Southern Poverty Law Center compiled this map of rallies in support of the flag across the country.' Back to Top of This Page ]

Family Puzzles (from my big-lies.org/jews file) has some examples of Jewish activity, mostly after 1945. Feminism is yet another case where a reasonable position has been perverted by Jews who want to cause harm. All family law practitioners should be aware of these possibilities.

Interesting comment on UNICEF suggesting a parallel with post-1945 benefits in Europe and (a bit later) USA. UNICEF, the UN children's fund, provides food, shelter, doctors and medicine for mothers and children in poor countries - but not for childless women or men. In some places, like Africa, they will pay a mother's rent now that alone could tempt a poor childless woman into becoming a mom. UNICEF does not provide contraceptives not even condoms. At this date, many awakened persons are aware of the Jewish bias in white countries—for example, to cause blacks to move to Britain. Extract from www.prevab.webs.com

Justice for Men and Boys (and the women who love them) is an interesting website run, as far as I can tell, by Mike Buchanan, whose site dates from February 2013, and who appears on TV (see Youtube) usually I think with dim female presenters. He is unusually factually clued up. But he has no idea of the basis of the modern world. This sometimes leads him into regrettable byways, for example relying on evidence that larger numbers of women on boards of directors correlates with poorer financial performance. The leading causes of J4MB are 20 in number: Abortion | Foetal alcohol syndrome | Genital mutilation | Fatherlessness, restoring strong families | Education | Employment | Access to children after family breakdowns | Domestic violence | Sexual abuse | Armed Forces veterans' mental health issues | Homelessness | Suicide | Criminal justice system | Paternity fraud | Anonymity for suspected sexual offenders | Divorce | Healthcare provision | Political representation | State interference in director appointments | Expectation of retirement years.
    These issues of course are all UK-related, First World issues: there is nothing on forced immigration by Jews, or Jewish-related damage to the legal system (even though family courts are a part of their target), or the well-known Jewish push to damage white societies, or women used as prostitutes by the military, or even underage sex as part of both Judaism and Islam, or inbreeding defects. It's amusing, in a sense, to see the frantic avoidance of the elephant in the room. All this is common enough amongst would-be reformers, who I predict will get nowhere.
    Mike Buchanan has written several books, including Feminism: The Ugly Truth all of which are ignorant, as far as I can tell, of the Jewish push against families, whites, females, and males.

    I emailed his youtube site (June 2016) and was rewarded with a message saying he 'won't publish comments such as those you've submitted recently. I'm writing this so you don't waste any more of your time. Thank you.'
    I pointed out that I'd tried to prevent him wasting more of his own time:-
    You're like someone in a malarial country who refuses to discuss mosquitoes. You need to understand what's happening, if you want to work out a counter-policy. At least watch one video. E.g. a search finds this portentous but short US video.
    I'm sure you won't, and will continue to sit with women telling lies, telling more lies, misreporting you, paid to publish nonsense, 'working' with fake think-tanks, generating fake news stories, publishing fake statistics, inventing media stories, agitating for anti-white laws, suppressing the truth about white families, promoting paedophila etc etc etc.

    Mike Buchanan set up his own political party. All credit to him. He arranges debates and talks, and has put up candidate(s) for elections; I don't know the detail. His Youtubes at present (Nov 2016) ALL have pleas for donations in their text information sections. May I suggest to Mr Buchanan that, since Jews print money and hand it to their friends, he might approach George Soros, the noted 'philanthropist', for generous funding? I'm sure that good-hearted gentleman will rise above his traditional Jewish racial hatred to benefit Britons. The Jewish media praise him, after all, for his numerous activities, for example funding groups in favour of nonwhite immigration to once-rich countries—excluding Israel, of course.
      I may as well add a March 28 comment, disallowed from their site: The fact is that Jews control the money supply (read up 'The Federal Reserve' if you know nothing|) and this means that high paid jobs aren't necessarily a function of talent and skill. This is why BBC propagandists, feminists funded by Jews, operators of fake charities, educational propagandists etc are highly paid. Jews fund 'feminists' with all their BS because they want to damage others, in this case whites. It's the same process by which Soros funds fake revolutions, and invasions of white countries. If you don't understand this, you don't understand the world. big-lies.org/jews/ It's amusing to see a slogan bannered on their site: "He who does not bellow the truth when he knows the truth makes himself the accomplice of liars and forgers."
jews and family Family Law.   http://newfathers4justice.co.uk and http://www.fathers-4-justice.org/ are two UK groups campaigning against secret family courts and the removal of children from access to their fathers. The two groups seem to have split on the issue of demonstrators in US cartoon character costumes. The poster [left] was defaced, or edited, by newfathers4justice. Neither of these groups has any idea that Jews have a constant policy of attacking societies; in this case, white families are the target. Here are two emails:
Janet Wilkinson Apparently the new [Greenwich Council, in London, England] campaign was designed by the communications team. This was headed up by Andrew Stern who is contactable on 02089215043 and andrew.stern@royalgreenwich.gov.uk
My Reply It's Jewish policy to damage white societies. Including by attacking families. If you don't understand this, you'll find the sort of campaigns discussed here are incomprehensible. Follow Jews and the trail of their money control, propaganda, including advertising. www.big-lies.org/jews

    At the time of writing, a Jew-controlled and Jew-media advertised website, called Ashley Madison (slogan: 'Have an affair') has allegedly been hacked. In view of the difficulty of hacking, my guess is the site was intentionally opened up and publicised to make money one way or another.
    Anyway, the original (of the two sites), Fathers-4-justice, seem utterly ignorant of this issue. They seem (at the time of writing; little interest to anyone outside Britain) to support Jeremy Corbyn: from TV 'interviews' (sound bites, in fact), Corbyn is proud of Cable Street—part of the Jewish propaganda and violence lead-up to the Second World War. The Jewish surname index, Avoyatnu, lists Cherbin, Chorben, Corban, Corbin, and variants. All the media writing about him, New Statesman etc, are Jewish-run. What has Corbyn said about WW2, the vast waste of life, Jews in the USSR and their mass-murders, the Fed and Jewish paper money debts, Jewish frauds, Jewish massacres?
    Note: My comment above was removed by http://www.london24.com, a 'news' site for London. No doubt another Jewish outlet, primed to removed stories of black violence, jewish fraud, and immigration. Thanks, Jews! Back to Top of This Page ]

The Flat Earth Society seems part of a promotional thrust to 'flat earth' people (and related oddities: hollow, concave, etc earth). I've noted (in 2015) an increase in their promotion, though my impression may be some sort of feedback process caused by my own browsing. As an experiment, I posted a piece on so-called Jews and the forthcoming election choice between jewish-controlled parties, which was removed in some way. They have forum discussions on nuclear skeptics—from which nukelies.org is removed. The 'Flat Earth Society' site is rubbish. I've been contacted by sufficient people with links to ridiculous flat earth sits that I've concluded this is part of the system of nuclear hoax maintenance. Possibly the idea is to link nuclear investigators to physics ignoramuses; I can't see any other reason. Back to Top of This Page ]

phys.org Is another sad Jewish site on fake physics. Long after the 'global warming' fraud has been exposed, they plod on. They are, of course, nuke liars. Yawn. No wonder, now the post-1945 physics scams are long over, that physics enrolment has had a long decline, apart from careerist Jew types. Back to Top of This Page ]

http://freecriticalthinking.org (which I've only recently noticed) seems to have corralled a number of people under a common, Jew-discussion-free umbrella. Interestingly, Alexa places this site as #20,000 in Greece. Its most likely rationale is a supposed critical, free-thinking group, looking at the issues (amusing pun intended) of interest and money. It would make sense as a heading-off of direct action against jewish bank frauds, of which of course Greece is a focal point at present. Three years later: I came across this by chance. Alexa lists it as a couple of million. It also lists sites linking in, two of them being BBC sites! Fortified by scepticism, we find an anti-climate change set of pieces, which seem correct, though little 'critical thinking' is involved. Another piece states Rothschild is the richest family, though no detail (including the original real name). There's a piece on (inter alia) not blaming immigrants; I could find nothing about Jew encouragement. It looks like an attempt to change Jew paradigms. They still adhere to nuclear power, or pretend to—their section on 'energy' is vacuous. On 20th century wars, I looked e.g. for Vietnam (and Jews), and the Holohoax. I could find nothing (though some of my book reviews seem to have been looked at. It all looks like tripe to me, though there's a chance it might be worth a look as a possible Jewish direction change. What lies will they tell next? Nothing after 2016 that I could find.
    http://freethoughtblogs.com is a similar site, US based, rated astonishingly high by Alexa. Probably its rationale is just to seem genuine, in the way Jewish media by sheer mass drown out intelligent sites. Quite funny to see the routine support for Jewish causes, e.g. 'gay' stuff, nuclear mythology, anti-Trump without being specific, reminding me of the rather pointless yelling in Britain about one Jew candidate vs another; they even still continue 'Holocaust' lies. Interested me slightly because Taslima Nasreen, who spoke in Britain 20 years ago, is listed as a contributor. They may have a few intelligent readers; one of them seemed to link to my site, though I couldn't find the link. Yawn. Back to Top of This Page ]

Graham Hancock, GrahamHancock.com, who wrote on the main three Egyptian pyramids and the idea that some Pharaohs believed they'd be projected astrally after death, has a forum, spelt 'phorum' in some places, which looks rather like David Icke's, in his book sales and self-promotion website. It states 'the promotion of extremist causes motivated by hate will not be tolerated by our moderators' but in truth has nothing on Talmudic hatred. Disappointingly low quality; but there you go. If you rely on Jewish publishers to sell your books, the shrewd author isn't going to try anything risky. Back to Top of This Page ]

greenteethmm.com seems to have existed since at least 2005. It is simple HTML with google ads. It is based on northern English humour (hence the odd title) and on local mythology, e.g. 'boggarts'. And it links to other similar sites, such as 'daily-stirrer'. Has typos, grammatical errors, and echoes of the mass media. Folk humour but without the faintest inkling that all is not well with 'good money', or that Jews are not just another 'faith'; what's perhaps worse is misdiagnosis of modern errors, for example in sciences and education. I noticed a complaint about British people who had never had a job—no mention of race or age. Realism sometimes shows through, but the site shows the limitations of native wit. Back to Top of This Page ]

Is-a-cunt.com (I found this by following links on Jewish enforcement by Teresa May's Jewish regime, of crimes against whites. This site accepts names and comments, but not responsibility. If you've researched, presumably you can post here. I haven't attempted to assess the general level, but this is a Jewish site; I'd recommend not posting here, as probably remarks, however true, will be forwarded to Jewish thugs or the Jewish fake justice system. Don't be taken in by what appears to be a blokeish site.) Back to Top of This Page ]

Loose Change first emerged as long ago as 2005 as a 9/11 skeptic video. I take it most of the readers here, if they have looked into 9/11, are aware 9/11 was fraudulent. However Loose Change makes no mention at all of the Jewish component in the whole series of incidents, from the planning through to the aftermath and official report. Back to Top of This Page ]

'American Renaissance' or AmRen is one of these infinitely numerous, and sad, websites that never discusses Jewish influence. Just as example: a post to a piece on the US becoming mestizo said: "I knew the great times. I thought I was so lucky to be part of something so special. The country that put men on the moon, invented practically all modern inventions, had the tallest buildings in the world, opposed communism, had the most powerful military, defeated those evil Nazi's [sic] and had the best of everything." My reply (not of course admitted) was "I hardly know whether to laugh or cry at your insane childish naivety. Americans never got to the moon; it was fantasy. For that matter, nukes were faked too, to make fortunes for the Jews straddling the white world, and ensure the USSR was not investigated, so the truth about the GULags would be clear to everyone. Most of the inventions in fact came from Europe. They didn't 'oppose communism' - they supported Jews and communism, at least the ones who weren't credulously simple Bible thumpers. Their wars were atrocities against innocent people. Evil Nazis?? Federal Reserve?? Look-say teaching?? Fluoridated water?? 'Baby boomers'?? Scofield Bible??
    On Jared Taylor, the Jew-aware TheOccidentalObserver of March 15 2016 includes these comments:
• Luke—If, after reading this excellent article by Francis Carr Begbie, on Tony Blair, and on a Jewish academic called Jonathan Portes, and a Jew, Barbara Roche, made a Minister, [presumably by Blair's handlers], Jared Taylor or anyone else in the pro-White movement continues to spout the 'suicide meme', i.e., Whites are genociding themselves and not the targets of deliberate, malicious genocide by the jews and their lackies [sic] - then the individual who spews that nonsense is not only lying, but working for the jews and trying to cover up their role.
• mari—Jared Taylor's wife Evelyn is a Jew. She worked for the ADL for years documenting and researching all us evil White goys. She did some sort of PhD thesis on White supremacy. It's kind of a classic Jewish ploy, marrying one of the Tribe to someone who might oppose Tribal objectives. Back to Top of This Page ]

https://forums.armchairgeneral.com/ is just another Jew-controlled site, which never discusses Jewish power, and is anti-white. I found it, when looking at Boer farmers invited to Russia, which may or may not be a genuine offer—all the other South African whites are left at the mercy of the Jewish-run 'African' National Council. The website must be aimed at rather stupid white mercenary types, of whom there are many. Just think of whites killing whites throughout the 20th century. In between killing others. There's nothing on war profiteers of course, in other words Jews. An unpleasant site for zombies, psychopaths, and the desperate. Back to Top of This Page ]

• 'Bing', Microsoft's search engine after years of struggle is still far behind Google. Perhaps because of this, Bing seems to not bother to weed out spam sites; for example, there are online book download sites with deceptive keywords, which, if on search engines at all, should be near the bottom. Bing resembles an old delapidated building, with peeling posters advertising old junk. Yahoo incidentally is another dishonest 'search engine', as a result of its policy of using self-appointed experts as censors.
     Google has (as far as I can tell) a relatively honest policy: on for example Jew aware sites, they issued something like red-faced apologies that many hostile informational sites on Jews appeared on the front page of their search, but they don't seem to have suppressed them. Back to Top of This Page ]

• www.my-Korea.info is a fake search engine, with no connection to North Korea. Set up in the US, apparently by a Czech, possibly for Jew war propaganda. I was amused to find this; it hadn't occurred to me that search engines might be used like this. Needless to say, all nuclear truth is banned. Possibly part of Google. Back to Top of This Page ]

Roman Catholic Sites include for example Cambria Will Not Yield (Alexa lists this as low ranking) Which is anti-'liberal' in an American sense. Roman Catholic in the aesthetic sense, with the residual feeling that a figure who may never have existed had special importance. Anti-abortion. Articles seem to all be written by an American, in English lit style. This site is Jew-naive, and doesn't analyse the possible meanings of 'Hebrews', 'Pharisees', 'Judah', or modern, Khazar, 'Jews'. The author seems to have no feeling for the financial place of the church as a once-powerful international force. Since the modern church has been virtually taken over by Jewish money, and its beliefs on such subjects as invasions from Mexico and Latin America into the USA, this omission is serious, and sites of this type seem naive and irrelevant (transitive sense). The Orthodox Churches notably Russian Orthodox have of course a different history, including devastating attacks by Jews.

