HIV/AIDS. Medical science failure.

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There is widespread awareness by now [written 1998, 1999] that the ‘AIDS’ ‘epidemic’ is not as the media have presented it. This site explores the issue briefly and presents just a few actors from the melodrama—Rae West.
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    1. What's wrong with the traditional theory?   False Positives table | injections
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1. What's wrong with the traditional 'HIV/AIDS' theory?

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HIV/AIDS journals books propaganda There are two main problems. The first is, saying what 'AIDS' is. 'AIDS' was invented when several male homosexuals with very extreme sex/drug lifestyles became ill—not surprisingly. The supposed link with 'HIV' came soon after. (That the 's' in Aids means 'syndrome' is usually forgotten). I take it that, by now, many people have become aware of the vagueness surrounding the idea of 'AIDS'. They are aware that the supposed disease is not precisely defined, since the definitions vary with time and place, also that, even with desperate attempts to extend the definition of AIDS, there is great difficulty in finding people who can be claimed to have AIDS. And that 'immune deficiency' is suspect in the sense that very rare organisms and cancers tend to appear, 'opportunistically', suggesting some other causation, since presumably everyday sicknesses should be fatal more often. They've also noticed that, contrary to confident and solemn predictions, half or so of the population hasn't died (which is why the epidemic-in-Africa theory became important, as it's far away, a big place, and hard to check). Some are aware that lifestyle changes, such as not taking drugs, can lead to survival, whereas some drugs lead to death. For various reasons the conclusion is that there is not, and never has been, such a disease as 'AIDS'. Instead, various external agents, mainly drugs, including drugs supposed to 'treat' AIDS, caused the symptoms collectively called 'AIDS'. I won't say anything more about this aspect of 'AIDS', but will look at some length at the most important single reason for confusion, namely defects in the actual lab techniques.
      What's of interest is the soft underbelly of 'AIDS' science, the fact that virus detection, identification and culture techniques are imperfect. Because of the poor quality of science reporting by the mass media, most people have no conception of the difficulties involved in identifying, isolating, and culturing viruses. The usual film/TV presentation shows an actor or actress talking about a 'test', which is always done offscreen. Even the small size of viruses is elided over: to take a concrete example, this is Richard Feynman's The Character of Physical Law (1965): '.. In biology... If you watch it under a microscope, a jiggling little virus finds some spot on the odd shaped bacterium—they are all different shapes—and maybe it pokes its DNA in and maybe it does not.' Feynman imagined a bacteriophage could be seen by light microscope; he's presumably projecting his memory of an electron micrograph into ordinary microscopy. In fact, viruses aren't detected by light microscopy, but by electron microscopy. Or they're detected by trying to find proteins which the immune system is supposed to generate against viruses, typically by separating several individual proteins or by centrifuging them in the hope of concentrating components in layers. All three methods are fraught with problems which are not widely recognised. Without labouring the point, what I'm saying is that the Achilles' heel of 'AIDS' science is the collection of techniques and assumptions, in effect guarded by a clique of true believers, which is not usually challenged, because of the ignorance and inertia of the non-believers. Most of the baggage came originally from the notorious failure of cancer virology, and includes highly dubious material on DNA, retroviruses, and immunology. The irony is that there appear to be genuine diseases specific to receptive male homosexuals, as well as diseases caused by drugs such as amyl nitrite which affect all their users, but because of the exclusive concentration on 'HIV' these diseases are as little understood as ever.
The following table was published in Sept/Oct 1996 by the now-defunct Continuum magazine (and I expect elsewhere). It was part of an article by Christine Johnson, of HEAL Los Angeles. The introduction and list of 64 references from 'HIV' literature are not reproduced here.
Factors Known to Cause False-Positive HIV Antibody Test Results
Anti-carbohydrate antibodies
Naturally-occurring antibodies
Passive immunization: receipt of gamma globulin or immune globulin (as prophylaxis against infection which contains antibodies)
Mycobacterium avium
Systemic lupus erythematosus
Renal (kidney) failure
Hemodialysis/renal failure
Alpha interferon therapy in hemodialysis patients
Flu vaccination
Herpes simplex I
Herpes simplex II
Upper respiratory tract infection (cold or flu)
Recent viral infection or exposure to viral vaccines
Pregnancy in multiparous women
High levels of circulating immune complexes
Hypergammaglobulinemia (high levels of antibodies)
False positives on other tests, including RPR (rapid plasma reagent) test for syphilis
Rheumatoid arthritis
Hepatitis B vaccination
Tetanus vaccination
Organ transplantation
Renal transplantation
Anti-lymphocyte antibodies
Anti-collagen antibodies (found in gay men, haemophiliacs, Africans of both sexes and people with leprosy)
Serum-positive for rheumatoid factor, antinuclear antibody (both found in rheumatoid arthritis and other autoantibodies)
Autoimmune diseases
Systemic lupus erythematosus, scleroderma, connective tissue disease, dermatomyositis
Acute viral infections, DNA viral infections
Malignant neoplasms (cancers)
Alcoholic hepatitis /alcoholic liver disease
Primary sclerosing cholangitis
"Sticky" blood (in Africans)
Antibodies with a high affinity for polystyrene (used in the test kits)
Blood transfusions, multiple blood transfusions
Multiple myeloma
HLA antibodies (to Class I and II leukocyte antigens)
Anti-smooth muscle antibody
Anti-parietal cell antibody
Anti-hepatitis A IgM (antibody)
Anti-Hbc IgM
Administration of human immunoglobulin preparations pooled before 1985
Haematologic malignant disorders /lymphoma
Primary biliary cirrhosis
Stevens-Johnson syndrome
Q-fever with associated hepatitis
Heat-treated specimens
Lipemic serum (blood with high levels of fat or lipids)
Haemolyzed serum (blood where haemoglobin is separated from the red cells)
Globulins produced during polyclonal gammopathies (which are seen in AIDS risk groups)
Healthy individuals as a result of poorly understood cross-reactions
Normal human ribonucleoproteins
Other retroviruses
Anti-mitochondrial antibodies
Anti-nuclear antibodies
Anti-microsomal antibodies
T-cell leukocyte antigen antibodies
Proteins on the filter paper
Epstein-Barr virus
Visceral Ieishmaniasis
Receptive anal sex
© Sept. 1996, Zenger's, California