E. Michael Jones Culture Wars. Jones is a USA Roman Catholic. He has Youtubes. His website title is a translation of Kulturkampf, the late 19th century struggle in Germany between Roman Catholicism in the south, and Protestantism in the north. Jones has written on the spoliation of American communities by both post-1945 large-scale highway construction, and by social engineering to move blacks and, later, illegal immigrants. He also wrote The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit, stated to be published by Fidelity Press, 2008. This is a survey of Jews attacking the Roman Catholic church, but doesn't seem very scholarly: it omits the 'Donation of Constantine' and doesn't mention the Khazars, or the 'Black Death'. It mentions Richard Williamson, by Catholic standards an event of yesterday. It may seem unfair to describe Jones as Jew-unaware. The problem is that he omits a lot of specific Jewish activities. Jones objects to 'capitalism', but, like almost everyone, doesn't say what he means by 'capitalism'. Obviously the fact that Jews control printed money has an enormous effect, very possibly overshadowing 'capitalism' completely. He seems to underrate Catholicism as a source of violence and wars: consider the French empires, for example. He seems to understate the extent of Jewish fanaticism and the length of times involved in Jewish activity: almost every commentator on the Second World War, from Japanese and Chinese writers to Russians and Americans, see it as a struggle which started in such and such a year (depending on the writer) and ending in such and such a year (depending on the writer) and is an isolated event, a 'thing in itself' as Germans might say. Awareness of Jews includes noting their plans throughout the whole 20th century; the early 1940s included the start of the 'Holocaust' fraud, the start of the 'nuclear weapons' fraud, the start of mass immigration and population replacement in white countries, international control of food and resources, the control of the new medium of television, and internationalised takeovers of countries, to get control of their money supplies. Jones mostly looks at ideas, and misses these huge secret movements. Or at least, this is how he seemed to me; times change, and I may be underrating him. Back to Top of This Page ]

Voltaire's Ghost is a newish Youtube site (from 22 Nov 2015) whose mission is to spook 'opponents of reason, freedom of expression and separation of church and state'. (In the modern world, note the irrelevance of the third aim of his). The site seems to be purely anti-Moslem, with careful avoidance of the Jewish policy of forcing unwanted nonwhites into white countries. His Youtube on Chomsky presents Chomsky as pro-Moslem, and omits all the serious defects in Chomsky's material. It also, about a third of the way through, is horrified that Moslems have twigged to the causes of 9/11, and the Holohoax. Don't waste your time. Another Pat Condell type. I see a similar Youtube site (started May 2015) called Raw-News. Probably there are dozens or hundreds or more disinformation sites being set up. Back to Top of This Page ]

Webster Tarpley's site www.tarpley.net seems to have existed since June 2004, judging by my site-grab, and examination with a desktop searcher. I found this site via a comment on Bertrand Russell, which seems to have been a bit of Google bait, as there are precisely two mentions of 'Bertrand Russell' in the entirety of that site. The site is not much referenced, and relies on emphatic statements, and US newspapers, rather than evidence. There's an odd video of Tarpley reading out some material; I was amused at his dismissive comments on Newton and alchemy. (Long before elements, atoms, and the periodic table were discovered—what were people supposed to do? Of course a lot of the workers were hopelessly off-beam!) Tarpley (or whoever) has a conspiracy theory of Venetians, or 'the Venetian oligarchy', mobilising to Holland and Britain, essentially a substitute for the Jewish version, except for the lack of evidence. He likes accusations of Satan-worship, with of course no evidence. (I couldn't find anything on Jewish child murders! Surprise). Freemasons appear; 'Jews' get about 50 mentions in the entire site. Kerry is described as blue-blooded! There's an 'Unauthorized Biography' of George Bush, taken up with events up to WW2, with, inevitably, mis-statements about Hitler, and post-war events, e.g. Gorbachev and 9/11. All treated from the don't mention-Jews viewpoint. The site seems to be used to leak Jewish views into the USA, though possibly its main purpose is just to pollute with junk. However, it does toe the line fairly rigidly, for example keeping out of 'factual' nuclear issues: there's no mention of the Trinity fake test, Oppenheimer etc, but using scares, typically against Russia. Back to Top of This Page ]

Similar to Tarpley, for unreasonable assertions, but with an emphasis on the USA (including its 'fine art' market) is Miles W Mathis's site which was mentioned to me by Sorensen371 of nukelies, because of its photos of Bikini Atoll. This looked like original work, but may well just be an expanded version of nukelies.org. I soon found that his piece on Darwinism/Wallacism was feeble, and, disappointingly, his electromagnetic 'field theory' seems nothing much. I couldn't find anything new on math of human lives. His piece on John Lennon may well be to distract from war profiteers wanting to murder Lennon, which seems a likely enough hypothesis. Vanunu isn't in Mathis's site; there are a few, but not many, mentions of Jews and nothing of in-depth interest in them. My verdict is: another dud by a hard-to-employ arts graduate.
    But since I wrote this, Mathis has expanded into new and much more impressive and Jew-aware material; on for example Lenin (as a 'Russian' 'aristocrat'), Fox of the Quakers as a Jew-promoted fraud, Napoleon (e.g. not credible war exploits), Lincoln (assassination a false flag for political reasons). As I type, I see he's uploaded an article on Henry VII of England (conspicuously absent from the 'Shakespeare' canon). Very impressive and entirely credible, and pushing back the Jewish infiltration from the east two centuries before Cromwell.
    And since I wrote the previous, Mathis has written a highly important piece on Hitler and the NSDAP (at http://www.mileswmathis.com/hiller.pdf ) suggesting that the NSDAP was itself a psyop, with Hitler as lead actor. This is not an attractive idea for many people who feel Germany was the first modern opponent of Jews, though they seem to take less notice of the fact that total 'goy' deaths were vast, and the sort of thing Jews aim for.
    In fact I'm so impressed that here's a site searcher of Miles Mathis's site. This gives filenames of his pdfs, which on their own are not very meaningful–

Back to Top of This Page ]

TheUnhivedMind.com has fascinating and apparently detailed material on e.g. Putin, Woolwich beheading as a false flag, technical material on missiles, and a great deal more. It *may be* an informed site with inside information, but goes out of its way to not mention Jews, and in their place mention things like the Knights of Malta, the Pope's 'tiara', City of London organisations, and so on. Back to Top of This Page ]

webmasterworld.com is mildly interesting as a specimen of the type of technical site which must be very common in a behind-the-scenes way. Endless ego-centred bickering on skills, techniques, methods, and low-budget rivals, on some technical subject. But with no overview, and not much historical perspective. And of course concerned with money—and the sudden lack of money which may well happen to niche people. I tried posting to see if anyone would comment (without paying) on my site layout, but as I'd expected my post didn't appear. It's a rather dampening realisation that wars, mass dishonesty, lies, frauds are largely supported by high IQ, low responsibility, techie types in hock to Jews. Back to Top of This Page ]
      blog.jim.com is an example of the Mensa type of site which, currently at least, is entirely Jew ignorant. So we have quite sophisticated wording and quite long articles and comments, which always miss the specific aims of Jews, for example to damage whites and cause chaos and disruptive wars, and make money in numerous institutionalised ways. Notably the Fed, and equivalents around the world. A similar style to (for example) Church of England writings in the 19th century, oblivious of wars and empires and thefts, provided they were left to scribble their unimportant stuff. Back to Top of This Page ]

Psychohistory.com seems to be yet another Jew-avoiding site, concerned with the psychology, in the hostile sense, of historical events. It seems to be run from New York by someone called Lloyd de Mause. It has for example a 2005 talk on the psychopathy of Germans and Austrians and 'the Holocaust'. The reason I heard of this group is a comment by a Natural Philosophy Alliance speaker. Back to Top of This Page ]

I decided to review a remaindered book Disarming Iraq by Hans Blix. Here's my review. It was an unimpressive book, by someone who seemed entirely unimpressive. I found later that Blix was (or was alleged to be) Jewish. If so, this fact was mentioned nowhere, despite the clear conflict of interest. Back to Top of This Page ]

My attention was directed to an 'anarchist' site, attack the system . com, which reminded me of Noam Chomsky, the rich 'jewish' liar and 'anarchist'. I'm not sure anarchism was ever anything more than a joke; certainly this site is garbage, with no useful information on the Jewish money fraud, Jewish wars and war crimes, and all the rest. It has its own site searcher; you can be absolutely sure this site is worthless. I was amused by a piece 'Why I choose to collaborate with the criminal underworld'—well, you can imagine. Back to Top of This Page ]

Open Borders for Israel
Jew Aware...
The BBC is clearly following the Jewish agenda: the lack of comment on the First and Second World Wars alone is enough to show that. How this is done is not clear to me; obviously the ways pressure is applied are secret, though the BBC site itself provides clues—such as Jews controlling the BBC's own in-house training schemes. This is a dismal story of mediocrity, censorship, and deliberate lies on such important issues as immigration, de-industrialisation, corruption around the world, and viciously cruel wars. There is never any discussion of the facts of the Talmud, even in supposedly religious programming. Incredibly, some people want the BBC privatised, despite the obvious fact that, as things are now, the BBC would come under direct Jewish control because of their money monopoly advantages.. Back to Top of This Page ]

I found something I vaguely remembered: in a collection of poems, novels, and other material by Hilaire Belloc published by Everyman in about 1930, the opening chapter or two of Belloc's novel Belinda, which has a description of Rothschild ruining many Englishmen who had bought government stock to finance war against Napoleon. Internet now of course has many downloadable books; but Belinda still seems unavailable. This suggests all books with unfavourable references to Jews are filtered out by standard bulk uploaders of out of copyright material. Back to Top of This Page ]

biasedbbc.org is one of these rather sad hole-in-corner forums with a small endlessly-repeating coterie of commenters, all saying much the same thing. Nothing whatever on Jews controlling finance, and thus down through the 'news' networks. I can't remember if I ever tried posting on this site; it's clearly a waste of time. There may be a few occasional nuggets on the BBC, though it's unlikely. The point seems to be to pretend the BBC is honest, by simulated sniping against it: lots of fake material on the Holohoax, Palestine etc. All serious matter on Jews and wars and Gulags is cut out by these shits. Back to Top of This Page ]

BBC 'Media Action Charity'. Its website says BBC Media Action, formerly known as the BBC World Service Trust, is the BBC's international development charity, funded independently by external grants and voluntary contributions, presumably (2015 figure:) Jewish. Revenue: 45.3 million, Founded: 1999, Origin: London, Number of employees: 832, Expenses: £44 million. Probably essentially a Jew organ for spying on places such as Afghanistan and Syria, and acting, or pretending to act, against (for example) Russia.

Martin J. Walker is an amiable, Alan Bennett soundalike, who writes on medical corruption and dishonesty. I met him when he worked on Continuum, an alternative AIDS magazine, in the Brunswick Centre in London. A book of his, Cultural Dwarfs and Junk Journalism (Slingshot Publications, January 2008; now online) deals with a journalist called Ben Goldacre. (Walker's titles generally sound more inclusive than they are). Unfortunately, Walker has no idea of the dominance of Jews in publishing, media, and control of science. If he had, he might have produced a better book. As it is, he simply records with incredulity a series of attacks by Goldacre on Patrick Holford, who runs a nutrition research organisation. Back to Top of This Page ]

Another medical issue is circumcision; for example in Men Do Complain on male genital mutilation. These organisations seem completely unaware of Jewish (and no doubt Moslem) pressures, notably in the Jewish-owned press. Back to Top of This Page ]

crank.net is an uninteresting site, but illustrates the way sites are careful to avoid issues. It's a fair guess it's another Jewish site, since it makes a lot of effort to disallow challenges to the 'Holocaust' fraud and related frauds, such as violence attributed to Germans, and not Jews and their puppets. The site says nothing intelligent about science but does mention the ineffectual 'Natural Philosophy Alliance'. Another worthless site. Back to Top of This Page ]

discovermagazine.com has a remarkably high rating on Alexa, possibly because it's deliberately forced by way of the Alexa address bar. It has more female readers than male, and more 'no college' and 'school' readers than others. Rather sadly, this is enough to identify the site as lightweight. There's no sign of anything serious in nukes, power, minerals, uses of science. ... It looks like yet another Jewish site, funded by easy Jewish fraud money. Back to Top of This Page ]

I found a pseudo-revisionist article here www.returnofkings.com/51110/the-story-of-the-great-axis-rebellion with facts and figures about the Second World War but which completely omits the Jewish roles in financing and supporting wars, and building up debt for the future. The author thinks huge numbers of (e.g.) planes or eighty million 'Allied' troops come with no cost implications. He thinks Europe 'had been busily sending off expeditions to explore, conquer, pillage and rule every inch of the world they could reach'. He ignores the specifically Jewish aspects, such as the opium wars, in which the beneficiaries were Jews, not Britain, which was probably a net loser, although not at the Chinese level. He is unable to face the facts of the Holocaust fraud. Probably articles of that sort will become common, carefully avoiding Jewish issues while pretending to be objective. Back to Top of This Page ]

aulis.com and debunkingskeptics.com look at, respectively, NASA's supposed 'moon landings' and some related issues such as human evolution and long-term geology; and three issues—Apollo, JFK murder, and 9/11. Both sites aim at rationality and have convincing demolitions of some current myths. David Percy's Aulis site is a development of his work on NASA—see this youtube on the supposed 'moon landings' which I adapted from a 1999 TV programme in Britain. However, they seem to be entirely Jew-unaware, and therefore have little grip on the causation of such frauds. Neither has any idea about nuclear issues, or about the validity of the reasons given for wars. Back to Top of This Page ]

British Psychological Society I found (checking on a flurry of downloads from my site on the Jewish frauds Milgram and Zimbardo) a Jan 2008 in 'the psychologist' (typography sic) By Haslam and Reicher (both Jews?—no declaration) on 'the banality of evil', a topic dear to the hearts of Jews, if they have them. I won't bore you with their rubbish; hatred of Germany is a long-term Jew fixation, and lies on the subject seem endless. But the usual comment applies: would the BPS ('Promoting excellence in psychology') put out a piece on Anglo-American-Jews enjoying torture and rape in wartime? Or blacks robbing with violence? Of course not. Back to Top of This Page ]

cfact.org (Climate Fact?) seems to be a Jew-run site with the priority of supporting nuclear frauds. It might be expected it would support 'climate change through carbon dioxide emission' and its numerous advocates. This of course would justify 'nuclear power' if it existed and if it were safe. However, there are problems—for example with China, which has large numbers of coal-fuelled power stations. Moreover they seem able to recognise the huge practical problems with solar power and wind power. There are also difficulties with the Jewish media presentation of radiation: important for security, to keep people away; and yet potentially difficult because if taken seriously radioactive waste may be a serious problem. So this website is a bit of a strange mixture, though as far as I bothered to look, its priority is nuclear issues—as would be expected, as this is by far the biggest fraud related to power supplies and weapons supplies. Alexa says this site is about #125,000 in the USA. Back to Top of This Page ]

Greenpeace is one of the long-standing phonies, possibly modelled on Oxfam—though Oxfam is coming under heavy fire, since it seems to have accomplished nothing, apart from sex with poor locals: most of the population of India still defecate in the open, for example. The most likely model for Greenpeace is a by-now traditional Jewish promotional system. Greenpeace are very emphatic on their website that they do not accept money from governments or companies. This of course leaves open transfers of money from people like Soros (I don't know if he takes time off supporting fake revolutions, and Russian girls pissing on crucifixes, to bother personally). These paper money transfers are of course not generous at all, since they rely on Jewish paper money, which costs them nothing, largely courtesy the Fed.
      My working hypothesis is that Greenpeace resembles Freemasonry, or the US or British or French government, in its structure, with the highest levels controlled in secret by Jews, and lowest levels occupied by opportunists, and some people who regard themselves as concerned activists. Greenpeace has existed for many years; there must have been changes and takeovers and replacement of unsuitable personnel, but my best guess is that the policy is now set by Jews. If so, its nominal policies are a handy barometer of what are regarded by Jews as their most important frauds, always viewed through the filter of the nominal aims of Greenpeace. Greenpeace can be expected to supply Jew-approved comment on science and wars, and clearly one overriding policy is to promote Jewish lies in nuclear materials, climate change frauds, and raw material control, and also promote Jewish lies as regards wars, notably censoring out war profits, and Jewish actions which are offloaded onto 'Americans' or 'Muslims' or whoever it might be. Where both interests overlap, for example with 9/11 (their website has nothing of significance), and mineral exploitation in Africa (a notable Jewish interest), and the world population issue (where Jews want to flood white countries), there is possibly maximum control. At the lowest level, I'd guess their uninformed young people may be used as a barometer or litmus test by Jews.
      Readers looking at Greenpeace online may be surprised to know Greenpeace still (2015) takes the 'global warming' line, and has a 'save the arctic' scheme, including t-shirted ex-'celebrities'. Despite the short sharp youtube, c 2009, with Kerstin Blodig of Greenpeace trying to talk with Lord Monckton; clearly she knew nothing. (There is a German dubbed version online). Despite the 'peace' in the name, Greenpeace does no research on where the money goes on weapons: almost certainly to Jewish companies, since Jewish paper money has bought out pretty well all assets worth having—and in the Jewish world this means arms and death for any enemies the choose.
      Their target donors are simple people with no knowledge of science. They use 'chuggers' ('charity muggers') paid by results—i.e. getting bank details and signing people up. These people are, like most of the populace, distressingly low on knowledge. There must be people of the 'Christian' type, aiming to do good work, as directed by others, for payment.

      Does Greenpeace Consider Serious Issues? Let's try to take a large and up-to-date overview here.
      Here's a partial list of funded and advertised pressure groups over the last half-century from about 1965 (excluding charities and political party pressure groups): animal rights (for instance the Animal Liberation Front), environmentalism—supposed world issues such as global cooling, warming, ozone (Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace), fathers' rights (e.g. Fathers for Justice), feminism, 'gay' rights (e.g. Outrage), human rights (Amnesty International), nuclear issues (CND), pollution issues, 'Stop the War' groups and things like 'Help for Heroes', world poverty groups such as Oxfam, and actions for young people (UK Uncut is an example).
      It's of course difficult to spot things which aren't there; who can be sure to identify important issues? In particular, as the media generally are Jewish-owned, popular scares can be expected to dominate, and real issues remain unmentioned. Human population growth is a good example: can it really be true that black Africans will make half of all people by 2100? What about food, water, raw materials, housing, energy, wars? What about democracy? As far as I know, the populist groups have contributed nothing to understanding these issues. For example, the UN, the World Bank, the EU, the US are in practice completely removed from popular pressure. They are all operated by groups behind the scenes, notably of course Jews. And examining the examples listed above, Halal and Jewish slaughter remain; ALF completely failed. Abortion, and Jewish organ traffic, are more or less unchallenged. The climate change groups are all funded by vested interests, and are clearly fraudulent. Fathers for Justice and other such groups have got nowhere, and there is a complete absence of examination of legal systems and their institutional corruption. Amnesty has done nothing about victims of the wars of the last fifty years. World poverty is unchanged; people donate, and nothing happens. There is fluoride in drinking water, most people having no idea of the implications. Almost nobody has insight into world food and its control. Greenpeace's name has no direct mention of science, but clearly greenness and peace need appreciation of science and technology. An absolutely crucial part of the puzzle is the nuclear issue; this site campaigns on the basis that nuclear weapons, starting with Hiroshima, are a propaganda fake, but Greenpeace has done no research, and put no effort, into this topic.
      Greenpeace does not mention the central importantance of paper money, as controlled by the Fed, but also by central banks around the world. They do not mention immense Jewish frauds, such as the propaganda push for their mass killings in the Soviet Union, and the propaganda push for war with Germany. Or subsequent Jewish wars. I am told Greenpeace will not touch the human population issue. They do not mention such groups as Migration Watch, which is worried because of the huge constantly growing populations of low intelligence groups in much of the world. They do not mention websites such as iamanenglishman.com in the UK on immigrant crime rates—surely an aspect of 'peace'.
      Greenpeace has no serious educational function. It will not report on such authors as Grayling, Niall Ferguson, Richard Dawkins and the 'skeptics' who never mention science corruption. They do not educate people on thousands of explicitly racist and tribal groups which are officially encouraged—Mexicans, Bengalis, Chinese, Indians, Jews, Nigerians, Pakistanis, Somalis, Turks—who get huge sums of public money.

      My handy desktop searcher allows me to survey typical bits and pieces connected to Greenpeace's history. Here's my chronology:–
1942 Oxfam founded; note the link with Oxford, which to this day maintains a façade of intellectual honesty and social concern. Possibly the model of new 'post-war' charities, run as lucrative PR businesses.
1968 The Special Operations Squad was formed in 1968, under the Labour government of Harold Wilson, by the Metropolitan Police Special Branch specifically to infiltrate the anti-war movements of the period. The unit was quickly expanded and in 1972 was renamed the Special Demonstrations Squad (SDS). Throughout its existence, until 2008, the unit was intended to be entirely secretive and committed to "long-term covert deployments" [This is from Jewish organ 'Lobster' in Britain]
1965 Cathy Come Home BBC TV summer. Ken Loach ('lucky enough to own a manor house in Wiltshire') play. With actors pretending to have working class voices. Draws attention in innumerate way to housing shortage, despite post-WW2 'welfare state'. Part of a trend to never mention immigration, or population.
1971 Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace 'started 1971, now 40 offices' 2007 TV Greenpeace founder (Patrick Moore - no apparent relation to the astronomer) shown as saying that by Thatcher most people agreed with them; so where else could they go except be more extreme?
1978 Dr Helen Caldicott's Nuclear Madness includes pictograms on 1972 'nuclear threats', of the same type as Greenpeace's books. E.g. uranium tailings, radioactive waste burial grounds, nuclear industries, reactors and military and research reactors. Most of this must be fraudulent.
1985 Greenpeace claims of phone tapping in Jewish-controlled Guardian. Probably to make Greenpeace seem a serious campaigning group.
1985, July 10: Greenpeace's Rainbow Warrior sabotaged by a bomb by two French agents in Auckland Harbour, before Mururoa Atoll trip. At least, that's the story. Lobster and Private Eye had various conspiracy theories, but the truth probably is that Greenpeace was awarded credibility as a serious activist organisation by the Jewish media. The fake of nukes was buttressed at the same time.
1986 Vanunu fake announcement to insert the idea that Israel had nuclear weapons. Jewish Sunday Times 'scoop'.
1986 26 April: Chernobyl. Described by 'scientific journalists' in the Jewish-controlled Sunday Observer as 'The Worst Accident in the World'.
1987 Greenpeace Report on Chernobyl in the UK.
1987 Richard Deacon's 'The Truth Twisters' published, a typical don't-mention-Jews book. 'Russian propaganda has found its way into British schools. ... Christianity has in recent years been distorted into a "front organisation" for international communism [read: Jews] . .... Friends of the Earth draws support from known communist sources......the anti-nuclear lobby is not so much genuinely won over to the ecological cause as it is politically motivated and Soviet oriented. ... Greenpeace would give the Russians [read: jews in the USSR] excellent opportunities for studying French nuclear technology once they had penetrated the movement and gained access to some of their ships....'.
1988 'Ban the Burn' slogan against incinerator disposal of e.g. PCBs, with marches in proposed sites for incinerators. In ten years' time, this campaign was dropped.
1989 Greenpeace leaflet enclosed in TV publications called 'something's happening'. Based in Islington, London. Presumably for money-raising; or perhaps just publicity; or to elbow out serious commentators.
1989 The Greenpeace Book of the Nuclear Age edited by John May. 'The most comprehensive record of nuclear accidents and radiation incidents ever published. ..' Published by Gollancz, a Jewish propagandist publisher dating from the 1930s. Appendix A, after the 1990 Iraq War, is the 'most complete survey of all the different bombs, missiles, shells, and weapons...' by William M Arkin, Damian Durrant, and Marianne Cherni for Greenpeace. Presumably they simply quoted US official publications.
1989: Greenpeace may lodge objections to illegal discharges from sewage treatment works.
1990 Japanese girl reported to have founded a branch of Greenpeace, which had only 200 members. As is typical of controlled opposition, funding sources and other information (such as her competence) are not reported.
1990: The Elbe is 'Germany's most poisoned river' / Greenpeace sampling water from river Gowy at Shell oil refinery in Cheshire
1990 new scientist French nuclear testing in Mururoa and Fangataufa. France refuses to release information on cancer.. typhoons have spread huge amounts of nuclear waste, including plutonium under asphalt layer which storms tore off. .. unparalleled cynicism.. killing Greenpeace protester by limpet mines attached to Rainbow Warrior in 1985. 160 tests by May 1990
1990 New Scientist on CFCs and similar compounds such as carbon tetrachloride, and ozone layer. Montreal protocol and self-serving scientists of ICI. Written by Jeremy Leggett, director of science at Greenpeace. USA, Soviet Union, and Japan all have large CFC industries. Unfortunately typical of low-grade media 'science'.
1990 Global Warming—The Greenpeace Report, Edited by Jeremy Leggett. Published by Oxford University Press, possibly to appear serious. Sir John Mason (here's his 1995 talk) not indexed.
1991 Jonathon Porritt of Greenpeace: five times more efficient to switch to fluorescent bulbs than nuclear power. Typical comment which does not examine assumptions.
1991, Mon 2 Dec, 8 pm, BBC2: 'Nature. Pressure Point. Greenpeace is an organisation of green crusaders, but are some of its solutions too extreme and as damaging as the problems they are fighting? Producer Mark Fielder'. Typical BBC useless material. Includes shots of marine protests on whales and dolphins: staged stuff with rubber dinghy and people practising; and claims of sea dumping of radioactive waste. Characteristically the BBC employs science illiterates. The expression 'greenwashing' describes the use of public relations. Suggestion is made Greenpeace must keep finding targets, to keep the money coming in, 'now that the battles have been won'.
1991 Hamburg has HQ of Greenpeace - imposing modern 4-storey or so building]. 700,000 members in Germany.
1991 On Iraqi Casualties after Jews got their war, according to Greenpeace, more than 150,000 Iraqis died as a result of the Gulf War and at least 5 million lost their homes or jobs; 5,000 to 15,000 Iraqi civilians were killed in round-the-clock air bombardments; 4,000 to 16,000 died of starvation and disease after the war ended; 10,000 to 30,000 Kurds and other displaced persons expired in refugee camps. I haven't found the source, but, as is typical of Jewish media, the figures taken therefrom cannot be trusted.
1991 FRANCE: Order of Merit awarded to manslaughterer of Greenpeace boat. With a modern Internet-based feel for psyops, the New Zealand incident was probably an aspect of nuclear deception. 1991 USSR 'falls' and Greenpeace does not comment on Jewish 'oligarchs'. Allegations were often made that 'Russians' subsidised for example CND, meaning in truth of course Jews in the USSR/ Russia.
1993 John Gummer, Minister for the Environment, or something, announced THORPE will go ahead. Thermal Oxide Reprocessing Plant. Probably this is to do with uranium; the radiation aspect being a red herring. At this point 'the cutting edge of technology is wind, wave, solar power.." as a new fraud hoves into view, and the exit strategy for the fake nuclear power industry takes shape.
1994 Information provided by people who infiltrated London Greenpeace led to the serving of libel writs on five Greenpeace members who distributed leaflets, leading to the McDonalds libel trial. This began on 28th June 1994 against Steel and Morris. McSpotlight.org website went up April 1997. I could never decide if this morphed into publicity for McDonald's; it may have.
1995 Typical BBC Radio Woman's Hour (light stuff aimed at women) hosted a Greenpeace woman on dioxins, and the chlorine industry which she imagines started in about 1945. Interesting multiple scares, as far as I know never properly investigated. There was a supposed link with low sperm counts, possibly related to the use of new computerised microscope counting techniques. Part of the scare technique is the word 'chemicals'. Oestrogen-like compounds in water was or is another scare, possibly related to chemical identification on enormously improved sensitivity.
1995 Socialist Workers Party, a Jewish front, has one week of meetings at London University Union building, including a Greenpeace talk.
1997 Dick van Steenis: says Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth are not interested in small particles in the air caused by orimulsion burning, and connection with e.g. asthma and cancer.
2001 Lobster, a Jewish dupe outfit, has curious press reports that both Shell and BP used ex-MI6 and a former German agent to 'infiltrate' Greenpeace
2001 Greenpeace UK did nothing I could find on organophosphates, BSE, foot and mouth—or of course the related political issues surrounding Jewish money and control of meat in Europe and the USA.
2001 Sept 11. Even in 2015, nearly fifteen years later, the Greenpeace website has nothing except trivia on '9/11', an obviously Jewish inside job.
2003 With the spread of Internet (started in, say, 1995) Foundations, Groups, 'Trusts', 'Initiatives', 'Centers' start to get more widely known, the 'Bilderberg Group' being possibly the best known. Here's a typical list from Lobster: Ian Hargreaves ... Formerly Deputy Editor of Stevenson's Financial Times and the Independent (with Martin Jacques). Oversees UnLtd, Ashoka, CAN and other Mezzanine 'charities' (below). Attended the Ditchley Foundation on 7 November 1998, writes for Prospect and is involved in the IPPR. Recently appointed (post 9/11) to British Airports Authority.
    A member of the Centre for European Reform (CER), a lobby group associated with the American Enterprise Initiative and Atlantic Council. CER's board includes Carl Bildt (International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) which has Bruce Jackson of the Project for the New American Century), Antonio Borges (Atlantic Council), Nick Butler (BP), Lord Dahrendorf (St. Antony's College and Ditchley with ties to MI6 and CCF) , Lord Hannay (Ambassador to UN and EU), Lord Haskins (Northern Foods, Demos), Catherine Kelleher (US Naval War College), John Monks (TUC), Dame Pauline Neville-Jones (Career Diplomat, QinetiQ, which, with the Carlyle Group runs the UK's secret military laboratories; former chair of the Joint Intelligence Committee, Political Director FCO, IISS, Harkness Fellow, Governor Ditchley Foundation and BBC), Adair Turner (Forward Strategy Unit) (38) and Baroness Smith, wife of the late Labour leader, at the time a director of the Hakluyt Foundation, the intelligence firm connected to MI6, who spied on environmental groups for oil companies including BP. Smith is an advisor for BP Scotland. Hargreaves is on the board of Greenpeace and Hakluyt spied on Greenpeace. BP are well represented on CER's board. Shell fund. Demos [a public opinion group]. BP's Andrew Mackenzie is Demos' Treasurer. Hakluyt also spied on Demos' Anita Roddick's Body Shop.