No doubt more have been found since late 1996. This raises the interesting possibility that an experimentally-minded person could have an 'HIV' test, then get vaccinated against a collection of likely diseases, and have a retest, to see if it turns out positive; then return some time later, presumably to get a negative result again. Personally, I chickened out of doing this, being unenthusiastic about being injected with a collection of dubious substances. However, in principle it's easy enough: the NHS (in Britain) does free 'HIV' tests: all you have to do is look worried, not tell them anything, and rely on the real or supposed confidentiality which is supposed to ensure that GPs aren't informed. However, the timing would be important, as you'd be retested with the Western Blot.

Here I present a short exchange e-mails relating to this:
Delivery-date: Wed, 01 Nov 2000 08:02:31 +0000
From: "Mike Fechner" <netassasin@hotmail.com>
To: aidsfraud@big-lies.com
Subject: Inject yourself.

      If you believe there is no such thing as AIDS, why don't you test your theory and inject yourself with blood that has AIDS? It shouldn't harm you if it doesn't exist.
From: Raeto West
To: "Mike Fechner" <netassasin@hotmail.com>
Subject: Re: Inject yourself.
Date: Wed, 1 Nov 2000 09:46:13 -0000

        It's difficult to be sure what properties the blood of drug takers and people dosed heavily on eg AZT have: however, such blood is likely to be contaminated with various man-made (and other) drugs which make it unsuitable for any sort of injection, though I doubt whether it would be very dangerous.
       With male homosexuals, the problem is different, because there may be diseases present (but present research doesn't look into them).
       With e.g. Africans with malaria or TB, again, which give 'false positive HIV ' results, their blood again isn't suitable for injection or transfusing, because eg it may contain malaria parasites.
       However, if these conditions are allowed for, there's no problem injecting such blood.

If you believe AIDS exists, why don't you commit suicide? Most of the world should be dead by now.

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2. Opponents of the official theories who've had some success

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  1. Only plasma centrifuged from fresh whole blood may be used.. No material derived from cultured cells will be considered, to rule out 'viral particles' which may be merely cultural artefacts.
  2. The donor blood/plasma must be taken from a person/persons with a recent 'high viral load' test result, and evidence for the date and result of the test (the number of 'HIV' RNAs alleged) must be submitted...
  3. The donor must not be in receipt of protease inhibitors, AZT or any other antiviral drug.
  4. Only cold heparinised Ringer's solution may be used to dilute the plasma 1:1.
  5. The diluted plasma shall be first filtered by aspiration-filtration, through a 0.6 millipore membrane. The resulting filtrate #1 will then be filtered again, this time using a 0.22 millipore membrane and filtrate #2 will be submitted to ultracentrifugation.
  6. Centrifugation at 30,000g for two hours will be used to prepare a pellet, likely to be extremely small. This pellet will be fixed with glutaraldehyde and osmium, then carefully detached and embedded in epoxy resins following routine EM procedures.
  7. The electronmicrograph shall be at least 19,500x magnification.. 'HIV' has been deemed to be a lentivirus, possessing a dense core of truncated conical shape. An ultrathin slice of randomly packed lentiviruses must inevitably show a number of particles bisected to show this core lengthwise, as well as end-on, with a resultant mixture of round and 'rod-shaped' dense cores. Any micrograph which does not clearly show this feature will be deemed not to represent the lentivirus 'HIV'.
  8. This challenge is open to any qualified scientists, microbiology students, or lab technicians with the necessary lab skills and facilities..
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3. Failures (and Baddies)

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4. What's the future for 'AIDS'?