2006 Whaler rams Greenpeace protest ship
2006 Anthony Browne's book on political correctness mentions the more or less fraudulent damaging organisations in the UK and USA - Southern Poverty Law Centre, Amnesty, Index on Censorship which not campaigns against free speech, Greenpeace which won't touch the population issue, the National Lottery. And the outrageous double standards of Asian and other race-based groups in the UK.
2006 Greenpeace Nederlands investigates dumping of poisonous waste in the Ivory Coast.
2008 ' ... current membership of Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth and other related groups is far in excess of that of conventional political parties...'
2008 BP the first Greenpeace Emerald Paintbrush award for the best impersonation of an environmentally friendly company. (Weapons companies, chemical warfare companies etc seem not to get such awards).
2008 Protestors Handbook (author stated to be Bibi van der Zee; published by Guardian, Jewish paper) has e.g. an account of the early days of Greenpeace and 'beautiful, intelligent, liberated.. etc females'.
2009 Typical comment. Meanwhile, as scepticism grows and recession bites, ecological sanctimony recedes amongst ordinary people. Vast tomes of expensive and unnecessary regulation have been drafted because of a 'problem' that does not exist. Vested interests promote 'global warming' to excuse greater taxation, regulation and international forums of governance and control. Energy companies and investors stand to gain handsomely from scams such as carbon trading. Charitable bodies like Greenpeace depend for their funding on public anxiety, on international 'consensus' articulated by such bodies as the EU Commission while environmental correspondents and advisors constantly exaggerate the threat to justify their salaries.
2010 Britain: Greenpeace held a political hustings in Oxford Town Hall. The event, which was co-sponsored by a number of other environmental and development NGOs such as Oxfam, Christian Aid, the Green Alliance and People and Planet, was entitled, "Ask the Climate Question". It was attended by approximately 180 people

Bindmans advice for money [Above] Bindmans flyer for rioters. Review of Cherie Blair's autobiography; she set up Matrix Chambers to promote publically-funded aid for jewish immigration policies.
Other examples: Zoe Gardner ... the TV face of a taxpayer funded outfit called Asylum Aid. ... generous with her opinion that Britain should be taking in far more asylum seekers. ... Her charity is basically a front operation for lawyers who can charge the taxpayer vast sums for defending migrant deportations and for arranging housing, further education etc. ... Migrant Help Dover offers help with housing, education and employment. Calais Migrant Solidarity has its own permanent offices at the Calais encampment and openly assists bogus asylum claimants. [NB OccidentalObserver has the information slightly wrong: the money comes out of Jewish loans to the Jewish-run government, at present of Cameron; the huge amounts cannot be funded from taxation, but instead are stored as debt for the future]
2011 Job advert. (Left). Bindman in operation (right).
Bindmans is renowned for its work in defending free speech and the right of protest by representing individuals and groups who are arrested and prosecuted for public order offences following demonstrations.
    From the Tottenham and the Brixton riots, through the poll tax demonstrations to the more recent Greenpeace and environmental protests, we have always delivered a top class service to those accused. You will have seen our involvement in the Ratcliffe Power Station prosecutions in January (where the undercover police officer "Mark Kennedy" was revealed) together with our work in the G20 demonstrations and many other high profile cases.
    As a result of the upsurge in recent demonstrations and police tactics, our criminal department is in need of additional assistance.

2011 "That renewable energy combined with efficiency can replace coal and nuclear is not only a majority popular belief, but a fact supported by a growing number of authoritative reports," commented Jan Beranek, who leads the energy team in Greenpeace International. "... opposition to building new reactors has risen markedly ... In Germany it is up from 73% in 2005 to 90% now - which is reflected in the government's recent decision to close its nuclear programme. ... it also rose in pro-nuclear France (66% to 83%) and Russia (61% to 83%). Fukushima-stricken Japan, however, registered the much more modest rise of 76% to 84%. In the UK, support for building new reactors has risen from 33% to 37%. It is unchanged in the US, and also high in China and Pakistan, which all poll around the 40% mark." Robin Oakley, 'Greenpeace UK's campaigns director' said much the same. Sceptics will doubt whether public opinion has any connection with the decision.
2011 report by Greenpeace on the topic of energy efficiency of companies engaged in "cloud computing". Since the only effective source of electricity is coal, Apple and so on are sitting ducks. Apple, the most valuable company in history by stock price, is also one of the world's major contributors to "e-waste," or discarded electronic devices. As far as I could see, Greenpeace has no idea of the disposal methods (if any) of unwanted devices.

Greenpeace: just another phoney. Back to Top of This Page ]

CensorBugBear.org unfortunately appears to be yet another Jewish front. It starts with appeals for money, but commonsense suggests, in view of Jewish domination of worthless money, that the implied suggestion they are short of cash is false.
    It has a subsite, https://www.censorbugbear.org/farmitracker/ on South Africa, though most of the copy is concerned to minimise/not mention Jews and their history in South Africa. Probably atrocities are under-reported, both of whites, and of blacks on the wrong side of other blacks. The phrase 'hatecrimes against SA minorities' is one giveaway. At present there are articles there pretending there was genocide against Jews, and not mentioning American genocides supported by Jews, as in for example Vietnam, Iraq and so on, and without the slightest pretence of punishment. Ditto with the USSR when Russia was under Jews. I'd advise readers not to take censorbugbear and its subsites seriously, if you want truth. They are clearly following the Jewish agenda. In particular, actions against whites are not correctly situated as Jewish policy. Back to Top of This Page ]

Index on Censorship is a long-standing fraud; I remember in my naive days expecting them to comment on war crimes in the Vietnam War, and being surprised they didn't. A current edition includes material by Grayling (see my unflattering review of his tenth-rate book), and Harold Evans, a probably more-or-less forgotten editor of some Jewish rubbish. These people are filth: don't even consider donating to this outfit which has done nothing about any serious issue of free speech. I've just noticed Al Murray, a comedian, is claimed as a supporter; what a moron. Oh, and Michael Palin. My best guess is this organisation opposes any groups in poor countries that are in the right: they want them not to be able to keep secrets, while scum like these tell lies about war crimes, Jewish money, the 9/11 fraud, the Holohoax and so on. To amuse myself I searched their site for Palestine, and was amused by The Freedom Theatre in Jenin's refugee camp came under attack by the the Israel Defence Force. To amuse myself more, I searched for 'Holocaust' and found e.g. Holocaust Imagery and its Place in Politics in place of an impassioned plea for free speech. It's probably unreasonable to expect these vacuous people to even be aware of science frauds, despite their importance; they are after all rented windbags, with all the gravitas of elderly prostitutes. Probably it's an adjunct to the CIA, and wants people to give up their secrecy, while of course keeping their own. Most of their award-winners are puppet third worlders; none as far as I could see address issues of debt, Jewish money, wars etc. I've just noticed one of their sponsors is the Guardian! The chairman of their 'Board of Trustees' is David Aaronovitch.

I found an American site including Forbidden Bookshelf but it's a minor site.
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middleeastmonitor.com is a curious site which seems to allow mild criticism of Israel, while never delving into the money aspects, notably paper money lending at interest, and paper money as directed to Jews for their own agenda around the world. It's also free of nuclear knowledge. It seems to be aimed at people who believe that (e.g.) Jeremy Corbyn and 'Gerry' Adams are serious politicians. Back to Top of This Page ]

Nexus Magazine appears to be based in Australia and is a fairly full-on publication of semi- and quasi-scientific material. I'd guess there are serious people—concerned with e.g. vaccination, fluoridation, was—who may be allowed to publish. However, this is nothing about Jews. The distributor in Britain is Marcus Allen (one of my youtubes shows him discussing NASA's fake 'moon landings') but, disappointingly, this seems to be the sole serious topic of this ex-photographer. Nexus is claimed to be edited, and owned by, Duncan Roads, in Australia, but there's little online information about him to be found, in my cursory look. Back to Top of This Page ]

Stack Exchange   at first sight looks like a fascinating intellectual site, essentially with questions (sorted by topic) which have answers posted to them, ideally by experts. Alexa rates this as about #300 in the entire world. I'd guess much of this rating is based on computer games rather than serious stuff. The site is subdivided; thus for example english.stackexchange, worldbuilding.stackexchange, mathematica.stackexchange look at English words and expressions, historical puzzles, and advanced math, respectively. The subdivisions seem to be auto-generated, rather than pre-planned; the whole thing is a bit vague at the edges. I could see no ads. The site is somewhat like a 'Wikipedia' for questions and answers. It reflects the painful weakness of current US academia: there's a bias towards things like computer games, computer programming, puzzles, academic careers and how to get them, and incuriosity about anything un-PC, or difficult and unanswered: the next generation of thoughtless narrow lightweight techies. I tried them on brainwashing as an aside to US atrocities in Korea; mathematical induction; a simple linguistic thing; a question where the poster assumed a country at war is completely unified, without considering the way Jewish finance has evolved. And a few other things, such as determinism and 'freewill'. Like Wikipedia, Stack Exchange seems to have a permanent squad of censors. Sad and disappointing. I'd guess funded by some Jewish trust, think tank, phoney academic organisation. Back to Top of This Page ]

reddit is a US site aimed at the vast majority of not very educated Americans, the victims of generations of Jewish media brainwashing. Sad stuff but I won't say anything more than note it here. ...

Well, here's a post from IsThisBrainOn
Like Your Info On Einstein, Marx and Engels ... Hey, are you still around and commenting on Zion and the like?

I only became Jew-aware in the Spring of '14, but what a ride it's been, and still is. Like putting on the "Roddy Piper" glasses in "They Live." Just incredible.

My dad, who, because of me, is also beginning to become aware, asked me what was the main thing that I had learned about the Jews and Zionism since '14. I responded, with the first words that came to mind: lies, plunder, and murder. I would could add many more, but cancer would be chief amongst them.

Anyways, sounds like you have your head together, and so I just wanted to drop you a line and say hello. If so inclined, drop me a line back. An American citizen, not US subject.

--- Hello. IsThisBrainOn. I can't reply because the infantile masturbators at reddit have 'banned me from posting'. Apologies. Maybe they'll die of cancer?
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May as well add the fake 'Skeptics' movement. Here's a piece on James Randi's JREF 'Foundation' of a few years back. I just noticed a Youtube on Richard Dawkins being excluded from a meeting of a US outfit called 'Northeast [i.e. New York, USA] Conference on Science and Skepticism'. The list of speakers and organizers is a sort of parodic list of lightweight Jew liars. Dawkins seems to have been re-invited: come on, Richard, talk to them about Jewish mass murders and frauds, 9/11, and the Holohoax fraud. As part of a discussion on subspecies evolution. Go on! I dare you. Put it on your site.

Another fake, set up at the start of December 2015, probably to do with anti-Trump material, is MediaBiasFactCheck. It does have a handy list of sites, most of which though are obviously suspect; possibly the site is simply to direct people in doubt about the Jewish media to other suspect sites, since they may find a different set of lies that appeals to them. They don't include serious ones like mine—nuke frauds are still evaded. I can't imagine why.

And may as well add unexplained-mysteries.com which claims about 13 staff! These seem to be moderators. Sites like these are filters: Jews promote many frauds (9/11, pretence there are no human races, 'Holocaust', nuclear scares of many types, religious frauds, medical frauds ad nauseam). But Jews are attacked for these and other frauds. So the moderators' job is to deflect serious people from the latter, but keep the former frauds potboiling away. I don't know whether anyone takes these things seriously—they must have quite a number of repeat visitors. I only know of them because my short piece on Gobekli Tepe was mentioned somewhere, their replies being typical Jew gatekeeper evasive childishness. The problem is of course that serious enquirers can see such sites are not sincere, without, probably, understanding why. So they go away.

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TED or TEDx is a strange outfit, like a Youtube version of the Reader's Digest or perhaps Economist or National Enquirer, aimed I'd guess at simple whites, while trying to trawl for black 'talent' to propagandise for Jews, on Internet. Not surprisingly, it isn't very successful. It claims to have existed for more than thirty years. One of its routine hacks, probably put in to make pretence at some sort of distinction, appears to be E. O. Wilson, who wrote 'Human Nature' years ago (click for review; long file) and demonstrates exactly what's wrong with 'TED' or 'TEDx'. The people running it are presumably the same type as James Randi, the so-called 'skeptics', and Richard Dawkins: they specialise in not looking at Jews and their disgusting habits. Their mission statement is TED began in 1984 as a conference where Technology, Entertainment and Design converged, and today covers almost all topics - from science to business to global issues - in more than 100 languages. Although this could not have been planned, they have presence on Youtube, which on average is appropriate to their lightweight material, and of course allows trainee Jewish puppets to try to hone their skills; let's hope they learn something—there are painful attempts at mind trickery, religious insights, simple psychology. Here's a list of the first twelve speakers ('Whether ... at an official TED conference, at one of thousands of local, independently organized TEDx events, or on another stage altogether') on 'global issues'; note the lack of competence of all of them:
    Ellen 't Hoen: Medicine law expert / Chris Abani: Novelist, poet / Jose Antonio Abreu: Maestro / Newton Aduaka: Filmmaker / Shai Agassi: Green auto pioneer / Mustafa Akyol: Journalist / Naif Al-Mutawa: Creator, The 99 / Nadia Al-Sakkaf: Journalist / Manal al-Sharif: Women's rights activist / Zeresenay Alemseged: Paleoanthropologist / Anas Aremeyaw Anas: Undercover journalist / Chris Anderson: TED Curator.
    There seems to have been a Bilderberg-style series of 'beauty contests', trying to pick a formidable array of talent, with black-and-white actor-casting photos to help decisions, but ending up with an entertainment version of failures a bit like Blair and Obama, or Ken Livingstone and Galloway, or the Dimblebys, but even worse.
    Typical video titles are 'Owning your duality', presumably aimed at 'cultures' like Islam, 'How dressing in drag made me uncover myself' (ditto), 'The wonderful and terrifying implications of computers that learn' (part of pseudo-science, aimed at uncritical young people; 'Breaking barriers with quantum physics by Dr. Shohini Ghose' amused me as a title), music performances treated as talks, various magicians doing their simple tricks, How to write a novel in under 20 minutes, and of course political material smuggled in: a piece on ISIS for example saying nothing on weapons funding by Jews. There is of course nothing on Jews and paper money, Jews and the Fed, mass murders by Jews in Russia after the coup, and so on. I do hope people watching these things can learn to discern the propaganda behind them. Given some knowledge, it's not that difficult.
    Janine Wedel's 2010 TEDx video on 'Shadow Elites' is a very good example of a serious topic, including how Jewish networking operates in practice. But without being very clear, notably about money, or the roots of Jewish pathologies, or military power as in, for example, bases. She gives the impression that organisations, complete with acronyms, are of great importance, rather than looking at the vast paper money operations, false flags like 9/11, military manufacturing and shipping, illegal bypassing of the US constitution etc.

    Some of us have fond memories of serious popularisers of science, history, travel; TED's videos are a painful reminder that talent cannot be brought into being by waving paper money.

    [I just found another junk site, metabunk.org; it's a forum, quite an amusing site in the way absolutely anything intelligent is censored, and links removed. It's low-level, and unambitious, in the sense it pretends to give truthful information to questioners. Probably targeted at timid types with little science. It doesn't add anything to the general analysis of joff sites.]
    Another junk joff site is www.gatestoneinstitute.org which, unlike the forum style of site, mimics serious news sources, in the way Jews copy serious sources: the trick, as with modern art galleries trying to promote Jew junk, is to appear serious, in a biological mimicry sense: 'Gatestone Institute - International Policy Council' illustrates. It's another typical Jewish joff site, aimed mostly at white Europe and Arabs, perhaps worth a look if you wish to hone your skills in identifying junk. Try searching the site with its own searcher for nuclear, holocaust, jews, Liberty, 9/11, Pearl Harbor and all the rest of the Jewish lies that have so far come to light.
    A Jew-concealment site, posing as investigative, is GnosticMedia.com reminiscent of Alex Jones' creepy style. I've just read a few articles, including one on things like 'MKUltra' and drugs, which rehashes stuff already known, but never mentions Jews. Maybe it's worth a look, though I doubt it.

    An outfit new to me is Singularity University which shows on Google maps when looking at the Mountain View/ Cupertino/ Sunnyvale areas of San Jose. Its name, and slogans about 'exponential futures'—whilst surrounded by NASA and other failed myths, suggest to me association with Jewish physics and technology frauds. It seems to be a shell structure, nominally staffed by the usual mixture of clever people, Jew overseers, and obsessees, though I haven't bothered to investigate the reality behind the monochrome mugshots.
    [Added 6 June 2017: 'London Bridge Hoax' Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNkAdECGZV0 mentions TED in passing, on Crisis Acting and 'Intelligence' agencies]
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The Henry George Foundation. Here's J K Galbraith in The Affluent Society: '... Labour and capital increased in productivity; the land supply remained constant in quality and amount. Rents, as a result, increased more than proportionately and made the landlords the undeserving beneficiaries of advance. The anticipation of rent increases and attendant speculation in land values was also the cause of depression. ... if a tax [called 'single tax'] were imposed equal to the annual use value of real property ex its improvements, so that it would now have no net earnings and hence no capital value - progress could be orderly and its fruits would be equitably shared. ... ' Henry George, an American, wrote Progress and Poverty (published in 1897, which was also his year of death). H G Wells bought 'a sixpenny paper-covered edition'. Henry George is one of those hard-to-classify authors, like Swedenborg, William Blake, Francis Bacon and Giordano Bruno, who attract nuclei of believers. This foundation seems to have had a number of changes of address, but continues its work. It has some online material, including its magazine Land & liberty, and titles in its library.
    I found an online letter dated 1891 to Pope Leo XIII, on Rerum Novarum (i.e. 'New Things') including: 'We hold: That-- This world is the creation of God. The men brought into it for the brief period of their earthly lives are the equal creatures of his bounty, the equal subjects of his provident care. ... God has not put on man the task of making bricks without straw. With the need for labour and the power to labour he has also given to man the material for labour. This material is land—man physically being a land animal, who can live only on and from land, and can use other elements, such as air, sunshine and water, only by the use of land. Being the equal creatures of the Creator, equally entitled under his providence to live their lives and satisfy their needs, men are equally entitled to the use of land, and any adjustment that denies this equal use of land is morally wrong. ...' As an experiment, I found their site searcher, and, of course, found nothing on Jews. And in Henry George's lifetime Lincoln, greenbacks, and the US 'Civil War' were living memories. No wonder the foundation has been allowed to plod on. Back to Top of This Page ]

Tony Gosling on Bilderberg (in Watford, 2013). He is Jew-unaware and nuke naive.
indymedia.org.uk indymedia (Seems to be Tony Gosling's site. He was 'trained by the BBC' and is a long-term Internet poster, starting I think in Bristol, with carefully-researched info on Bilderbergers. He's an unreconstructed 'Anarchist' who hates 'racism'. Completely Jew unaware and nuclear naive.)
    Other sites of his are bilderberg.org, a long-established website with style established in the early days of HTML. Quite a bit of trivia on books, films etc. Biog info; seems to be a Christian of rather Biblical type, not (say) fan of the C of E. But I couldn't find much on the Bilderbergers.
    public-interest.co.uk Tony Gosling's website. (I presume it's the same Tony Gosling). He likes Tony Benn and Seumas Milne (audio of each of these is on this site) - Gosling is ludicrously Jew-naive and if I read his info correctly may be married to a Jew from Germany. I doubt he's a crypto-Jew; but of course he may be funded secretly, and his 9/11 stuff adds to the chance he's just a planted disinformant, which of course Bilderbergers will want. I may unfair here, though
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http://www.wildheretic.com has no mention of Jews or their paper/ e-money scams. (I used their search function to check). This site seems to be one of the many 'alternative' sites designed to take attention away from huge frauds - in this case, NASA - by exploring obviously wrong theories, mostly trawled from the past, such as flat or hollow earth ideas. Possibly they use Martin Gardner's Fads and Fallacies in the Name of Science as a source for these; there are whole chapters with names of many authors, each with verbal and diagrammatic vapour trails. The main point is to avoid tracing the money and tracing the fraud entrepreneurs. Back to Top of This Page ]

The art establishment can only be understood with an eye on Jewish promotional media campaigns. There's some suggestive material on Miles W Mathis's website Back to Top of This Page ]

Prof Jordan Peterson, Toronto University, Canada, psychology department seems to be under grooming as a fake activist intellectual. He claims to have helped many people under appalling stresses—such as losing jobs, not (of course) being bombed or raped or a Palestinian. His supposed activism is related to the ridiculous proliferation of supposed sexual types. The reality is he is a Jew avoider, and may well think he's a Jew himself, judging from various signs, including the simple fact he's at Toronto. He has no knowledge of science, and quotes the line that scientists purely search for truth. He "fully equates Marxism with Nazism", taking on all the Jewish lies on the Holohoax, Nanking fraud, etc. He is reduced to saying that Nietzsche is a deep and great writer, with great density in his books, but cannot explain what Nietzsche said. Recycling old writers is quite common with such people, as they are known to have once been widely-quoted, and the only effort needed is a few trips to the library: he sounds a bit like R D Laing. He knows nothing about 9/11 and other modern Jewish frauds. He thinks the "full spectrum of political beliefs" runs from "conservatism to liberalism." Just someone to watch; My impression was he's posing as radical to get into the 'Alt-Right', an expression allegedly first used in 2008 by a Jew, Paul Gottfried, like that hair-dyed JewGreek homosexual. If you're interested, watch his videos; scripted?
    On the subject of the 'alt-right', a US coining which deliberately pretends that race concerns are 'right wing', I was interested to see that Peterson turned down a polite request for an online talk with 'Millennial Woes', possibly on the ground that Peterson is successful, and Millennial Woes isn't. My best guess is that Peterson is Jew-aware, or thinks he's Jewish, but keeps very quiet about his Jew knowledge; whereas 'Millennial Woes' seems to be totally unaware of Jewish issues—a precarious position for anyone concerned with forced nonwhite invasion into white, or once-white, countries. 'Millennial Woes' as a new (in late 2017) series of interviews with alt-right people, but only rather obscure ones. He may of course be a crypto-Jew himself, perhaps trying to change the views of his network mates. Or he may be anxious to preserve his income from Youtube, which of course would be at risk if he discussed Jews. Back to Top of This Page ]

I was amazed to notice a site called Practical Ethics - Ethics in the News, apparently part of the philosophy department in Oxford University, England, is listed by Alexa as about #5,000 in the entire world. JADAR rating Jew aware sites Their comments policy says among other things We will not tolerate racism, sexism, homophobia or other forms of hate-speech. I was amused at some of their materials; I've noticed many times that people with philosophy degrees (see e.g. Ranb, a troll, who claims to be 'a philosopher') understandably often have little knowledge of any other subject. So they assume that (for example) 'smart drugs' exist. However the point here of course is that they presumably will not discuss Jews, Jewish paper money, Jewish lies, Jewish frauds. Or Jewish paper money and the funding of worthless university departments. They claim to offer ... daily ethical analysis of news events written by authors drawn from students and researchers in four centres based at the Philosophy Faculty, University of Oxford, and from our visitors. For what it's worth, here's the URL: http://blog.practicalethics.ox.ac.uk Back to Top of This Page ]

MEMRI is one of many video news sites, usually on Youtube. Sick of Jewish 'western' media, many people turned with some excitement to Russian, Arabic, and other news sources. They soon found they have the same ownership. A good example is MEMRI ('Middle East' something - 'Middle East Media Research Institute'? Something like that. I quote from Lawrence Swaim via newnationalist.net:

MEMRI was founded in 1998 by Yigal Carmon, a former colonel in the Israel Defense Forces' (IDF) Intelligence Branch. From 1968 until 1988, Carmon was acting head of civil administration in the West Bank. The co-founder is Israeli-born Meyrav Wurmser, an extreme right-wing neocon now affiliated with the Hudson Institute. Meyrav is married to David Wurmser, at one time an American Enterprise Institute "scholar" and then a State Department apparatchik under John Bolton.
    Both participated in the collective writing of "A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm," a 1996 neocon document that advocated an end to negotiations with the Palestinians and permanent war against the Arab world. They also worked with 9/11 criminals Douglas Feith, Elliot Abrams, Richard Perle and other right-wing ideologues who promoted and embellished the fiction that Saddam Hussein was behind 9/11 and weapons of mass destruction. Other criminals advising MEMRI include Donald Rumsfield, Keith Alexander and John Ashcroft.
    It translates film and print into English, German, Hebrew, Italian, French, Spanish and Japanese and solicits donations. Besides Carmon, several MEMRI staffers are former Israeli intelligence specialists. Especially troubling are suspected links between MEMRI and the current Israeli intelligence establishment.
    According to a 2005 article in Israel's Ha'aretz, the Israeli Defense Forces plants fake stories in the Arab media, which it then translates and tries to retail to Israeli journalists. Is MEMRI simply an extension of IDF operations? The questions raised by the Ha'aretz story caused Professor Juan Cole to write, "How much of what we 'know' from 'Arab sources' about 'Hizbullah terrorism' was simply made up by this fantasy factory in Tel Aviv?"
The truth may be more complex; I see a Guardian (Jewish front) journalist complained about it, as did Ken Livingstone, suggesting some oddities; maybe there are disputes in the Jew 'intelligence' 'communities'. Back to Top of This Page ]

Rebel Media is a Youtube site (I think Canadian) with many serious-seeming short videos, which appear to be addressing serious issues, but seems to be part of the exit strategy from the obviously fake 'refugee' (i.e. invader) policy of Jews such as Merkel, Cameron, Obama, Soros and so on ad nauseam. Jews have the policy of destroying any white and anything good - they are fanatics. This is why the paper money and e-money that they control hand out money to Jewish frauds, including fake campaigners who support alien invasions into white countries. None of this is mentioned in their hack pieces on current 'migration' policy. Another amusing piece by 'Professor John Robson' discusses Standard Oil, US Steel etc. What he doesn't say is that Jews were put in control of the Federal Reserve in 1913. They have a monopoly over all money apart from odd caches of gold etc. And this applies in most of the world. Jews benefit from wars, and from government borrowing. The moronic 'historian' with his childish worldview is just another hack. No surprise to find an 'Ezra Levant' doing video pieces; no surprise to find anti-Islam pieces, but nothing on Jews; no surprise to find a Pat Condell type, who appears to be Gavin McInnes, who calls Ezra 'the boss', dilating on absurdities but never explaining the Jewish promotion. Back to Top of This Page ]

Red Ice Radio might (I thought) do serious talks and interviews online. But it's easy enough to see they don't, though they did attempt to talk to Kevin MacDonald. Just more junk. A recent video has Tim Murdock of 'White Rabbit Radio' and again there's minimal reference to Jews, despite their role in promoting mass immigration and 'diversity' in white countries.Back to Top of This Page ]

Just to be confusing, Radio3Fourteen hosted by Lana Lokteff seems very good and of course Jew-aware. 'Hosted' doesn't seem to mean 'run by', as her web broadcasts appear to be hosted on redice radio. Back to Top of This Page ]

StopIranWar.com by or run by Wesley Clark. Lots on Iran, nuclear war, Iraq War (Clark has a Youtube interview; people like Cheney I think and list of wars in Africa/Middle East, to 'take out' governments). Includes Fidel Castro. Clark seems unaware of Jews wanting to wreck countries, something he ought to know of. He seems unaware of doubts about nuclear weapons—and therefore doubts about supposedly bombing nuclear research—if indeed there is any amounting to more than money-making. Fascinating to try to deconstruct all this: I'd guess Castro (Jew, relative of Batista, rich family etc) is part of Jewish plans for Iran, for example. Clark might also know something about weaponry: someone must know about it, and about paper money presumably paying for it, and the resulting changes, presumably, as in WW2, for what Jews think is their interest. Look at StopIranWar.com, and decide if the site is helpful in any way. Note 15 Apr 2018—just after false flag chemical attack and cruise missiles on Syria, allegedly—it's difficult to find out even what damage may have been done.