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No AIDS Does AIDS matter? Although a lot of money has been wasted, the results have not in fact been that disastrous; many of the dead would have poisoned themselves anyway without specific drug company poisons, and, arguably, the scare, by terrifying some people into relative puritanism, saved lives. Some survivors have done well for themselves (there are stories of second homes, free housing and so on). Moreover, poor countries can't spend the money that pharmaceutical companies would like, and thus will be spared—although there is the problem that 'HIV+' people may be denied treatment for genuine disease. The fact is that the modern world has so much corrupt pseudo-science that the HIV/AIDS establishment is only a small part of the whole.
      However, what happens next? Many fringe people—charity workers, persons in the undeclared network of drug company funding, and doctors and technicians who carry out tests as only a small part of their activity, can fade it out relatively easily. However, some few will have a problem—the biggest thing in their lives may have been being diagnosed 'HIV+' and having milked this for some years they will have difficulty in accepting the fraudulent nature of it. (Incidentally, one wonders whether a fake disease confined to women would have had much attention paid to it?) The best strategy for older establishment figures, who are technical and bureaucratic, is to say that their work led to a cure, and then avoid further details. This may not satisfy relatives of victims—but there are plenty of possibilities of delaying tactics, non-disclosure buy-offs and so on. Whether this will work with associates of ex-high-income and high-profile victims remains to be seen. People with historical information on medical mishaps might be able make predictions as to what will happen.
      It occurs to me, for example, that leprosy is an analogous case: the cause remains, or officially remains, obscure (my favourite theory is that it's a deficiency disease, which would explain why it vanished with modern food techniques. It's very difficult to catch, is very unpleasant, has spontaneous 'miracle' recoveries, and has patients on whom years and years can be spent without much risk of their getting better).
      Whether serious work will start in male homosexual diseases I can't guess. Younger technical practitioners have a problem: they have run out of countries to project 'AIDS' into. They can try to construct new scares (the BBC recently broadcast a radio programme, supposedly on BSE, but in fact on 'new variant CJD' with predictions of millions of deaths). Or revive old ones: tuberculosis and syphilis have surfaced briefly in the last few years. Hepatitis B is promising. However, all these have the drawback of being widespread in poor countries, and therefore offer the prospect of having to cure people rather than making money. Another possibility would be to find new apparently hi-tech avenues in the way that retrovirology was supposed to have been new and exciting: for example, to revise AIDS theory—to make a systematic attempt to re-examine the subject. This, of course, is unlikely to happen. Another possibility is to try to broaden biochemical work: but already the supposed promises of DNA work are looking thin, and no wonder—how can anyone change the DNA in all the cells of some person with a genetic problem?
      I personally rule out the possibility of a serious government inquiry, on the grounds that such inquiries hardly ever take place—see if you can think of one, on any subject, however important. I also rule out the possibility that a serious attempt might be made to look into basic research techniques and carry out control experiments; this hasn't happened in fifty years and seems unlikely to, since it's entirely possible that the techniques may on close examination prove to be useless, and if this happened, qquite apart from the issue of fraud, they'd all be out of their jobs. So the risk of investigation is too great.
      An interesting possibility is that such work, which needs dedication and care rather than expensive equipment, might be done in the 'third world', which could possibly begin to overtake 'the west' as a result—a few years ago there was a possibility that Colombia would break ranks with the 'AIDS' establishment, though I think this came to nothing. Perhaps South Africa will be able to engineer something interesting. A related interesting possibility is that 'AIDS' might be used as an excuse to exclude US personnel from Third World countries.


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Final note on Ebola fever: From Bryan Ellison's 1994 book:—

'[Donald Francis in 1976 was] sent to Zaire to control Ebola Fever, one of the uncountably many Third World diseases that are constantly appearing and vanishing without explanation:
When it became obvious that the disease was spreading through autopsies and ritual contact with corpses during the funerary process, Dr Don Francis, on loan to the W.H.O. from the CDC, had simply banned local rituals and unceremoniously burned the corpses. Infected survivors were removed from the community and quarantined until it was clear that they could no longer spread the fever... The tribespeople were furious that their millennia-old rituals had been forbidden by these arrogant young doctors from other continents. The wounded anger twisted their faces.
Ebola Fever, as it turned out, had been transmitted primarily through the use of dirty needles in one particular hospital, not through the native burial process. Nor did the CDC and WHO teams accomplish much. According to historian Elizabeth Etheridge, "The epidemic was virtually over before their work began." The guilty hospital had already closed itself, and the epidemic disappeared spontaneously. Nevertheless, for his stern techniques, Francis was credited by his peers for "singular brilliance."

[Two quotations are from Shilts' book; I seem to recall Robert Redford, not best known for virology expertise, got onto this bandwagon. This virus, if there was a virus, was described in Nature as literally more dangerous than a bullet.—RW]