The Student | Newspaper claims to be the descendant of a newpaper started by Robert Louis Stevenson, in Edinburgh in the 19th century. It appears to have no controversy—there are no comment sections that I could find. It has zero content of specific interest to students, which perversely makes sense, as it is 100% propaganda: Trident (nuclear fraud), HIV (medical fraud), 'climate change' (multiple fraud including money-making), nothing on Jews (paper money fraud, 9/11 fraud, money from governmental loans at face value fraud). I found this site when looking to see what influence the Internet has had on university 'newspapers': they were paper items years ago—Leicester had one called Ripple, though I don't think they ever revealed their policies, the sheets they worked from, money, and all the rest. It's sad to see this trash; let's hope intellectual revisionist activism will expand, at least to the level that none of the sheep will graze on such toilet paper; and with luck to higher points of serious debate and genuine enquiry. Back to Top of This Page ]

Gnostic Media is another online 'radio' podcast show which resolutely fails to mention Jewish links. It resembles Red Ice in including stuff which some people worry about, such as 'mind control' considered without information control and propaganda. Back to Top of This Page ]

Metafilter is claimed to have about 12,000 members. I only heard of it when looking at a link which came to www.nukelies.org (my site). Alexa places it at about #1000 in the entire United States! Alexa rating Surely that's not credible? It reminds me slightly of Mensa, with a similar blandness and conventional list of acceptable topics taken exclusively from the mass media, Jew supremacist assumption, and with in-jokes, a typical American parochialism, and other characteristics, perhaps not worth analysing. Back to Top of This Page ]

The British National Party website (bnp.org.uk) after the May 2014 elections (two types: for MEPs, Members of the European Parliament - proportional system; and local elections - for local councils, first past the post). The BNP had two MEPs five years earlier. Its vote dropped to something like a quarter of its previous amount. In 2007, 'neocons' offered money to the BNP (see video of Griffin) on condition they [1] only criticized Islam, not Jews; [2] Did not criticize banks. And he said 'Policy Exchange', 'Centre for Policy Studies', 'Nothing British' website, the EDL, the 'British Freedom Party' were funded by 'Zionist Jews'. Unfortunately Nick Griffin waited 5 or 6 years to announce this. And their site had then, and still has, nothing much on Jews.
      In view of the corrupting effect of Jews on Britain—the financial system, the media, politics and everything else including education and immigration—the BNP has to be considered a disaster; it never grasped the nettle of discussion of Jewish influence. This seems unlikely to change: their website even now never discusses the issues. In view of the time elapsed, it must be assumed this is deliberate policy, on the 'controlled opposition' view, rather than what may have been (under Nick Griffin) a careful policy of controlled exposure designed not to shock the electorate (yet). At this time (November 2014) the BNP is supporting a report by Rifkind on the supposed murder of Lee Rigby. It also thinks the French are cowards, and Churchill was a great leader. This suggests the BNP is mutating into something like the 'redtop' junk 'newspapers' of Britain.

• Spearhead was a British magazine, dating from far before Internet; an online source gives July 1964 as the first edition date, edited by John Tyndall and Richard Verrall. No. 80 was dated January 1975, suggesting an attempt at monthly publication. John Tyndall's autobiography, Call for British Rebirth naturally has some information. Spearhead seems to have published National Front information when the National Front was formed, in 1967, up to 1980, when Tyndall was displaced as chairman by Andrew Brons. (Brons appears to be entirely non-Jew-aware). Tyndall's New National Front became the BNP. Tyndall died in 2005, and Spearhead died too. (There's an online statement by Valerie Tyndall to this effect). It may seem odd to include Spearhead as a joff site - the online site Spearhead is an archive 'featuring many articles' from August 199 to July 2005. There are no facsimiles/scans/PDFs. How many have been selected because Jews are not mentioned is not clear, but I noted this is true of articles by Anthony Milne (or 'Anthony Milne'). So possibly the online site is censored; I simply don't know. I've only ever seen a few copies; like many non-Jewish periodicals, it lived a shadowy life, in fear of thuggery and Jewish corruption. Back to Top of This Page ]

Pat Condell has a Youtube video channel; some of his videos have had more than 1 million hits, something which most video makers do not achieve. He seems to have been a stand-up comedian in one of his lives. He has a direct to-the-camera approach with a good attack, but with all the sincerity of a pullovered advertiser taking orders from a client. He dislikes Islam. But (for example) his video Sweden Goes Mad or Sweden Goes Insane (May 2014) does not mention the 'Bonnier' family—see below—who own virtually all the Swedish media, and who systematically ignore Islamic attacks and rapes on Swedish nationals. He seems unaware that it is Jewish policy to promote Muslim and other immigration into parts of Sweden. Condell doesn't even seem to know that Sweden by being neutral in the Second World War, incurred the insane hate of Jewish racists who think everyone should support their psychopathy. Condell's is another Joff site. Whether this is intentional or not, I can't say. However it does make his videos worthless. But you could try commenting: How to insult Condell: Discuss Jewish lies and the 'holocaust'. Then discuss Jewish mass murder in the USSR. Then discuss Jews and Fed and the significance of 1913. Then discuss Jews working ceaselessly to force immigration. Then discuss Jewish media control. Then discuss Jews and 9/11. Then..... Back to Top of This Page ]

The John Birch Society seems to take (I took only a cursory look) what they regard as Christian views, US Constitution support, and anti-'Communism', without very clearly identifying Jews where they are responsible to fraud, wars etc. They don't seem to even have identified the roots of 9/11. Nothing much on the Holohoax, or even the Holocaust. Nothing intelligent on Jew/US aggressive wars, such as Korea and Vietnam. Looks like naive rich Protestants, avoiding discussion of wealth and raw materials, lecturing each other. (Of course, in this case, and the next, there's a possibility that legal threats have blocked serious comment). Back to Top of This Page ]

The Ku Klux Klan seems to have morphed into The Knights Party. I don't know if this organisation is the same as the original 150-year-ish old Klan. (The name includes the ancient Greek for 'wheel' - etymologically related to bicycle!) The site www.kkk.org now points to www.kkk.bz but the site is so un-Jew-aware I wonder if it's not a fake site, funded by paper money from the usual suspects, perhaps intentionally somewhat amateurish. I read (for example) an article on white genocide in the USA, with population and crime and immigration figures, and yet there is no mention of Jewish groups promoting mass alien immigration. I believe there are at least twenty big pro-immigration, anti-white, open-the-borders for countries (apart from Israel) in the USA, all run by Jews. Back to Top of This Page ]

Amnesty International was started by a few probably well-meaning but innocent types, I think in Guildford University, England, in the 1960s. Naturally it was taken over. See below.

NGO Monitor Jew website 'NGO Monitor' Seems to be a Jew-processed site providing 'objective' facts (in the Jewish sense) about various non-Governmental bodies. There's of course plenty of opportunity here for multiple bluffs. I found this site when trying to relocate a site by Jews on the Bertrand Russell Foundation on Palestine (which seemed to have sessions from about 2009 to about 2014). It made a special target of Ronald Kasrils, who of course is part of the Jewish-run South African genocide regime. NGO Monitor is analogous, but mentions Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Palestinian Center for Human Rights, and sites which I presume are Palestinian or masquerade as Palestinian - Adalah, B'tselem, Al Haq, Yesh Din, Badil - they are likely to be false-flag, of course. since Jews never debate with genuine opposition. It includes Jew realism as a target - 'anti-Semitism' is listed as a 'key issue'. It of course denies Jewish involvement in 9/11, and in numerous crimes, including of course mass murder when Russia was the USSR. It complains about abuse of the Holocaust™ - despite their advice to take blame for their own failures! Anyway, nothing subtle. Thought I'd insert it here.
    I've just noticed Miles Mathis's link to a piece by Tony Cartalucci on Amnesty International, quoting www.informationclearinghouse.com: 'AI is a known front for Intelligence, the major banks, and corporate interests in general'. Interesting piece, with interesting comments.

Here's a link to NewObserverOnline Amnesty International's "Syria Report" Made-up Nonsense which claims that that country's government has "exterminated" 13,000 people at one prison, based on ridiculous extrapolations from anonymous claims—and admits that it actually only has a list of 36 executed people. I'd give this credence, based on what appear to be facts about the funding of ISIS (Israel and puppets, including the USA, though this may change soon with Trump). The rise of Internet seems to have had a huge counter-effect; the immediacy of videos, in very many places around the world, may make propaganda-driven wars more difficult at any time since the rise of newspapers. Back to Top of This Page ]

Consortium News .com Is a site supposedly on international law, and supposedly anti-wars. (It is referred to by ukcolumn, run by Gerrish, an early opponent of 'Common Purpose', yet another Jew fraud site). Rather incredibly, it still uses the Nuremberg 'trials' in which Germany was finally crushed, and, equally incredibly, does not draw lessons from the numerous wars since 1945. It does at least recognise the US as a leading warmonger, but is careful not to tease out the Jewish component in the USA, so that all violence can be passed off as 'American': (examples: 'How Many People Has the U.S. Killed in its Post-9/11 Wars?' and no serious crit of John Bolton, if that's his real name; no serious piece on 9/11 or the Holohoax.) At present, the site is saying things about Syria—this is just after the Jewish media were promoting the faked gas attack, and anti-Russian stuff.
      Its front page has the 'Matha Gellhorn Prize for journalism' (Jew), the 'I.F. Stone [Jew] Medal from Harvard's Nieman Foundation' (Jewish), Martin Luther King's Legacy (corrupt Jew puppet), someone called Robert Parry, who just died, who claims this rubbish was the 'first investigative news magazine based on the Internet'. And generally plenty more junk from Arlington VA. Says nothing useful on Trump; maybe the lie factories are playing with simultaneous tracks. Alexa gives its world ranking as 80,000 but there's no real way to assess readership, or its claim that they rely on donations, which seem unlikely. Back to Top of This Page ]

'World Socialist Web Site' 'Published by the International Committee of the Fourth International (ICFI)' wsws.org is an infinitely depressing site by Jewish liars, including translations of e.g. 'Lenin' and 'Trotsky' and masses of newer material, almost all commentaries on divide-and-try-to-rule style on more or less any point of complaint permitted by their Jewish controllers. Nothing on violence against whites, or Talmudic sex offences, or Jewish frauds, or the Fed, or a few hundred million starving in India, or genuine socialism; plenty of 'reports' by 'working people' on cutbacks, strikes, race and immigration as approved by Jews etc. I wonder if there are still people gullible enough to fall for these dead-end dull liars? Back to Top of This Page ]

Anglican Communion News Service (ACNS) is a joke site which I found looking up nuclear material. ('Anglicans take a stand for nuclear truth in Japan'). I looked up 'Talmud' in their search feature, wondering if they might have an erudite piece, but of course there is nothing. The newest Archbishop of Canterbury is of Jewish extraction—no chance of anything on Jewish lies and fraud, and Jewish greed, wars and maleficence! Back to Top of This Page ]

Bipartisan Report (bipartisanreport.com) is a site ranked incredibly low by Alexa and which is yet another fake news site which is pro-Jewish. If the ranking is roughly correct (there's no guarantee, of course) it hardly seems worth keeping it running. There's a counter-intuitive rule with Jews: most companies etc like to be advertised, at least up to a point. But some don't, including criminal, security, and intelligence groups. Jews seem to be exceptional in having negative advertising, simply filling the output of media such as films, newspapers, books, TV with material which omits Jews, or may occasionally divert them. Anyway bipartisan report is clearly this type. Back to Top of This Page ]

counter-currents.com seems popular jadar Jew aware sites but is just another covert Jew site. It has oratory on Jews, race, in a literary rather than analytic mode. It aims at simple people who think they want brainless heroism: this of course is the Jewish model of whites, ignoring creativity and construction. I read quite a comical piece on whites compared to trees, with a total evasion of the Jewish roots of 'revolutions', funding of both sides in wars from Napoleon and the US 'civil war' to both 20th century world wars. Worth reading for sample Jew lies, to piece together how the trick is done. N Back to Top of This Page ]

The 'Labour Party' in Britain has been a Jewish organisation since it was invented in about 1900. Funded by Jews and backed by Jews (such as Sidney Webb) along with some English people who wanted money and hoped to get it, 'Labour' supported both the First World War ('Great' War), Balfour's 'Declaration', the Second World War, genocide in Vietnam to make money for Jews, the Jewish 'Bank of England', Harold Wilson's support for coloured immigration, Jewish interests after 1945 as regards rationing etc, Jewish media control, and endless other anti-British actions, including Jewish control of trade unions, and, under Tony Blair (who was possibly sired by a Rothschild), financial frauds to get ever more British assets under Jewish control, destruction of British heritage, housing frauds, and wars for Jewish interests. Its most recent 'leader', Ed Miliband, supposed son of Marxist Ralph Miliband, was recently removed; a front-runner is another Jew liar, Jeremy Corbyn. There's an online video of a TV discussion on Corbyn with 'red' Ken Livingstone, a Jew puppet, and 'Lord Cashpoint' who helped fund Tony 'Bliar' Blair. Back to Top of This Page ]

The 'MacArthur Foundation' is a rich organisation, brought to my attention by Mike King of 'TomatoBubble'. These outfits are worth studying by inquisitive-minded people, who like to try to penetrate the reality underlying these foundations and their carefully-worked-out phrases and pieties. Almost invariably, NGOs, as with 'charities', are Jewish, since Jewish paper money from the Fed is freely available to Jews, while others have to work for it. TomatoBubble pointed out that macfound.org has been expelled by Putin, as an undesirable foreign body—something Russia had first-hand experience of, in the most horrible ways. Their funding goes to the sort of people who people are waking up to: fake demonstrators, fake revolutionaries, false flag operations, thugs, and so on. One type is fake sex activists: imagine a foreign group paying American blacks to shit in New York synagogues—that's approximately the type. Investigators might try following links between people (e.g. Julia Stasch of macfound with Valerie Jarrett, 'President' Obongo's handler and trainer). Please do some research—it's less difficult than ever before, with Internet to hand. You might start with affordable housing. The Foundation wants a policy of affordable housing for migrants (read: immigrants). They are suggesting Jews should fund it, since they pushed for immigration. Ha—just joking. Of course they want to make make money out of it.Back to Top of This Page ]

Save the Children. Here's a quotation from New Observer Online whose speciality is short, factually accurate as far as possible, articles on nonwhite invasions of white countries. It rarely mentions Jews, possibly under the false belief that Israel is a home for Jews, when in fact most so-called 'Jews' have no intention of ceasing their parasitic lifestyle and moving there.

October 25, 2017 10:04 am
Yet another fake charity—“Save the Children”—which has been actively assisting the mass nonwhite invasion of Europe by providing a taxi service for Africans from North Africa to southern Europe—has announced that it is halting its operations.
    “Save the Children” announced this week that it had suspended its “migrant rescues” in the Mediterranean Sea as “departures from Libya slow and security conditions worsen.”
    Save the Children has operated a ship, the Vos Hestia, since September last year, picking up more than 10,000 nonwhite invaders pretending to be refugees.
    Almost all were picked up from boats launched off the Libyan coastline by smugglers. The small boats were all incapable of crossing the Mediterranean, but the smugglers knew that the race-blind European leftists would come rushing in to pick them up—after being told by radio where the boats would be.
    Italian police searched the Vos Hestia this week on Monday as part of a wider investigation into the role non-government organizations (NGOs) are playing in picking up the invaders off the Libya coast and bringing them to Italy.
    Earlier this year, the Italian government asked the fake charities to sign a code of conduct which, inter alia, would allow government officials to be on board to monitor their activities.
    Most of the fake charities—well aware that such a move would expose their illegal trafficking activities to official view—halted their “missions,” but “Save the Children” has continued until now.
    Although “Save the Children” claims that the police raid on their vessel had nothing to do with their decision to halt operations, it obviously does.
    Save the Children said in a statement it was not under investigation and was cooperating with authorities. The documents seized by police on Monday concerned “presumed illegal actions committed by third persons,” it said.
    The Italian government said the fake charities were actually providing an incentive for smugglers to put the invaders to sea.
    In August this year, Italian police seized a vessel belonging to the crypto-communist “Jugend Rettet” organization, after the chief prosecutor in the Sicilian city of Trapani said he had evidence of encounters between traffickers, who escorted invaders to the NGO boat, and members of its crew.
    Only a few months ago, no less than 10 of these fake charities were operating around the North African coast, picking up invaders and transporting them to Italy. In this way, hundreds of thousands of Africans reached Europe—after paying thousands of dollars to smugglers while at the same time claiming to be “fleeing poverty.”
    So far in October, the number of invaders landing in sea arrivals to Italy is down more than 75 percent compared with the same month last year.

Bryn October 25, 2017 at 12:08 pm
This Charity is awash with money and the level of salaries for the highest management people is extortionate. There was a report some time ago in the UK which highlighted the shortcomings of their usage of ‘charitable donations’. One of the major Charities sends its people overseas in ‘First Class’ on aircraft. This ‘Save the Children’ pays a wealthy woman a salary and perks in excess of £200,000.00 per year. Yes there are many reasons to give money to charity, for me not one penny goes into those where it has a bottomless pit, mine goes to the small charity that actually fights tooth and nail for every penny/cent it can get its hands on.
Back to Top of This Page ]

Richard Dawkins, Professor of the Public Understanding of Science appears to be utterly naive about Judaism. Reviews of four of Dawkins's books. A few things to watch for are his ignorance of physics, his ignorance of race, his ignorance of defects in cell biology, and his ignorance of all religions apart from Christianity (especially Judaism and Talmudic stuff): all of these limitations are exactly as required by the Jewish world view. Dawkins believes in the holohoax, among other things, including Muslims flying into the 'World Trade Center' buildings on 9/11; and 'Hitlerism'. And that Einstein was a terrific genius. Still, at least he gets applause, even when he fails to notice that 'buggering young boys' (and girls) is both a Jewish and Muslim principle. Back to Top of This Page ]

Online stuff about Colin Flaherty's White Girl Bleed a Lot who has 'won more than 50 awards for journalism, many from the Society of Professional Journalists.' (Who writes this rubbish?) Some sort of account of race attacks in the USA. And their censorship by the 'American' media. I haven't read his material, which is probably at the usual junk level of 'American' journalism, but there's no sign of any analysis of media ownership, which of course is Jewish in the USA. Update at end of 2014: Flaherty has a youtube site on black violence, usually theft, from whites. Mostly his youtubes are emailed to him, and are clips from local TV stations, showing deliberate lies. The media controllers are never named. Back to Top of This Page ]

Council of European Canadians (www.eurocanadian.ca) is supposed to be a white Canadian site. However, it has nothing on Jewish money there, and the associated deformation of Canada. It was established only a month or two ago (May 2014, I think). It's only at the very start of a process of revisionism. Back to Top of This Page ]

CAFAS is a deservedly obscure pressure group, one of many nominal attempts at support for academic freedom, but of course fatally handicapped because it will not and doesn't wish to allow criticism of Jews. (It has Steven and Hilary Rose, among others, listed as 'patrons'). I don't know of a single case in which pressure by thugs to prevent speech on (for example) the 'Holocaust' has been opposed by any such group. In practice, they occasionally take up some cause (e.g. the case of Harold Hillman) and the results generally are inconclusive and unhelpful, and unpublicised—their site has secretive portions, looking absurdly inconsistent with their nominal aims. Back to Top of This Page ]

CANVAS is another deservedly obscure pressure group, which appears to be a new start from October 2015. I'd guess it's another turd from Soros' disgusting anus. Canvasopedia dot org appears to be trying self-publicity, with feeble Youtubes etc. The acronym comes from the clumsy 'Center for Applied Nonviolent Action and Strategies'. The first website encounter is a request for money. They have a youtube which lists Martin Luther King Jr, Pussy Riot, Gandhi, John Stewart (who?), Nelson Mandela, Someone Josef, Rosa Parks, 'Monks in Burma'. They are all 'changemakers' using non-violent means. (CANVAS hasn't heard of Mandela's murders). They used Jewish money, bravery, humor, creativity, urine in 'pussy riot', and in King's case, plagiarism and prostitutes. Don't have anything to do with these prostitutes. Back to Top of This Page ]

In 2012, there were sporadic news items about a Pakistani, Imran Firasat, campaigning to ban the Quran from Spain in view of its many incitements to violence against non-Muslims. I haven't found a single report anywhere pointing out passages in Jewish 'holy' books demanding violence against goyim and any form of dishonesty they expect to get away with. (At present, June 2014, there's an analogous synthetic media outcry about education. Nobody mentions Jewish education with similar passages. I took some interest in the campaigns against bad teaching of reading; but again possible Jewish links are never mentioned, despite the fact Jews are demanded to damage goyim, which is a somewhat testable hypothesis. Medical damage, for example fluoride and vaccinations, shares this censorship). Back to Top of This Page ]

New Internationalist must have been long-established; I remember in about 1980 hearing of an organisation with this name. It is interesting as an entirely Jew-censoring group aiming for reform, almost certainly in a way so-called Jews imagine advantages themselves. Let me skim through the current site:
    'Seven key proposals to ease the Syrian refugee crisis'. (Fact: It is not Syrian; most are Africans. They are not refugees, but blacks given promises of money, housing, sex etc. The 'crisis' is a Jewish plot). 'A word with Peter Tatchell - The human rights activist ... still believes in forgiveness.' (Fact: the Australian anal sex and child sex advocate is not an 'activist'; he was funded, presumably with Jewish money, to enter the Labour Party in Britain. He is a Holocaust fraudist). 'Where climate change and the church come together'. (Probably to do with the Pope posing as someone with science expertise. The global warming/ cooling myth is another Jewish money maker, from 'carbon credits', relying on the childish ignorance of people after a century or so of jewish mal-education). Books include 'No nonsense' titles, e.g. 'The Money Crisis' by Peter Stalker. (I don't think there's any need to even bother to investigate whether the Jewish money-printing scam is examined. Of course it won't be). 'Educational' includes 'Little Worm's Big Question... adventure evoking a sense of wonder ... woven with subtle messages of sustainability ..' and 'Goodbye God? ... critique of the negative impacts of religion ... an appeal for ... creationism to be dropped...' and 'Juliana's Bananas ... where their food comes from' etc etc. (Connoisseurs of Jewish trash will recognise that Kosher slaughter and Jewish contempt for truth will be mixed with neglect of Talmudic viciousness). 'Maps and Atlases ... The State of the Middle East.' (Map showing all of north Africa across to Iran. No prizes for guessing the attitude to 'global politics'). Clicking on 'politics' reveals a book advertised as new: 'A scathing critique of Austerity, the transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich, and the long-term project to deliver our hospitals and schools into the hands of corporate power.' (There is a project to put assets into Jewish hands, which will not be discussed. And the process by which Jewish paper money is used to buy up assets, making previously fairly prosperous people poor, will not be discussed.)
    Just another trash site, probably designed to appeal to the 'pathological altruism' attributed to whites, with money-making 'charity' activity of the sort made familiar by Jews. Back to Top of This Page ]

Rev Stephen Sizer was reported as identifying Israel behind 9/11, on Facebook. And he was reported as having apologised, or at least having issued some sort of statement, which seems to have left him will a bill for £4,000; at least, that's the story. I looked up Stephen Sizer's website and was a bit, but not much, surprised to find he supports Israel, thinks it has Biblical support, and has no idea about the Holohoax. A British version of the gullible USA Christian faction who think modern so-called 'Jews' are something to do with the Bible. It's possible the entire pseudo-event was rigged up by the Church of England to discourage the others—any honest vicars, if they exist. The C of E is currently supposedly headed by Archbishop of Canterbury Welby, of Jewish extraction and presumably a false name. Back to Top of This Page ]

slate.com is just another Jew propaganda site. I don't recommend you check it out. Same old lies. Same old topics, pushed by Jews. Yawn. I found it from some link or other. Now I check, it was David Irving's site. Back to Top of This Page ]

Civil Liberty (http://www.civilliberty.org.uk) is one of the many sites formed after the BNP's relative success under Nick Griffin evaporated. Unfortunately it has no theory as to how 'political correctness' has apparent power. In terms of understanding, the site is less useful than pamphlets by people decades earlier. Back to Top of This Page ]

http://redefininggod.com/ (promoted by Facebook) has interesting material on BRICS as a further New World Order construction, complete with foundation of the UN, Snowden as a fake illustrator of Hong Kong and Russia as safe havens, problem/ response material. The problem is there's no mention of Jews, their fake money, and their role in the USSR, wars and frauds. And no mention of what to do about them. There is no description of what a 'New World Order' would mean and why it is a 'bad thing'—this is typical of Joff sites, since there are good arguments for world government, but not with Jews as secret corrupters behind the scenes.

There are vast numbers of Jew run sites, Jew paid-for sites, Jew misinformation sites, Jew fake forums, Jew phoney think-tanks, and so on. Here's just one example: The Social Affairs Unit which appears to be a registered charity, with an address in Regent Street, London, and of course an apparently impressive title, which sounds official. The site barely shows on the Internet radar, though its site Standpoint magazine has a higher rating. The object is to feed fake 'research' into Britain and the media. All of it is pro-'Jewish': the 'Director' is a Jew, there are various Jewish founders, and so on. It's important to realise that these organisations, in protective camouflage to look serious and official, are intentional sources of evil, invariably following 'Jewish' policies.
    Some of these have played roles in significantly harmful legislation: the Institute of Race Relations was one such; so was the Runnymede Trust and the Rowntree Foundation.
    The contents, in the right mood, can be quite funny: the glaring hypocrisy and false earnestness. The condemnation of Islam, with of course no information on the reasons immigration was forced onto white countries. Absence of any disgusting Talmudic material; but criticisms of churches. Promotion of tenth-rate Jewish entertainers, singers, scribblers, actors. And promotion of tenth-rate scientists: when there's a fraud in science, there's usually a collection of 'Jews' behind it. And 'social science' and law: whenever there's a push for some absurdity, such as denying race, freeing criminals, 'same sex marriage', sex with prepubescent girls, dumping illegal immigrants in white communities, there's usually a 'Jewish' group behind it. And race mixing activities and promotions, for example in films and advertising, combined of course with virulent 'Jewish' and Israeli racism. Condemnation, shrill and vicious, or just casual and demeaning, is normal for people who discuss 'Jews'.