Note [added 2014]: this antique scare was revived by Soetero or Obama (or whatever his real name is—if he has one) probably as part of the false-flag Jewish-based campaign to disarm non-criminal American citizens. One simple debunking is: if it's so dangerous, how can it ever spread? Imagine a plane full of passengers on a flight of a few hours; they'd all be dead IF the scares were anything like true.
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Endnote: The Situation in India: [News, and E-mails, spell-checked]—
More on India and the attempted marketing of 'HIV' and 'AIDS' there...
The links deal with a fall in supposed 'HIV positive' figures in Manipur, which plummeted, 'dropping 900%.. from the Highest rate.. to the lowest ..'
      Watch for World Bank loan, CNN 'news', refusal to answer questions, and other signs of vested interests. Check search engines, e.g. Google, with keywords Manipur, HIV, 900% and so on to see the immense mass of corrupt sludge journalism.
15 Oct 2000 Indian Express article 'Manipur slides from top to bottom..'
11 Oct 2000 Indian Express article Intensive campaign planned (to be led by a cricketer or actress)
31 July 2000 Indian Express article 'National AIDS Council' [of India] admits HIV figures are all wrong
Aids-India.org is a promotional site Look at the trash.
Fri Jul 14 2000: I first learnt about Peter Duesberg and his views when I read a 1988 article in the science magazine, Discover . Since then I had very little news of him until I received my internet connection about a year ago. I find his views very clear and logical and not that difficult to understand. When President Thabo Mbeki invited him to South Africa, I thought that finally Duesberg had the backing to prove his claim that HIV does not cause Aids. But with Nelson Mandela's closing speech at the AIDS2000 conference, in which he seems to endorse the orthodox position that HIV=AIDS, do you think that there is any point in Duesberg continuing to stay on in South Africa to try to prove his case? The odds against him seem overwhelming.
        Major news media like the CNN and the BBC, seem to be filled with great joy that Nelson Mendela had endorsed the view that they themselves had been propagating all these years that HIV=AIDS. Why do you think the news media is so biased in favour of the orthodoxy? They have managed to convey the view that the dissidents are only a couple of fringe scientists and that they are supported only by a few South African politicians and not by real scientists. Do the dissidents have any hope left at all to prove their case in the near future?...
        With regards,
        B G.
Jul 15 2000: Thanks for your reply but what worries me is that if the orthodoxy position continues to be accepted, then the drug companies' claims that adminstration of powerful toxic drugs like AZT to pregnant women and new mothers prevents transmission of HIV and therefore AIDS, to their infants, might make governments force these women to take the drugs.
        I understand such cases have already occurred in the USA. If the dissidents are right about one of the reasons for the AIDS condition being the use of toxic drugs, then it is a horrifying situation since it might involve some close relative.
        B G.
Jul 15 2000: In your last reply you asked if I could tell you any thing about AIDS in India. Well, the newspapers in India have jumped on the HIV=AIDS bandwagon and claim that according to WHO and UNICEF, India has the highest rate of AIDS infection after South Africa at around 4.2 million. Here they equate HIV infection with full blown AIDS. The way they arrive at the figure of the number of people infected is by taking samples of a few hundred in the high risk category and extrapolating it to include the whole country.
        I live in Assam which according to the newspaper reports is in the grip of the AIDS pandemic. Yet in all these years local newspapers have managed to report only a dozen or so of supposed AIDS deaths. Yearly hundreds die here due to flood related diseases like cerebral meningitis, cholera and malaria. Thankfully these diseases have not been included within the AIDS related diseases because they have been a regular seasonal feature here. Neither I nor any of my acquaintances know of any one suffering from the so called AIDS pandemic here.
        The nearby state of Manipur is supposed to have the highest number of AIDS cases in the country because it has a lot of drug users. It borders Myanmar [Burma], one of the three golden triangle states, which together, are the largest exporters of heroin in the world. So it is doubtful if the AIDS pandemic, if it is really happening in Manipur, is caused by HIV infection through shared needles, or the over use of recreational drugs by the youth especially. Manipur is one of the wild, terrorist infested, inhospitable states bordering Assam. It would be difficult for any one to do real research there. Probably the interested parties are portraying assumed rates of HIV infection as full blown AIDS.
        I have heard that a lot of money is being laundered in Assam in the name of fighting AIDS. But since the newspapers keep claiming that the government is doing nothing to fight the spread of the disease which is supposedly devastating Assam, the money is probably being pocketed by corrupt politicians and others who are in the health services. So it is in the interest of a lot of people to keep the AIDS myth going.
        There was a conference of AIDS dissidents in Bombay last December or January this year. Dissidents from abroad also attended as did some important Indian politicians. But as this was not publicised in the media, I learnt of it only through one of the links in a website supporting the dissidents. I do not remember all the details.
        During the AIDS conference in South Africa, it was reported that a German company had offered to supply a drug at low cost for five years but the Indian government refused saying that the price would probably be doubled after the five years were over. When criticised, the government replied that the drug was only a palliative and that India was conducting it's own AZT trial. I am not quite sure what the governments real position is. That is basically my impression of the AIDS scenario in India.
        B G.
Jul 16 2000: You asked if you could use my e-mail. You are free to use it but without my name. If you want more information about AIDS in India you might find it at the e-mail address:- cedbom.ilbom.ernet.in!CINEX@ilbom.ernet.in ...)
        This is the e-mail address of the webpage where I found the information about the dissident conference held at Bombay. You can corroborate if some of my surmises on AIDS in India are correct.
        I would also like to state that AIDS deaths reported in Assam, significantly, have all been of intravenous drug users.
        India's population recently crossed the one billion mark in spite of thousands dying each year of seasonal tropical diseases. People like Richard Gere, the Buddhist Hollywood actor, have been invited to speak at AIDS charity gatherings, where he has said that if the HIV/AIDS pandemic is not tackled, India would die. Even the AIDS orthodoxy admit that the symptoms of AIDS can take five to ten years or more to manifest after the supposed infection. Therefore I do not think that rate of AIDS manifestation is going to make the slightest difference to population growth in India. So why the scare mongering?
        In the late eighties, it was projected that every third housewife in Bombay would be infected by HIV and therefore AIDS by 1995, because of the number of men indulging in illicit and unprotected sex. Now that prediction has been quietly forgotten and the time scale for the AIDS catastrophe has been shifted further upfield by another five to ten years. Until about a year ago, whenever BBC TV reported AIDS as a crisis devastating India, they inevitably showed a long line of prostitutes standing in front of their dens supposedly the victims of AIDS. These are not AIDS victims but a lot of poor bedraggled prostitutes waiting for customers.
        It has become quite fashionable for movie stars and high society people to be seen at AIDS charity shows and appear to be involved in a great cause. Hollywood sets the trends.
        B G.
Jul 20 2000: In one of the main local newspapers, dated 7/17/00, The Sentinel, it was stated that uptil April 2000, three hundred and five [305] HIV positive and seventy one [71] AIDS cases have been confirmed in Assam so far. These are the figures for HIV/AIDS for a population of about twenty-two million. Moreover the Assam Society for AIDS Control has stated that most of the clinics where the tests for HIV/AIDS are done, do not have the necessary facilities for such tests. From these types of tests and statistics the claim is made for the AIDS pandemic in Assam and the north-east. I suspect the same is true for much of the country as well. The media just accept everything that outstation organisations like the WHO and the UNICEF tell them.
        Recently, it was broadcast through local media that the symptoms for detecting AIDS were, coughs and fevers lasting for more than a month accompanied by excess weight loss. Sounded to me like the Bangui declaration for detecting AIDS in Africa.
        Another major local newspaper, The Assam Tribune, of the same date as the above mentioned, stated in it's editorial that after the facts presented at AIDS 2000, it would be no exaggeration to state that HIV/AIDS was as great a threat to humanity as it's nuclear arsenal. I presume the editor of the paper took his cue from Nelson Mandela who declared in his speech at the end of AIDS 2000, that HIV/AIDS was the greatest threat humanity has faced in it's entire history.
        I have also read in internet newsgroups that some proponents of the AIDS orthodoxy have compared the AIDS dissidents to holocaust denialists and have demanded that they be tried for genocide. What is the rationale behind this sort of rabble rousing?
        My conclusion on why the media love the AIDS orthodoxy and hate the denialists so much is that the media thrive on sensationalism. The Doomsday scenarios presented by the HIV=AIDS orthodoxy is therefore much more appealing to them.
        B G.

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Endnote: Sweden: I've received some e-mails from Ola Deråker, who seems to be somehting of a one-man crusader there. He says: "I have followed the HIV-AIDS story since 1988 - the first article published 1989, based on a study by Duesberg. Since 1992 I have had a very big correspondence with the Swedish government, some 150 letters and faxes, and very many of them were addressed to the then prime minister Carl Bildt - a today internationally well known person."
      Here's his e-mail to Bill Gates:
From: Ola Deraker <ola.deraker@ebox.tninet.se>
Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2000 08:19:35 +0200
To: <info@gatesfoundation.org>
Title: Support President Thabo Mbeki!

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Seattle

Dear Bill and Melinda Gates,
      You have given 57 million dollars to four African countries for their fight against AIDS with HIV-causes-AIDS as guiding-star.
      I assure you that it is a waste of money. The diseases that are labeled AIDS are not caused by HIV. AIDS is not a new disease at all, instead composed of a variety of old, known ill-health conditions - in the western world some 30 in number. You certainly do not need to be HIV positive to fall ill with them.
      There is no scientific agreement about the cause of AIDS. A growing movement against the official assertion that HIV causes AIDS gains more and more ground and cannot longer be neglected.
      HIV may indeed pass away in South Africa! In July the big international AIDS conference shall take place in Durban. Some say it is endagered because of President Thabo Mbeki's publicly expressed doubts about HIV-AIDS and the use of AZT - the old cancer drug with a lot of very dangerous side-effects.
      With your donation you in fact help to maintain the impossible HIV-causes-AIDS hypothesis with its devastating consequences for the whole world.
      I will propose that you finance a world televised hearing (perhaps even arranged by yourself) with participants from both sides discussing the pros and cons of the HIV-causes-AIDS hypothesis. I assure you that the Cons will win. The Pros have no chance.
      This hot medical issue is then finally settled and you have done mankind an excellent service. Your 57 million dollars can be used for appropriate health measures in those four countries instead of meaningless activities based on the impossible HIV-causes-AIDS hypothesis.
      Below information about this hot issue in form of four emails from me to President Thabo Mbeki.
      Bill Gates have earlier been informed by using the addressaskbill@microsoft.com. I however doubt that he has read these letters.
      Best regards from Sweden,
Ola Deråker
Jarnagatan 10
151 72 Sodertalje
Telefon +46-8 550 374 60
Telefax +46-8 550 330 91
E-mail: ola.deraker@ebox.tninet.se
President Thabo MbekiSouth AfricaE-mail: communications@po.gov.za   5.11.1999Dear Thabo Mbeki,Your critizism of AZT has been widely noticed and it is understandable. If AZT does not work (which it does not) it also casts a shadow on the HIV causes AIDS dogma, because for about ten years it has been alleged/assured that this old and abortive cancer drug works against HIV.
      Does HIV cause AIDS? It (if it exists) does not. Today diverse ill-health conditions all over the world is renamed AIDS. And as you know from your continent a HIV diagnosis is not necessary to make the diagnosis AIDS.
      The HIV-AIDS story is in reality a complete disaster that is kept alive at all costs in order to save scientific and political reputation, public allowances and other investments. You shall remember that there are no scientific proofs whatsoever that HIV (if it now exists as a endogenous virus) cause AID, i.e. acquired immunodeficiency. AID then must be a very special immunodeficiency, because it shall in the so called western world cause about 30 "AIDS diseases", all known before. The "AIDS diseases" in your country are different. Why?
      Ill-health is certainly widespread and its patterns vary. But why call some special diseases AIDS caused exclusively by a retrovirus, an alleged existing virus family of a very special kind.
      It follows a little about my work to expose the HIV-AIDS lie:
      - I have followed the HIV-AIDS story since 1988 - the first article published 1989, based on a study by Duesberg. Since 1992 I have had a very big correspondence with the Swedish government, some 150 letters and faxes, and very many of them were addressed to the then prime minister Carl Bildt - a today internationally well known person.
      - In 1996 the government ordered that a revison of the Swedish legislation concerning infectious disease control should take place. A committee was formed: The 1996 committee for infectious disease control. It has got some 20 letters from me with a lot of information about that HIV cannot possibly cause AIDS. I have urged, that it removes HIV from this legislation. Its reaction during one and a half year: complete silence. I have also urged, that if it does not remove HIV, it must send me proving studies that HIV, without any doubt whatsoever, causes AIDS. No reaction. No studies.
      - After the committee's final report in April this year, where my challenge was not mentioned, I have in a letter of June 1 to the present Swedish minister of Health and Social Affairs, Lars Engqvist, urged that he sends me these proving studies. If he cannot, the government must reject the HIV-AIDS parts of the committee's report. So far he has not answered.
      - Since september 15 I have five times by email extensively informed all the members of the Swedish Parliament, 349 in number. These letters are then for informationen sent to the parliamentary standning committees on social questions and the administration of justice, the 21 county councils, responsible for medcial service, some 20 leading media (daily papers and TV) and some important persons and institutions.
      The sixth letter to the MPs is in preparation and you certainly will be mentioned in it.[List of e-mail links]