www.sociology.org is a curious site. It's listed in scholar.google.co.uk, which includes it in what's presumably intended as a database of scholarly material. But it's a tenth-rate journalistic-style Canadian thing started (it says) in 2010. I don't want to spend time on this site, but it is—honestly—a sort of compendium of dross, which experienced readers will recognise, from the missing links, as the result of complete Jewish censorship. I'd guess it's aimed as a pay site for (mainly) unintellectual women, or possibly trainee journalists, if such people still exist. Go on; click the link. Marvel at lies cast in the Internet equivalent of plaster. Back to Top of This Page ]

www.antisemitism.net judging by Alexa is an unpopular site. It may seem odd to classify this site as not Jew aware, but the reason for my including this is the suppression, completely, of truth about Jews. You will find nothing on Jewish murders, Jewish frauds, Jewish mass murders in the USSR, Jews in eastern Europe, the fraud of the Holocaust, and so on. Here's some typical rubbish: The [Polish Christian] rescuers, one of whom is 100 years old and several of whom arrived in wheelchairs or on crutches, gathered for a luncheon at a Warsaw hotel, where Poland's chief rabbi, an Israeli diplomat and the head of a Jewish organization paid tribute to them. ... the U.S.-based Jewish Foundation for the Righteous, also provides financial support [in fact of course from the Fed, or Germany, or some other financial fraud] to Poles and others across Europe who have been recognized by Israel's Yad Vashem for rescuing Jews. ... the executive vice president, Stanlee Stahl [sic], told them they are heroes and that they "saved the honor of humanity." And another site is British Forces in Palestine which might well be a Jewish-run site, putting all the emphasis on so-called Jews. It accepts the myth of German mis-treatment of Jews and suppresses information on for example Eisenhower and Stalin, at the same time, or mass burnings and bombings of Germans, Dresden for example in 1945, in an earlier part of the same slice of time. It's painful, but understandable, to see how most of the servicemen had no idea what they were doing; their lack of interest contrasts hugely with the focussed fanaticism of 'Jews'. A very typical comment is 1945/6 were good years for leave before travelling around Palestine became too dangerous. A similar don't-mention-Jews site is Ian Smith, Rhodesia, bush war. The page linked to has no mention whatever of Jews, Jewish money, and Jewish actions, including violence. The naïveté, or perhaps intentional suppression, is illustrated by this sentence (attributed to A J A Peck): Strange that the United States should spent American blood and money like water in Vietnam in order to deter Communism from spreading a few hundred miles further; but that ... the same United States should be seeking to clear out of Africa those very people and governments that could effectively and forever bar the advance of Communism in that continent!—Jews in the USA, whose motive presumably was to make money from arms and spread Jewish influence, had exactly the same motive against whites in Africa, and wanted to spread Jewish influence and make money in Africa. I may as well add (after a bit of browsing) the Wall Street Journal after reading obituary material on Robert Conquest. Nothing about Jews in the USSR. Or even on the sources, if any, that Conquest used or was given for his books, which possibly were intended to keep the Cold War mythology going and omit Jews there (in fact Jews ran the USSR, of course, and the USA). This 'newspaper' is an extraordinary compilation of propaganda items, all Jewish, very few with genuine connection to money in the USA. Back to Top of This Page ]

TaxPayers_Alliance (TPA) is a 'company limited by guarantee' (i.e. small, not audited) acting as a pressure group, leaking bite-sized disinformation since 2004 to media nonentities who are too worthless to make serious effort. The 'Chief Executive' is or was named as Jonathan Iserby, who presumably thinks he's a Jew. The TPA typically advertise examples of waste which, on a governmental scale, are trivial. What they never do is draw attention to the control of paper money by Jews, who receive interest on their worthless paper if they 'lend' to governments. These frauds dwarf anything the TPA would ever mention, of course.
    Most of the truly vast expenses do NOT come out of tax money; there simply isn't enough to fund weapons frauds or immigrant housing frauds or phoney education frauds or people-traffic into Europe frauds, so all this comes out of borrowing. Probably therefore the donors are people, Jews and their co-fraudsters, who make money from such scams. Back to Top of This Page ]

UK Web Archive is part of the British Library. Readers who like to hope that governmental quangoes can do useful work would be well advised to ignore this site. An online Youtube with fewer than 1,000 views claims (in officialese, in April 2012) to have 10,000 websites archived. Wow! They are supposed to be British, in some sense which doesn't seem to be defined anywhere, as sites might be hosted in any country with reliable electricity. I wondered if David Irving's fpp.co.uk would be here; incredibly, no, it isn't. Their target seems to be for 'intrinsic research interest' and 'British cultural heritage', I suppose as interpreted by mediocre graduates. The sites seem to be snaphots only, which of course is both easy for them, and unhelpful for everyone else. I wondered if 'migration watch' is listed; no. It has to be said that archive.org in the US is infinitely better. Sad. Painful. Back to Top of This Page ]

Not Jew Aware...
    Anyone serious about Jew awareness should spend time browsing such sites, until their thumbprint becomes easy to identify:– the monotone obsessive fake 'Jewishness', the evasiveness and lies, the special distorted vocabularies, the plagiarism and taking-over of good work, and in particular the omission of frauds and Jews in for example 9/11, bank swindles, censorship of information about money supply, and wars and atrocities, are all parts making up the stained glass picture which, with practice, can be read. Such sites can be site-grabbed. You may consider it prudent to browse with untraceable IPs.
    Videos in particular of course on Youtube have similar characteristics, but the voices and graphics add a couple of extra dimensions. The Colin Flaherty Youtubes were mentioned above; here's a typical site Angry Foreigner presenting a view of Sweden by a 'foreigner'. Plenty of headlines from Jewish newspapers in Sweden. No mention of the Jews behind the government, its money, its media, and its immigration and other policies. Jewish commentary on other subjects, where these are inserted. My impression is that such sites get artificially high numbers of hits: probably 'sayanim' are given lists of channels to click on; or perhaps Youtube itself has such a system, to save their efforts.
The following three segments are taken unedited from comments to Pat Condell's video on Sweden. Back to Top of This Page ]

The Jews in power push for Islamic immigration in order to destroy western nations and cause harm to western people.

Do Jews suffer? Yes, as in Sweden. But they can and do leave. They go to Israel or the US. Are these Jews who flee responsible for the islamic immigration to Sweden? No of couse not. But the people who are responsible are Jewish and while they know that Jews are being attacked they also know those Jews can and will leave. And they know that 10 million Swedes can't just leave. And it is those Swedish people who are the target for the Jews who own the media, own the politicians and who drive the whole multi-cult programme.
They control the media and politicians in every western country and are all the major banks. They are conducting a massive hit on white people and when whites are a minority everywhere they live they'll find out what hell is. A few Jews having to leave, to get out of the way are a microscopic price to pay by the Jews in return for destroying whole white nations.

People celebrating "diversity" are truly stupid. They have no idea who educates, informs and rules them or just how much those people actually hate them.
You've got a lot of waking up to do.

Bonnier (The Bonnier Group)
The TV Station LNK, is owned by the Jewish Bonnier family, based in Sweden.
Bonnier is a taken name; originally the family was named Hirschel.
Not only is the Bonnier family Jewish and not only do they own LNK, but they are the by far most influential media group in Sweden and in Finland. They are very influential in Denmark as well. They are also involved in the Baltic countries (LNK in Lithuania) the UK, Germany, Poland and other countries.
Of the seven largest daily newspapers in Sweden, the seven with a daily circulation of over 100,000, the Bonnier family owns four, Dagens Nyheter (the Daily News), Expressen (the Express), Sydsvenska Dagbladet (the Southern Swedish Daily News) and Dagens Industri (the Industry of Today).
The largest of the private TV channels in Sweden is TV4.
The Bonnier family directly holds 21,6% of TV4 and through their ownership of the Finnish based Alma media company they hold an additional 23,4%, totalling 45% which amounts to a virtual control.
As head of TV4 we find Jan Scherman (Jewish). Jan Scherman's daughter Clara Scherman is chief buyer for TV4. A man with an (Jewish?) Hungarian name Hans Isoz heads TV4 Vision.
Through Alma Media, Bonnier also controls MTV3, the most popular channel in Finland with 39,1% of the total viewing time (in 2001) and Subtv, the third largest commercial television channel in Finland, aiming mainly at young adults.
Bonnier also employs the Jews Sven Irving (now TV4 News), Artur Ringart (TV4) and Peter Sommerstein (Sydsvenska Dagbladet).
In Finland, Bonnier owns 23% of MTV in that country. In Finland, Bonnier controls the leading daily Iltalehti and Kauppalehti, Finland's largest business media with a circulation of 85.000 per day. Bonnier controls the printing house Lehdentekijät, that produces 40 regularly published magazines in Finland. In addition to that they own five regional papers, 15 local papers and nine free-distribution papers in Finland alone. They further control the Baltic News Service, the leading news bureau in the Baltic region, providing the world with news about the Baltic with a Bonnier touch.
Peter Hjörne (Jewish)
Beside the Bonnier family in Sweden there is the Peter Hjörne (real name Kaplan), owner and chief editor of Göteborgs-Posten (the Gothenburg Post; GP), the fourth largest newspaper in Sweden with a circulation of 253,700, reaching 600,000 readers daily. GP is furthermore the only newspaper in Sweden's second largest city, Gothenburg. Hjörne is also the owner of two local newspapers, Bohuslänningen (32.400) and Strömstads tidning (5,200); both distributed in the Swedish north-west coast area. In addition he controls 22% of Liberala tidningars konsortium (the consortium of liberal newspapers) and thereby Nerike Allehanda (The eighth largest newspaper in Sweden with a circulation of 66,300), Motala Tidning/Vadstena Tidning (12,800), Bergslagsposten (10,600) and Nya Ludvika tidning (9,500). Finally he also holds 9% of Hallandsposten (31,000). Peter Hjörne is the son of a sister of another infuential Swedish Media Jew: Per Gyllenhammer (former top boss of Volvo).
Hjörne pays schoolchildren to watch Jewish propaganda
Hjörne is a part of the old Jewish establishment in Gothenburg and has his way to influence the Gentiles of that city. For instance, when the Jew Steven Spielberg's movie Schindler's List reached the screens Hjörne personally paid so all senior high school students would see it.
The Bonnier family owns 30% and Hjörne owns 10% of The Swedish News-agency Tidningarnas Telegrambyrå (the Swedish Central News Agency), the main news source for the none-local news stories in most minor papers in Sweden.
Robert Aschberg (Jewish) owns the largest production company in Sweden called Strix Television and produces programs for every major channel, especially TV3 where almost all programs that aren't Hollywood produced sitcoms, talk shows (Ricky Lake and Jerry Springer [Both are Jewish]) or bad movies come from Strix. It was Strix, by the way, that first came up with the idea of the show Survivor, now broadcasted also in the USA.
Aschberg himself is the head of several of these usually noisy and chaotic shows and has thus been called Sweden's Michel Friedman . His maternal grandfather is the banker Olof Aschberg who helped finance the Russian Revolution and his brother, Richard Aschberg, works at Aftonbladet (the Evening Post). Robert Aschberg is furthermore an important financer of eXpo, a Swedish version of the ADL, even if it is not an exclusively Jewish organization.
Swedish Labour Union & Norwegian Schibstedt Company:
Editor in Chief Helle Klein (Jewish)
The largest newspaper in Sweden is Aftonbladet (the Evening Post), jointly owned by the Swedish Labour Union and the Norwegian Schibstedt company. The chief editor, however, is the Jewess Helle Klein, great granddaughter of the former grand rabbi of Stockholm, Rabbi Gottlieb Klein. Her father, Ernst Klein, is influential in Swedish media as well. 1990-1999 he was the chief editor of östgöta Correspondenten, the ninth largest newspaper in Sweden, and now he sits on its board. He furthermore is president of Svensk Presshistorisk Förening (Swedish association of press history).
Beside Klein there are several Jewish staffers working at Aftonbladet.
In other words, of the seven largest news papers in Sweden, six are either owned by or edited by Jews.
And please note, there are fewer than 20,000 Jews in Sweden making up roughly 0.2% of the total population. Actually, I could go on and on describing the Jewish media influence in Sweden but I guess you see where I am heading.
Pehr G Gyllenhammar (Jewish)
Pehr G Gyllenhammar is the director of Kinnevik, which controls TV3, ZTV and the free newspaper Metro.
Gyllenhammar remains speaker for Reuters Founders Share Company.
The Reuters press agency was founded in 1848 by the Jew Paul Julius Reuter, his real name was Israel Beer Josaphat.
Marianne Ahrne
Marianne Ahrne (Jewish)
The Jewish film maker and writer Marianne Ahrne has control over a large part of the Swedish Film Institute's (Svenska Filminstitutet) 50 million kroner ($ 7.4) budget for long films.
She is known to block films which criticize Israel or USA.
The Swedish producer Kjell-Ake Olsson asked for financial support for his film "Grisbrottaren" about the now deceased artist Lars Hillersberg It was turned down because of Hillersberg's "fanatic anti-Americanism and his demonization of Israel". The film "repetioner", based on a book by bestselling author Lars Norén got its budget cut because three supposed national socialists voice their opinions in it.

The Bonnier family (Jewish)
Gutkind Hirschel came to Denmark from Germany in 1801. He changed his name to Gerhard Bonnier and settled in Sweden about 25 years later. Biography
Listing of some Bonnier owned companies:
Brimax, a UK children's book publisher, Autumn Publishing Ltd,
Medicine Today International AB
Dagens Medicin, in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Poland.
AS Diena, which publishes the leading morning newspaper and regional newspapers in Latvia.
The Mastiff Media Holding AB production company was merged with MTV Produktion AB.
Bonnier Radio AB:
SBS Radio AB, Mix Megapol, Radio City, Vinyl, Rockklassiker and E-FM.
Teknik i Media i Sverige AB
Econ/Ullstein/List, one of the major publishing houses in Germany.
Dun & Bradstreet operations in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.
Bonnier Magazine Group publishes magazines in four segments, specialist magazines, lifestyle , business and industry magazines. The magazines are issued in 11 countries, of which publishing operations are conducted in four: Sweden, Denmark, Spain and Poland.
Illustrerad Vetenskap, Gör Så Här, Allt om Mat and Amelia, Komputer för alla and crossword magazines in Sweden. Bo Bedre Norge, Debut, DigitalFoto för Alla, Leva!, mama and Ruby.
Svensk Filmindustri, SF Bio, Home Entertainment and Bonnier Radio in Sweden, LNK TV in Lithuania
and Bonnier Amigo Music Group.
Bonnier Business Press publishes business newspapers in nine countries:
Dagens Industri in Sweden, Børsen in Denmark, äripäev in Estonia, Dienas Bizness in Latvia, Verslo Zinios in
Lithuania, Delevoj Peterburg in Russia, Puls Biznesu in Poland, Wirtschafts Blatt in Austria and Finance in Slovenia.
Bonnier Newspapers:
Dagens Nyheter, Sydsvenska Dagbladet, Expressen including GT and Kvällsposten, Stockholm City, Skånemedia, with Ystads Allehanda, Trelleborgs Allehanda and Kristianstadsbladet.
The business area also includes partly owned newspaper holdings in Poland (50 %) and Latvia (83,5 %), as well as Bold Printing Group (a Swedish daily newspaper printing group), Pressens Bild (image service) and 50 percent of Pressens Morgontjänst (newspaper delivery service).
Bonnier AB is a wholly owned subsidiary of AB Bonnierföretagen, which is a wholly owned
subsidiary of Bonnier Holding AB, a subsidiary of Albert Bonnier AB.
This (shortened) listing was extracted from the company's more detailed information in BONNIER AB Interim Report January-August 2003.pdf.
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