President Thabo Mbeki
South Africa E-mail: communications@po.gov.za
Dear Thabo Mbeki,
      I wrote to you on November 5 about your criticism of AZT. I have heard that you has deferred the issue to the Medicines Control Council. It can only, if logic prevails, come to the conclusion that AZT is not useful, because is it too poisonous and simply does not work as alleged.
      When it comes to treatment of expectant mothers is it not only the acute poisonousness of AZT for mother and foetus that must be taken into account, but also the effect of changed environmental conditions in the uterus affecting the development of the foetus with consequences also for health LATER IN LIFE. Fetal programming must be detrimentally affected by AZT treatment. Inheritance is thus not the only determining factor.
      Fetal programming is a new field of research based on special epidemiological observations 1984 by the British physician David Baker pointing to conditions in uterus during pregnancy that are of consequence for health also LATER IN LIFE. That means that AZT can be expected to cause damages to the foetus that are not observable during the time after birth, but LATER IN LIFE.
      Today I send you a remarkable contribution to the debate by ABCNEWS' Nicholas Regush. He comments on World AIDS day and is not amiable at all. ...
A Sad Day: Is World AIDS Day a Sorry Sham?
Commentary By Nicholas Regush ABCNEWS.com
This is a sad day. I'm writing this on World AIDS Day, and I think it's very sad that AIDS science has galloped out of control.
      It's also sad that this day is used to advance scientific self-interest that will probably help no one except a long queue of mediocre scientists with a high-cost load of bad theory and bad research. And this sad day will also give a long line of unquestioning science reporters another opportunity to suggest to the world that they really care about people who die from AIDS.
      Am I being extremely harsh? Yes, I am. It's every bit deserved. Same Old Stories, Every Year.
      Every year on World AIDS Day, all the bad news comes pouring out of the World Health Organization: More AIDS cases; more HIV infections. News headlines scream that the world is getting pulverized by the virus from hell. More money is needed for HIV research. More attention should be given to AIDS. And so on. And naturally many 'leading' AIDS researchers - whatever that means - are quoted in the papers or appearing on camera to suggest that progress is being made and hope is just around the corner.
      But I contend that World AIDS Day is nothing short of a propaganda tool for scientists to reinforce an established model for how AIDS develops - an established model that is short on scientific evidence, that often rings of peculiar speculation, if not outright fantasy.
      If the people involved in AIDS science really cared about those dying of a still mysterious set of immune-related conditions, they would set aside at least one day a year - let's call it World AIDS Day - to discuss, in conferences around the world, the state of the prevailing science and all theories questioning that very science. (Isn't this what science is supposed to be - a questioning enterprise?)
      Issues Really Worth Debating
      For example, this issue could be put on the table for worldwide discussion: Is there scientific evidence that HIV can kill cells in the human body? Imagine open and extensive scrutiny of all the claims about this so-called virus' ability to kill cells that are key components of the immune system.
      We could get a better view of what passes off for science and what is truly speculative, based on theory and inference.
      Here's another topic: Is HIV a real virus, or are the gene sequences attributed to HIV really genetic products of cell damage? And while scientists debate that issue, they might also turn to the question of what the so-called HIV antibody test is really picking up: Is it picking up antibodies to a virus, or to byproducts of cell damaged from, perhaps, drugs, other infections, and other toxic insults?
      As for Africa, which is usually singled out by the World Health Organization on World AIDS Day, debate could focus on what passes for a diagnosis of AIDS, or what basis is used to proclaim someone HIV-positive. There is a lot of shoddy data here requiring careful scrutiny and re-evaluation.
      Of course, the politics here, and elsewhere in the AIDS domain, dominate and obfuscate. A discussion of the African AIDS plight would probably have to run into at least a second or third day (or maybe a month) before a clearer picture of AIDS emerges from the muck. And a discussion of HIV in Africa would inevitably lead to the need to understand how a wide array of intolerable human conditions produces disease, a fact overwhelmed by such a powerful focus on HIV.
      Why This Won't Happen
      I know none of this debate stuff is going to happen. If it did, it would reveal a picture of AIDS quite different from the sorry, speculative one we have now. It would reveal a science bordering on shortcuts and side cuts. It would raise serious questions about whether the cause of AIDS is this deadly bullet labeled HIV.
      I know that I'm in the cross hairs myself when I write of such things. I know that I will get a load of e-mail calling me every nasty name imaginable - from nonscientists as well as scientists. Some will challenge my reputation; others, including science writers, will write to friends at ABCNEWS and suggest that they try to get me fired; still others, mostly scientists, will go so far as to call me a murderer. Well, so be it. Fire away. Give me your best shots - preferably scientific ones. And if any of the AIDS science big shots out there want to challenge my views in a well-organized and well-publicized debate, I'd love to do it - I'll eat them alive. But I'm sure none of them have the guts to take me on; it would reveal too clearly just how sad World AIDS Day really is.


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You may sign the 'statement' of the Group for the Scientific Reappraisal of the HIV-AIDS Hypothesis. Click here for the relevant page on their site.

    Mbeki: the date for this petition has passed; however, the site still seems to be accepting on-line signatures. The total is something like 1600. (There's no easy way to retrieve the list of signatories, but searching has been improved):—


In science, no theory should be immune from challenge, and debate over an issue affecting millions of lives should never be declared over. I support South African President Thabo Mbeki's intention to investigate the definition, causation, treatment and prevention of "AIDS".

On behalf of the Internation Coalition to End AIDS Censorship (ICEAC), we are requesting that everyone go to the following webpage and sign this on-line petition in support of South African President Thabo Mbeki: http://www.virusmyth.com/aids/news/mbeki.html

Our goal is to collect as many signatures as possible before April 27, 2000, which is the "International Day of Action in Support of President Mbeki."

April 27th is also "Freedom Day" in South Africa, and the one-year anniversary of President Mbeki's inauguration. Although this petition campaign will be ongoing, all signatures collected by April 27th will be presented directly to President Mbeki's office. As most of you already know, President Mbeki's bold and courageous actions have opened him up to a Pandora's Box of unwarranted criticism and ridicule. International media reports have repeatedly attempted to portray those who question "AIDS science" as a microscopic group of fringe, pseudo-scientists unwilling to yield to long-established, universal "consensus." Our job is to SHATTER this media myth, and this petition is one way to accomplish that goal.
The following organizations have joined forces to create The International Coalition to End AIDS Censorship:—
Academy of Nutrition Improvement (Nagpur, India), ACT UP San Francisco, Alberta Reappraising AIDS Society, Alive and Well AIDS Alternatives (Los Angeles), Alive and Well (Eugene, Oregon), Continuum Magazine (London), E1, Peque o Periodico, The Forum for Debating AIDS South Africa (FDASA), Fundacion Arte y Ciencia (Columbia), The Group for the Scientific Reappraisal of the HIV-AIDS Hypothesis, The Health Education AIDS Liaison (HEAL) Network (New York City, Denver, Hartford, Portland, San Francisco, Seattle, Washington, DC, Toronto, Uganda), International Forum for Accessible Science (IFAS), Joint Action Council Kannur (JACK), Journalists for a Free Media, Mothers Opposing Mandatory Medicine (MOM), The Mythbusters, New York Rethinking AIDS Society (NYRAS), The Sheppard Foundation, Students Against the HIV Causes AIDS Hypothesis (SATHIVCAH)
President Thabo Mbeki has lashed out at those refusing to debate the cause of AIDS for waging a "campaign of intellectual intimidation and terrorism" and has likened their intransigence to the "racist apartheid tyranny we opposed." [From a news item].

5. Links to Other Websites AIDS hoax

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Oh what a lovely fraud![No guarantees as to existence of these sites, contents, though these websites are on the right lines. Note that there seems to be no webring on these subjects.—RW]

Actup San Francisco .
From an anonymous correspondent:
      ACT UP/SF split in the 1980s; ACT UP Golden Gate was formed for those with faith in new drugs. They changed their name to 'Survive AIDS'.
      ACT UP/SF: in the 1990s, many left. The remaining ACT UP/SF has been 'dissident' for five years, since 1995. Their friends were killed by toxic medications; among other activities they try to get sick people off their poisonous medications. There was an ad campaign against them, and their medical marijuana dispensary (which they operate at risk of arrest), urging a boycott against them, but the effect so far seems to have been to give them the full spotlight of publicity.
      They've been praised by name by Jacob Zuma (S. Africa Deputy President), expanding on Mbeki, and support good water, food and shelter for Africa.
      They are involved in a legal action with the SF Dept of Public Health and 'Project Inform'.
      I had stated, basing myself on Robin Lustig's radio piece (above), that ACT UP/SF interrupted Al Gore's 1999 campaign with their slogan "AIDS drugs for Africa" [i.e. cut price]. And therefore may be phoney. But of course this may simply be a typical BBC smear.

Other groups include:
ACT UP Hollywood: dissident, and changing its name to aidsrealitycheck.org
ACT UP Atlanta: mostly exposing endless useless 'AIDS' research vivisection
ACT UP DC in medical marijuana movement.

ACT UP/NY, and ACT UP PHILADELPHIA are suspected of being pharmaceutically-funded and possibly therefore phoney. (Perhaps Tom Hanks was involved? - RW). This extract (21st July 2000) is from Anita Allen published in a South African newspaper): "... a professional rent-a-crowd from ACT UP staged outrageous "incidents" for cameras tired of talking heads. The ACT UP coalition is funded by pharmaceutical company Merck, Sharp and Dohme, executive director Jeffrey Sturchio admitted to me after having allowed ACT UP to plaster his company's stand with graffiti demanding cheap—and more—drugs for Africa. ..."

Aidsmyth.com detailed site with daily updates: 'Today's uncensored Aids news from South Africa. .. The Daily Dissident Netpaper'. DAILY WEBCASTS of XIII INTERNATIONAL AIDS CONFERENCE

Alive and Well Alternative AIDS Information Network. Opposed to orthodox errors, notably AZT. Not a very large site. Some Q/A, e.g. on Africa and disease relabelling, and the baby Felix Tyson. Links include L.A. site and AIDSGATE by Stephen Davis. Edward Lieb's site is another interesting aliveandwell site. He says he's the world's longest survivor.
Anti-Red Ribbon Campaign American site; accepts 'HIV' and 'AIDS', but puts statistical arguments forcefully.
'Death Camp' : several back numbers of this magazine are online, the most recent being April 1999. [Technical proficiency of the site's a bit doubtful.]

Elenopulos Perth Group.

German site aids-kritik, by Eva Binder. With many downloadable voice files (all of course rather long).
    'HIV ist nicht die Ursache von AIDS - Ein kleiner historischer Überblick über die Entstehung der Hypothese, "AIDS" werde von einem Virus "HIV" verursacht'

HEAL, Toronto : about 30 items. A HEAL ITEM seems to be Ian Young's The AIDS Dissidents supplement to bibliography.

Refuse and Resist . 'The new voice in AIDS reporting'. Site was run by the ex-publisher of the New York Native . This seems to have disappeared; refuse-resist.com now redirects to a sex site.

Rethinking AIDS site, in case you've missed it. It is (I fear) pitifully slow-loading and not well-designed.

Spanish site Free News e-mailed me about themselves. I haven't studied this site carefully. (It includes some cancer material which I'm very sceptical about).

Sumeria (scroll down to the two AIDS sections, near the end of much other interesting material. Unexpectedly large numbers of files await you. But there's some dubious selling stuff, at least in my opinion. Click to read my short questioning e-mail to them on this. )

World Without AIDS is a book-selling site, advertising World Without AIDS by Steve Ransom & Phillip Day. I haven't seen this book. There's a detailed online review HIV/AIDS book Duesberg by Alex Russell, of Continuum.
      Ransom wrote, of the Observer : 'McKie.. makes no mention of the fact that inexpensive simple tools, irrigation systems, seed, and basic medicines for basic diseases, .. would transform Africa. Neither does McKie mention the fact that the World Health Organisation has quite cynically lumped together pre-existing known diseases under the new AIDS umbrella, thereby falsifying the spiralling plague statistics. .. a ravaged African labelled HIV positive and doomed to die would very probably soon recover with simple treatment and nutritional input. .. UN, WHO, UNAIDS, UNFPA, World Bank, IMF statistics so often quoted by these influential reporters are issued by these powerful agencies for self-serving purposes also, these reports actually carrying little factual weight. ..'
      Ransom believes in contacting newspaper editors, in my view a rather futile activity—if they had any intelligence or honesty, they wouldn't have published or written their material in the first place. However, in case I'm wrong, here's an extract:
David Blair, Harare. For Telegraph Newspapers. "Mortuaries are working overtime to cope with the 1200 deaths every week.. health experts say at least 25% of fifteen-and-over Zimbabweans are HIV positive. Across sub-Saharan Africa, 12.1 million children are AIDS orphans according to United Nations statistics.. the risk of contracting HIV from adult women prompts men to abuse children."
    Since the publication of this article, repeated requests have been made to David Blair to please furnish the following simple information.
  1. Could he please supply the names and addresses of the mortuaries referred to in his article, this information surely to hand, it being impossible to make such claims without contact with these agencies being established.
  2. Who exactly are the health experts stating that 25% of Zimbabweans over the age of fifteen are HIV positive?
  3. Where on earth did he get the references for that horrendously sweeping allegation that "the risk of contracting HIV from adult women prompts men to abuse children.. "
To date, despite these repeated requests, there has been no answer from David Blair. ...'
Steve Ransom suggests people should contact Richard Spencer, 'the Telegraph news editor', and/or Harriet Green, the 'health and well-being editor.'

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